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The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


My Sony Ericsson S500i handphone is now in the workshop! Argh!!! The keypad crack liao, "spacebar" and "back" button not sensitive. Sent in this afternoon but realised all my phone numbers are stored inside the phone memory. Tried to do back up into SIM card but realised my SIM card can only take 500 contacts and I have 700+ in my phone! Argh (again)!!! So, just hantam and backed up the 500 contacts with 200+ missing. Transfered SIM card to my old Nokia 6101 phone and found out that the phonebook format is different. What I stored in my Sony Ericsson as "Michael Sin" is now "Sin;Michael/1" on my Nokia!!! And many important contacts were not transfered!!! Argh (yes, again)!!!

I will be stuck with my Nokia for some 1-2 weeks! Did my best to sweet talk that reception girl to help me get my phone out asap but still...1-2 weeks!!! LOL.

Since I parked my car at Times Square, I met up with this lady who wanted to show me an investment program that pays 12% per annum on Fixed Deposit interest rate. So, we yamcha at my favourite place...DOME. She is very experienced and knows quite a lot on all sorts of investment platforms, including insurance, mutual funds, bonds, properties and also land banking. Learnt quite a fair bit from her. And when we were done, its was like 6:30pm...bad time to hit the roads!

Decided to spend some time reading at Borders till the traffic jam subsides. Head straight to the corner that says "Psychology". Read up a few pages of a few books and learnt a few things. Here are some that's still in my head now...

  1. Men have bigger brains than women but that does not make men any smarter. [not sure, never measured]

  2. Men think of sex every 52 seconds while women...once or twice a day. [hmm, 52secs?]

  3. Women have better memory than men. [yes, I agree]

  4. A few more points but I don't know how to word them!
Anyway, I was also patiently waiting for a call from overseas but somehow, my Nokia phone can't seem to display the numbers I was expecting to see. Rather, I got funny stuffs like "No Number", "0301", "0388805488", etc. And finally, the call got through but reception signal was poor and line got cut within a short 2 mins! I can't call back cause the number was not "displayed". Argh (yes, again)!!!

Got home at 9pm, ate Maggi Mee! And dashed off to deliver some wedding pics and video to a client at 10pm. They paid me cash. But I wrongly calculated and charged RM60 less! Basically, 3 photo albums at RM30 each album. So, should be RM90 for the 3 albums but I only asked for RM30! Blur liao. Argh!!!

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