The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Studio Photography Yin Yindia

i am not sure if this was a joke or what but its definitely funny! ever wonder how indian photographers do studio shoots in india? well think no more, here are some cool samples!

check out the ducati! o ya...nice background too! inspect carefully!

i like how the man "pops" out from the back

i am speechless!

this is super classic!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Swimming Part 3

bought myself a new pair of Speedo goggles and went back to my swim routine after 2.5 weeks of resting due to a severe injury on my right ankle. it was a bad step during a badminton game some weeks back and as i was trying to return a baseline shot, my right leg twisted and there was this loud "praaak"!!!

instantly fell to the ground and my right leg no more feel liao! the pain on my right ankle joint area was almost like "giving birth"! sweat and tears...they all looked the same and taste the same too! i could see my foot swell like a "chang kee curry puff"!!!

anyway, went back to swimming today but very conciously making slow strokes on my right foot. the pain came back after some 400m and had to stop. so, just 400m after 2.5 weeks! gosh, this will take months!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

INFLUENCE Conference 2007

it was awesome! God's presence was awesome! this is the first time Youth Alive Malaysia is organising a "young adults" conference.

here are some pics taken by Babyboss Pictures photographer, Sandra Wong.

the ushers team

if Japan's Super GT got babes, God's Kingdom also got babes!

the concert

Chris...InTone band's lead vocal

awesome time of praise & worship

babyboss photographer as "MC"

youth pastors today need to do more than just preach...they've got to "act" too!

in full swing...worship mode!

God's presence was very strong in her.

God's presence was very strong in him too!

babyboss photographer ministering to a brother who responded to the altar call

releasing prophetic words into her life

the organising team together with Australia's InTone band

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Photographer's New Phone!

i finally got one of the many stuffs i've always wanted...a gorgeous new handphone that i like. all these while i have been getting for myself handphones that are cheap and only offering basic features like making calls and sending text messages. but yesterday...was different. God gave me a budget of RM1,500 to get myself a phone that i "like".

i searched the internet and fell in love with this new model from Sony Ericsson...the S500i. a beautiful piece of machine. it has all that hi-tech gadgets Sony Erricson has to offer...from internet to camera to video to polyphonic to literally everything...definitely more than i could use! I went phone shopping yesterday at Sungei Wang and was kinda hunting for this new model from Sony Ericsson (it was only launched less than a week only).

I found it and guess was only like RM1,000! so, i bought it right away! muahahaha!!! and i had like RM500 to spare. so, i also bought myself a new toy...a remote control helicopter for RM260. was a great day!!! Praise the Lord & thank you Jesus!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Toyota Alphard

i am now officially deeply in love with the Toyota Alphard MPV. the car is simply super spacious and performs outstandingly. a 2003 imported Alphard 2.4 recond unit from japan is currently retailing at around RM175,000 while the 3.0 model is around RM195,000.

dual power doors, sunroof, moonroof, full carpet, front & back video camera, dvd lcd screen, original tinted glass, etc.

haih...God...let Your will be done! i surrender all.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Great Investment Tips!

if i take a loan of RM100,000 at an interest rate of 12% per annum (1% per month) and re-invest this 100k into another guaranteed investment banking program offering 24% per annum (2% per month), would this make sense?

at 12%p.a. for a tenure of 5 years, the month repayment is RM2,666.66 a month. the monthly interest generated from the re-investment at another bank's program, i.e. 2% per month, is RM2,000. by just paying RM600+ every month for the next 5 years, and having a total paid up value (after 5 years) of only RM40,000, you would have created an asset of RM100,000!

now after 5 years, you won't have to service the original loan of RM2,666.66 a month anymore, cause the 100k loan is now paid up liao! but while you still keep your RM100,000 with the other investment bank, you will still be earning the 2% a month. and that's like RM2,000 every month as long as you keeo the money there!

so in conclusion, i would have only paid RM40,000 and I now have RM100,000 solid cash, plus RM2,000 every month! good deal? its real. call me, if you are keen.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Photographer Staying Fit - Part 2

i went for my swim again this evening. so far so good...doing very well. in fact, did better than the first one...clocked 650m this time (that's 13 laps of 50m). very good. hitting 1km in no time!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Photographer Staying Fit

many thoughts came to my mind this, work, life, family, church ministries, etc. want to chuck my BMW for a Toyota Alphard and funny ideas of this sort. but the alphard is REALLY awesome condition...fully imported recond from Japan and have only run 27,000km!

but one thing i really wanted to do is to STAY FIT. eat less, exercise more! and i am going back to swimming! and i started my first swim again after some 3yrs+ of "MIA". it was a tough start, all muscles not responding accordingly. my first attempt after 3 over years...i clocked 500m in about 15mins! super slow!!! i remember when i was "still fit", i could hit over 2km (thats over 40 laps of 50m dash across an olympic size pool).

i will be back...i am sure! i will hit 1km very soon and in no time...back to my 2km mark! but i'll need to get myself a new pair of current Speedo...fungus liao! @#%$

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Demonic Attack!!!

i was having a heart-to-heart counselling session with a friend just now at starbucks leisure mall cheras. we were talking about God and church ministries. by 12 midnight, the surrounding area became rather quiet and you see less people walking around. the air gets cooler and you'd start to whisper instead of shouting. our conversation was getting on target and our objective almost met.

suddenly, 7 malay boys walked up to us, surrounding our tiny starbucks metal table and their "head" approached me and asked this silly question, "Disini ada jual laptop ah?". I mean it was 12 midnight and we were both having our drink sitting in STARBUCKS area and this bloke asked if i had any laptops for sale!!! i stared at him and said, "Tak ada". then he walked away from me together with his gang and i hear mumbling and grumbling words of frustration.

what do you think just happened? if you are spiritually sensitive, you will see what has just happened. we were just attacked by demonic spirits! they came in the form of human. you see, i was counselling this brother and trying to bring him back to God and ministries. we were doing very well and he was restoring his faith and forgiveness. when that happens, the devil won't be happy. and he must have sent "his people" to come and interfere and cause fear in us.

this is what i observed. while i was talking to my dear brother (in Christ), i saw this group of boys in dark shirts and dark pants walking up towards our table (by the way, the area was rather dark and lonely and quiet...leisure mall starbucks outside). the moment they arrived, i could smell cold blood (as though just taken out from the fridge) and very similar to the smell of rust from a cold steel bar. when they walked u to me, i saw 7 zombie looking figures..lifeless and bloodless. they were walking like a typical zombie...swaying from left to right. and when their leader walked up to me pointing and asking for my laptop (i brought my laptop with me and i placed it on the chair next to me)...i saw a pale looking face without emotion. he just pointed at my laptop and asked if i have laptops for sale!

at first i tot he wanted to rob us. but when he spoke, my spirit tells me...its a spiritual warfare! bind the demonic spirit in the name of Jesus. to his quenstion, i just replied in the boldness of my Holy Spirit saying, "Tak ada". my words were firm and i spoke it out with the authority of Jesus. they just walked away. and i could hear them grumbling and mumbling saying, "Alamak, tak ade ah".

we left that place a minute later as i sense the need to do so. not that we are afraid of them but i want to get my brother restored...that's my main mission! the devil did not want my brother restored for obvious reasons. but God is good. my brother is back!!! fully restored!!!

Amen. Jesus is awesome!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Photo Shoots - Two Jobs Gone!

woke up this morning feeling rather down and moody. my faith seemed to be tested again. and its not fun but i obey and stand to be tested.

started with the recent Super GT Championship 2007 here at sepang. original engagement was sat to tues with fri being optional (if i wan to cover the happenings at sepang since i have an official access pass). but a week before the event, the organisers "trimmed" the budget and only hired me for Sun with Fri-Sat optional if i want to hang out at sepang. budget slashed by some 70%!!!

middle of july, suppose to cover an event in Chiang Mai, Thailand for another 4 days. i was looking forward to that trip and also all the opportunity to catch u with some friends there, and of course, the traditional Thai massage! just got news this morning...job cancelled!!!

i lost some 10grand from the above two jobs! and i have also bought some extra batts for my d2x (RM400+ each, mind you) and some high speed 4GB CF cards. thats some 1grand+ "invested" for nothing!!!

then yesterday sent my Beemer in for her regular oil change service and also general check-up. the "medical report" shows small illnesses here and there. nothing major, no need to change now, but its a matter of time! afterall, she is 13yrs old liao! should cost me around 5k if i decide to fix up everything.

and finally, last weekend, i kinda drove on a Toyota Alphard and instantly fell in love with it! i have always wanted an MPV and was looking at the Estima but the Alphard was far more spacious. a recond Estima costs around 120-150k while a recond Alphard is 190-220.

now i am "torn between two lovers". repair and keep beemer or go for the alphard or just settle for the estima? money didn't come in over the last two big jobs. and yes, my faith is being tested now!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Super GT 2007 - Race Queens

the super GT week was a busy week for me and everyone at babyboss pictures. we were covering a wedding (sat), HK TVB8's minutes to fame reality game show at 1Utama (sat-sun), a model shoot in studio (thurs) and of course, the super GT from fri-mon! still trying to clear up all the pics for our korean clients, the event organising people, pics for ma website and of for this blog! if you go check out photo forums this one-two weeks, you will realise that its all flooded with articles and pics from the super gt event...with the race queens / babes pics dominating like 90% of the forum space!

many friends and viewers have asked me about ma version of race queen babes pics. and why am i not surprised to get that! haha...cause its Super GT!!!

anyway, here are some "babes" pics from the super gt event on june 22-24. there are more pics but lets just settle for this few first. ok? feel free to drop a comment or so.

the most photographed RQ...wonder why!

told you it was a hot 38C day!

our very own hankook team race queens!
our hankook babe at her hankook porche nsc!

beautiful eyes!