The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Friday, April 4, 2008

Its A Slow Slow Week

For some reasons, this week seem to move so slowly!!! And somehow, I am also doing everything very slowly, rather unproductive actually. Have not been eating much too, mostly biscuits with Milo and...erm...Maggi Mee! But I did spend a lot of time reading up Robert Kiyosaki stuffs.

And doing lots of thinking. Thinking about myself, my personality and character. Thinking of my future, my personal life and goals...where am I heading and what do I want in life. Thinking of what I now have and don't have, what I like and what I don't like. Thinking about my career as photographer and events stuffs...will this business last and how long will I be in demand? Thinking of money to make my money work and income continuity!

Thinking of my health...when will I die? I mean, if I know I am dying in a month's time, then I know exactly what I have to do now. I will know how to spend my last 30 days...with the people I love most. A friend of mine say that I am going through a state of depression. Am I? I personally don't think so as I still have a lot of "good things" to look forward to. I still have many things I want to do and settle before I go. There are still some promises I want to accomplish.

Since last weekend, every evening around 7pm or so, like as though there is a biological timer set inside me, I start to get restless and anxious. But I'll be ok after a while. haha... OK, nevermind, forget it.

I finally bought the USB fan for my laptop. I was unsure if I should get the laptop exhaust fan from "Coolman" (RM100) or just a normal USB fan (RM25). Finally decided to go for the USB fan since it is cheaper and can also be used to "cool" anything including me!

See, my new USB comes with blue LED light too!

OK, I have not been eating Maggi Mee anymore. Just surviving on biscuits and Milo.

That's my home office where I do all my stuffs, including blogging!

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