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Monday, April 14, 2008

What Is Love?

I wrote a blog post here on the topic of "love" on March 28, just a few weeks ago. Obviously, its the best 4-letter word every created. I also mentioned that while it is good to have faith and hope, the best is still to have "love" itself. With love, many things can be achieved. Without love, everything seem to far and difficult.

So, what exactly is love? I don't know. I am also trying to get the answer. Besides the version offered by the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13, here are some of my personal opinions. Means they may not be correct but just what I personally think.

I think love is a very powerful element that cannot be seen, it can only be felt. It is so powerful an element that it can cause a person to do miraculous things where otherwise seem impossible. Its like morphine and steroid, once injected, gives you the ability to perform beyond one's natural limits.

So, if love is so powerful, what would you do if you are in love? This is a big question with many versions of opinions and answers. But I just want to share from my point of view. I know I would be willing to do almost anything beyond my imagination for someone I love. Why do I say "almost"? Cause I wont chop my finger (or anything else, for that matter) just to prove my love. LOL. But I would be willing to give my life for her, be willing to sacrifice for her, etc.

"Astro On Demand" now is previewing this beautiful romantic drama starring Fiona Seet (Hong Kong singer-cum-actress). In this drama, Fiona is a singer and falls in love with this guy who is a song writer. They started a relationship. But they had some barriers between. This guy's ex-gf is someone powerful in the entertainment industry. I am sure you can guess the rest of the "issues". But in the end, as their relationship grew stronger, Fiona's long-term illness (something she acquired at birth) kicks in and falls very ill. She wrote a letter to him saying that she can't marry him because she is ill and dying.

At that point I was like "WHAT"?!!! If the person I love carries a long-term sickness, I will never abandon her. In fact, I would be willing to see what I can "cut away" to give her! But in this movie, she "sacrificially" ditched him! OMG, poor guy...he cried reading that letter. I mean, I can really understand how he feels and I can deeply feel for me, I really can. I am confident that if I am to act in this drama, I know I will do better than him, I can express better than him and I may even have an extra idea or two for the producer to enhance the storyline.

After watching this preview several times throughout the week (I mean, Astro repeats the previews over and over again), I began to think...what would I do if I am in love? Or better still, let me paint another scenario. What would I do, if my gf is not "available"? Maybe she is in Canada studying and still have another 2yrs to go. Or the girl I love is entangled in her previous relationship and needs some time to "get out". What would I do?
I WILL WAIT!!! "Why", you may ask? Because I love her. That's it. Simple. I love her!!! I will do everything I can in my powers to protect her and bring her back to me in whatever ways necesary. If she is studying abroad, I will keep in close touch with her and whenever I can (and have the money), I will fly over to Canada for a few weeks! Or, if she is still entangled in a previous relationship, I will do what I can to support her, stay close to her and assure her that I am still here for her. Cause I am sure she is likely already very torn and hurt (from previous relationship), and I know I won't want to add in anymore pain to her. The last thing I would do is to tell her, "Hey, I am ditching you for now until you get out of that mess and become fully available. Then you call me back again and see if I am still around for you".

To me, love is selfish. If I love you, I would want you ALL TO MYSELF. Sometimes love is never fair. Sometimes love needs extreme sacrifice. Someone once told me that if she wants to get a bf, she wants other parties to realise that its their loss for not keeping this guy well and wants them to regret for letting him go. She says the "satisfactory level" of this achievement is high and good. She wins! And yes, I do agree with that. She says if she wins an ordinary guy with no contenders challenging her, then that guy may not be worthy of her efforts. True also, I agree.

There is no end to this sophisticated topic of "love". So, what is love? I don't know, maybe you guys can tell me. But I have just shared my two cents of some of my personal opinions. Lai lai lai...shoot. Or you can just debate on the two examples I shared.

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Anonymous said...

love is pain,
love is sacrifice,
love is never easy,
love is never a good feeling.