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Friday, April 18, 2008

MY-SMTOWN - Backstage Pics

OK, as promised to "MY-SMTOWN" K-pop fan forum, here are some backstage pics of TVXQ, SuJu and Rain. My pic with TVXQ was too blur...sigh!!!

TVXQ with LG boss at backstage room, Putra Stadium (2006)

TVXQ with CMG Absolute Entertainment bosses at backstage room, Putra Stadium (2006)

TVXQ at Press Conference, Sunway Resort Hotel (2007)

TVXQ during media interview, VIP Room, Sunway Resort Hotel (2007)

Super Junior with LG boss at backstage room, Putra Stadium (2006)

Babyboss with Rain at backstage room, Putra Stadium (2007)


Vivian Tan said...

Thank You .. Thank you ...

Me, MY-SMTOWN FORUM ADMIN, VIVIAN TAN. Really like those pic but how come 2006 one.. how about 2007 one... haiyo

Micheal!!! quick update more pictures!!!!

jeannie said...

AAAARRGGGHHH!!!!!! i sooo sooo sooo sooo envy u >.< get to be up close with tvxq, super junior and rain!!!!!!!! thanks for the pictures. it reminds me of their 1st concert here. aww~

alia said...

hey its me ALIA@ANGELCOOLZ from my-smtown...i love your photo...they look so pro..and yes, im soo jealous of the pic you taken with lucky...

Babyboss Pictures said...

LOL. I dunno what to say! Nevertheless, thanks for all the compliments. You have helped make my day slightly brighter.

Thanks again.