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The Official Car Sticker

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Return To Bowling

It has been like 4 years since I last walked into a bowling alley and whacked up some pins! Today, I made a comeback to bowling (keke). Checked the internet to see which are the bowling alleys that are still in operation. My usual Nagaria (opposite Times Square), Cheras Leisure Bowl are both closed down liao! My three choices left are Bangsar Bowl (Bangsar Shopping Centre), Ampang Super Bowl (Berjaya Times Square) and Pyramid Mega Lanes (Sunway Pyramid).

Decided to go back to Bangsar Bowl (my regualr place too), got my bowling equipment all out and drove off. Half way, a phone call came in and I accidentally unconciously drove towards Times Square. Well, I landed at Ampang Bowl, Times Sq. Dashed straight to the proshop to get both my balls (bowling balls lar) polished and lacquered with a layer of eurathyne for better lane grip. And found out from the proshop operator that Bangsar Bowl "sudah close down"! LOL

Anyway, bowled 4 games and my right hand shaking non-stop like Parkinson's Disease liao! Over worked my right hand. My finger are numb and can't even hold a pen to write! Sweat like mad, tired like hell. No stamina liao!!! Average score after 4 games was 145 pinfalls. During my peak days last time, my average was around 185-190 pinfalls. Sigh. here are some pics...

My "Brunswick Tude2" reactive ball being polished. Check out that huge machine for drilling custom-drilled balls.

This is where you place the ball in and lock up before drilling process starts. Obviously, you wouldn't want to put your head there!

The weighing scale. Both my balls are 15 pounders.

My Brunswick "Tude2" strike ball...15lbs.

My Tude2 strike ball and my Ebonite "Maxim" spare ball.

Ampang Super Bowl Mega Lanes...54 lanes!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4R Prints + Albums = Headache!

Yes, photography is fun. But when its a daily routine and a job to fulfill, it can sometimes get rather boring and monotonous. Just finished compiling last year's (Dec 1) S.H.E concert here in Kuala Lumpur. The 4R prints came back this afternoon and I am having a "fun time" inserting all the 4R prints into the albums. 490 prints altogether!!!

Having headache now...real kelapa sakit ah! Hot day in KL too! Or maybe I have not been drinking much water.

My usual workstation.

Patiently doing my work...

Its a nightmare!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Notting Hill

I have watched Notting Hill (1999) like 5-6 times and I just finish watching it again a moment ago. Its very much a fantasy tale of romance of what love can be and how things could turn up to be. Yet, this movie melts my heart every time watch it.
The movie sets back in a small town called Notting Hill, London (definitely a place I desire to visit when an opportunity arises). It revolves around a William Thacker (played by Hugh Grant, one of my favourite actor), a travel bookstore owner in Notting Hill, who’s life completely changed on that one faithful day when movie star Anna Scott (played by Julia Roberts) walked into his life.
Anna, despite being a successful movie star, is not exactly the happiest person on earth while Mr Thacker, a not so successful business owner but a generally happy person.
Hugh Grant played his role superbly well...beyond my words, watching how the two of them “shyly” get together over the days. On how Hugh being embarrassed and how Julia steadily and confidently deals with the “relationship”. On how they spend time together with Hugh fumbling away ever opportunity but yet earns himself a good long kisses from Julia.
Their second meet up was when Mr Thacker was “invited” to a media interview with Anna Scott and subsequently led to a “family” dinner with Thacker’s (not exactly family but rather William Thacker’s very close friends). The dinner was rather hilarious especially when they found out who their guest was in fact!
It was also interesting when, on one occasion where Ms Scott invited Mr Thacker to her room, her American boyfriend (Alec Baldwin) was there on a surprise visit. I could almost deeply feel what was in the mind of William Thacker at that moment. Well, he left and the song “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” played in that scene. How appropriately produced, simply awesome feel.
Later back at home, he confessed his troubled heart to his rather lame Irish flat-mate, Spike. Thacker, on 00:57:23 of the movie admitted that he is involved with someone “who can’t be his”. I mean she is superstar making millions while him, a failing bookstore owner.
She seeked refuge and shelter at Thacker’s place when her paparazzi-taken pictures were appearing negatively on tabloids and newspapers. She spent a few days at his place, shared happy moments together, rehearsed her script together and romantic intimacy took place (01:14:55 onwards). And I can understand exactly how happy Mr Thacker was especially when he said, “Wow”. She asked if she could stay a bit longer, he said, “Stay forever”. In no time, the news spread and paparazzi photographers swamped Thacker’s apartment. She left him for almost a year and the music “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” played. Again, awesome timing, perfect mood.
Another interesting time slot that deeply caught my attention was from 01:37:40 to 01:42:30, especially on 01:41:54 when Anna said, “ I am also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her”. And another extremely interesting segment was at 01:49:00 during the media interview of Anna Scott’s one year retirement from the movie business. And the most touching part was from 01:50:14 onwards...
Awesome movie. I enjoyed Hugh Grant’s English slang very much...very British indeed. Watch the movie, you will know what I mean...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Babyboss FunShoot @ FunKids

It was a hot day with the morning sun scorching from high above as early at 7:30am! I was there at the sports field by 7:15am. A typical kindergarten sports day! But the bad news was that I did not realise a small hair dust resting nicely on my camera's CCD, thus, all pics have this black ghost line!!! Damn!!! But the good news is they had good supply of nicely chilled Vitagen and I couldn't resist but to whack up 4 bottles!

Manage to grab a few pics of this "big kid".

The goalkeeper!

Like I said, scorching hot morning sun!

My orange flavored Vitagen!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome Back

Finally, my Sony Ericsson S500i is back from the "hospital" today!!! Three long weeks I had to endure my old Nokia phone. Nothing wrong with the Nokia, please don't misunderstand me. Its just that I am no longer familiar with the features of the Nokia since I migrated to Sony Ericsson more than a year ago.

Anyway, finally got it back this evening. Everything works fine now. But the condition of the phone is no longer "perfect". Everytime I slide up the phone, it does not slide up as smoothly as before. Now that it has been opened up, the casing no longer locks back firmly into place. Even the softwares inside are no longer the same, a few original ringtones are missing. Generally, it is no longer the perfect phone I use to have.

But does that matter? Does this mean that I should ditch the phone now? Nah!!! Somehow for some reasons, despite those "imperfections", I was extremely happy to get back my phone. I held it in my hands so tightly as though it was something precious. And yes, perhaps it was. Immediately, I went on to customise it back to my previous settings, just like a little boy with a new toy! Afterall, its MY phone! I sayang my phone very much!

Though not having it by my side the last 3 weeks, I think of it everyday. And now that I have it back with me, I feel extremely happy. I will never know what has happened at the "hospital" and I will also never know the pains my phone had to go through this last few weeks. Someone might have been using my phone without permission for a day or two while it was there at the hospital. I will never know. All I know is that, NOW, it is safely back with me and in working condition. And that I can now continue to "share my life" with my faithful Sony Ericsson S500i.

Welcome back, dear!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My iPhone

Erm...July 28 is coming really soon.

Can I have this really cool Apple iPhone for my birthday, please?

Anyone kind enough?

Pleeeeease lar...


As I walked with you along the beach, we shared happy moments. Times were great, we had each other in our hands. We talked about the happy days we experienced together. When you look back at the path we walked over, you saw two sets of foot prints...yours and mine. We were there for each other throughout the days.

But as we walked on, you began to flash back experiences that brought tears to your eyes, days where your heart was punished with unhappy memories, times where we had to avoid each other. At that moment, you turned and looked back at the path behind us. This time, you saw only one set of footprints.

In the midst of your pains and sorrows, you asked me “where have I been?”. Why did I leave you to go through the pain alone? Why didn’t I stay by your side and hold you tight when you needed me the most?

To that I answered, “Baby, I have not left you and I never will. The set of footprints you see there on the beach belongs to me. I have been walking all along carrying you in my arms while allowing you to rest and recover from all the trials and sufferings. I have been protecting you and taking good care of you.

When you are weak,
I let you rest in my arms,
When your heart is in a tweak,
I cheer you up with all my charms,

On the days where we have misunderstandings,
Are the days I feel most lost without you,
As I look in to draw you my feelings,
That is how I say, I LOVE YOU.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photography Clinic @ Convent Bukit Nanas

OK, I don't want to write about my unhappy stuffs. I try not to think about anything, just injecting myself with higher dose of morphine and "epidural" to numb my mind. Miss you so much, just awaiting for you to come back. Be quick...

Anyway, I was invited to conduct a one hour clinic on photography by Sek Men Convent Bukit Nanas on March 6, 2008. Since it was an open topic, I decided to speak on just the basics of photography, focusing on areas like aperture, shutter speeds, "rules of third", composition and "depth of field".

Managed to finish in exactly one hour. General feedback I got : "Whoa, didn't know basic also so hard". LOL Here are some pics.

Babyboss conducting his workshop.

My class!

Well, at least I see them taking notes as I speak.

My "cenderamata"...fruit basket filled with fruits that I don't eat.

My organisers...Ee Yin and Felicia (in yellow)

Friday, April 18, 2008

MY-SMTOWN - Backstage Pics

OK, as promised to "MY-SMTOWN" K-pop fan forum, here are some backstage pics of TVXQ, SuJu and Rain. My pic with TVXQ was too blur...sigh!!!

TVXQ with LG boss at backstage room, Putra Stadium (2006)

TVXQ with CMG Absolute Entertainment bosses at backstage room, Putra Stadium (2006)

TVXQ at Press Conference, Sunway Resort Hotel (2007)

TVXQ during media interview, VIP Room, Sunway Resort Hotel (2007)

Super Junior with LG boss at backstage room, Putra Stadium (2006)

Babyboss with Rain at backstage room, Putra Stadium (2007)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hibernation Mode?

My Windows Vista offers 3 ways of shutting down when I am done with my laptop. I can either put it to SLEEP or send it to HIBERNATION mode or simply just SHUT DOWN everything. As most of you experts out there know that in SLEEP mode, the system keeps everything on standby and the hardware utilises a small amount of power to retain everything on a "floating" basis. And in HIBERNATION mode, the system saves up everything onto a temporary platform and kills the power. Obviously, in SHUT DOWN mode, everything exits and everything shuts down.
Now wouldn't it be sweet if the human biological configuration has these options too? I mean, I obviously don't want a SHUT DOWN now, though I may find this option "useful" one dreadful day! [i may not be joking] While in SLEEP mode, everything in my life, including all sorts of miseries will still be "floating" around and slowly draining power!
What I'd like to bring your attention to is this unique mode called HIBERNATION. Yes, hibernation! Stores everything in their proper places, keeps all miseries locked up somewhere and kills the power. Means won't get drained in energy. And everything is properly kept in "proper places" until one fine day when we are "more ready" to "wake them up" again. In HIBERNATION mode, you won't have to worry about wasting energy and you can restart very quickly.
I feel like getting into hibernation for a while. I mean, so many things happened this last 8 months or so and I am beginning to loose control of myself. I am loosing my mind, my focus, my enthusiasm, my passion, my energy, my...everything! As much as I eagerly desire to help make things work, somehow, my efforts seem to be in vain. As much as I put great hope into something dear to my heart, more disappointments creep in. As much as I put aside all differences, misunderstandings and contradictions still prevail. Despite explaining my heart and thoughts, stubborn principals still seem to be of great barriers.
As I patiently wait, swallow and tolerate, I am being challenged with new surprises and unwanted incidents. Ugly experiences that can literally instantly throw you off balance and causing you to loose appetite in anything else, leaving you with a nauseating sensation of vomiting. Maybe that is also because I have not been eating much this last few days, in fact, I have NOT exactly been eating at all. And sometimes, there is this great sense of betrayal that eats into your mind and sticks on so bloody tightly. It seem so hard to get rid of. Sigh.
So, maybe now if I jump into HIBERNATION mode, keep everything locked up in proper places, disappear for a while, conserve some energy and only "come back" when I know how to handle some of these complications in my life. Might that work? Does disappearing for a while helps make things better? Should I just leave everything as they are now and just go hide? Or should I stick around, endure the pain and be ready to offer a crying shoulder when its needed?
Help, I am loosing my grip! I am running out of tears! But with all that said, I still miss you very much.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mistake = Mis-take

You know, we are all human beings and human beings make mistakes in life. Sometimes those mistakes can be just small tiny ones, sometimes they can be major life changing ones. Some can be easily forgiven and forgotten while some will remain in us forever as memories.
But what is most important is how we choose to respond to those mistakes. We can either hate ourselves for doing it or let the incident be a platform for improvement. We can either grow from it or mourn in it. What has happened cannot be reversed.
The question now is will you forgive yourself for making such mistakes. Yes, sometimes such mistakes are made because of an emotional hurt that might have triggered the untimely execution. This is probably the time where the greatest emotional support from love ones are essential. I know, it will never be easy to just "forget about it" and its always easier said than done.
Sometimes, it brings a great sense of anger and frustration to the people who cares and loves you. Watching it happen without being able to do anything. And sometimes it makes one wonder what has one done to protect the people that we love?
God, if I cry...will you then tell me why?


Ok, found it. The "Astro On Demand" drama series I was mentionng about just now is called 新不了情 (Sun But Liu Ching) or in English "Endless Love" (C'est La Vie, Mon Cherie). The theme song (by Jane Zhang) is simply awesome and extremely addictive! I can just close my eyes and listen to it over and over again for hours!

The movie poster

Fiona Sit Hoi Kei (the gf)

Chen Kun (the bf)

TV Promo @

Theme song full version @

Monday, April 14, 2008

What Is Love?

I wrote a blog post here on the topic of "love" on March 28, just a few weeks ago. Obviously, its the best 4-letter word every created. I also mentioned that while it is good to have faith and hope, the best is still to have "love" itself. With love, many things can be achieved. Without love, everything seem to far and difficult.

So, what exactly is love? I don't know. I am also trying to get the answer. Besides the version offered by the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13, here are some of my personal opinions. Means they may not be correct but just what I personally think.

I think love is a very powerful element that cannot be seen, it can only be felt. It is so powerful an element that it can cause a person to do miraculous things where otherwise seem impossible. Its like morphine and steroid, once injected, gives you the ability to perform beyond one's natural limits.

So, if love is so powerful, what would you do if you are in love? This is a big question with many versions of opinions and answers. But I just want to share from my point of view. I know I would be willing to do almost anything beyond my imagination for someone I love. Why do I say "almost"? Cause I wont chop my finger (or anything else, for that matter) just to prove my love. LOL. But I would be willing to give my life for her, be willing to sacrifice for her, etc.

"Astro On Demand" now is previewing this beautiful romantic drama starring Fiona Seet (Hong Kong singer-cum-actress). In this drama, Fiona is a singer and falls in love with this guy who is a song writer. They started a relationship. But they had some barriers between. This guy's ex-gf is someone powerful in the entertainment industry. I am sure you can guess the rest of the "issues". But in the end, as their relationship grew stronger, Fiona's long-term illness (something she acquired at birth) kicks in and falls very ill. She wrote a letter to him saying that she can't marry him because she is ill and dying.

At that point I was like "WHAT"?!!! If the person I love carries a long-term sickness, I will never abandon her. In fact, I would be willing to see what I can "cut away" to give her! But in this movie, she "sacrificially" ditched him! OMG, poor guy...he cried reading that letter. I mean, I can really understand how he feels and I can deeply feel for me, I really can. I am confident that if I am to act in this drama, I know I will do better than him, I can express better than him and I may even have an extra idea or two for the producer to enhance the storyline.

After watching this preview several times throughout the week (I mean, Astro repeats the previews over and over again), I began to think...what would I do if I am in love? Or better still, let me paint another scenario. What would I do, if my gf is not "available"? Maybe she is in Canada studying and still have another 2yrs to go. Or the girl I love is entangled in her previous relationship and needs some time to "get out". What would I do?
I WILL WAIT!!! "Why", you may ask? Because I love her. That's it. Simple. I love her!!! I will do everything I can in my powers to protect her and bring her back to me in whatever ways necesary. If she is studying abroad, I will keep in close touch with her and whenever I can (and have the money), I will fly over to Canada for a few weeks! Or, if she is still entangled in a previous relationship, I will do what I can to support her, stay close to her and assure her that I am still here for her. Cause I am sure she is likely already very torn and hurt (from previous relationship), and I know I won't want to add in anymore pain to her. The last thing I would do is to tell her, "Hey, I am ditching you for now until you get out of that mess and become fully available. Then you call me back again and see if I am still around for you".

To me, love is selfish. If I love you, I would want you ALL TO MYSELF. Sometimes love is never fair. Sometimes love needs extreme sacrifice. Someone once told me that if she wants to get a bf, she wants other parties to realise that its their loss for not keeping this guy well and wants them to regret for letting him go. She says the "satisfactory level" of this achievement is high and good. She wins! And yes, I do agree with that. She says if she wins an ordinary guy with no contenders challenging her, then that guy may not be worthy of her efforts. True also, I agree.

There is no end to this sophisticated topic of "love". So, what is love? I don't know, maybe you guys can tell me. But I have just shared my two cents of some of my personal opinions. Lai lai lai...shoot. Or you can just debate on the two examples I shared.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Food Galore

I realised I have been feeding quite frequently on instant noodles this last 10 days or so. Yes, I know some of you will "make noise" but luckily NZ girl has no internet connection this few days (she is up North at Bay Of Islands, some island resort in NZ). So, better get this post done with before she gets back online! keke...

Anyway, I was free enough to take some pics of my various instant noodles and biscuits that have been keeping me alive. Not forgetting Milo too! Of course, occassionally when I am in the mood for it, I do go for some proper meals and sumptious dinner.

"Product shot" of all the stuffs I have been eating this last 10 over days! I got Indomie "Mi Goreng", Ibumie "Har Mee", Zow-Zow "Duck Noodles", Maggi Mee range from Chicken to Curry to Mee Goreng. I also got Honey Stars, Coco Crunch (Milo), Tiger biscuits, "hiong beng" and "tausar piah" from Penang.

They are all mine. Someone asked me why I "torture" myself like this? I explained that I was in no mood to drive out and look for "proper food". Also, I wanted to cut a few more kgs by the middle of this month (trying to fit into more XL size shirts, no more XXL). And also, to cut cost of eating outside.

Sssshhh...don't tell anyone I am having Maggi Mee AGAIN!!! keke...

By the way, this black XL size! I bought the shirt, wore it once, washed it and it shrunk. I could not wear it anymore, too tight. But now...its perfect!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Miss So Many Things...

I have been sitting in front of my laptop the whole day since this morning doing nothing but looking through the same few pages of websites and emails over and over again. I think I need someone to jab me in the heart and squeeze some morphine in. Need it badly!
No mood to eat since this morning. But by 6pm just now...stomach gastric kicking in fiercely. So, I went for the usual...Milo + biscuits. My diet also not in proper balance, now starting to worry about my cholesterol levels again. My heart pains are back this last two weeks! Sigh...

I suddenly miss many things. I miss my Nikon F5 (film camera). I miss my old BMW (swapped it for a Swift). I miss playing the drums (now retired). I miss mega shoots (no big events lately). I miss the zeros in my bank account (kekeke). I miss my Sony Ericsson S500i (still in hospital). I miss shooting in Genting Highlands (no jobs from them recently). I miss Damai Laut (arguably my last holiday).
I miss my....[sigh, nvm]

My Sony Ericsson S500i

My "Pirates Of The Carribean" Slippers

I wanted a new pair of slippers and have "placed my order" with the one who is now having much fun in New Zealand. Thinking maybe NZ may have cooler designs but I was told that they are all about the same and very expensive. So, when I was in Penang a few days ago, I saw this pretty cool "Pirates Of The Carribean" pair of slippers from "Disney Products". And it was at half price from RM29.90 to now RM15.00. So, I bought lor.

And hey, Angie (Mrs Andy Lau), thanks for meeting up and driving me around. And sorry to have made you wait so long...almost an hour, I think. All miscommunication! Sorry!

On another note, I have also realised something this morning. I realised I have lost a big piece of myself. I guess the vacuum inside me won't be filled afterall. Or will it?

Interesting pics

While I was looking at some old pics to cheer me up a bit, I found this few interesting ones.

During a Land Banking exhibition meeting brief

Do you know him? No lar, he is not Edison Chen. He is my friend, Murphy.

What about this one? Nope, I don't know him but he definitely look like one of my friends.

And this so sweet. It reflects my heart very much.

"Pedih Hati, Biar Manis Akhirnya"

Tidak tahu kenapa tiba-tiba terasa amat pedih dalam hati. Kemungkinan tinggi situasi emosi ini wujud kerana apa yang telah berlaku beberapa hari yang lalu. Tetapi, reaksi tindak-balas yang dapat disaksikan cuma menunjuk kearah negatif. Apakah yang dimaksudkan negatif? Situasi perang dinging? Alangkah baiknya sekira apajua salah-faham dapat diatasi serta-merta. Apa yang sepatutnya berita baik, telah dijadikan alasan perselisihan.
Justeru itu, dalam keadaan sebegini, adalah hampir mustahil untuk merancang langkah seterusnya. Apakah yang patut dibuat sekarang? Apakah yang patut di katakan sekarang? Apakah kesimpulan yang patut disemaikan didalam minda emosi yang begitu kabur ini?
Adalah amat tidak adil sekiranya dakwaan serong atau tidak tepat dilancarkan pada peringkat awal ini, dimana infomasi lengkap yang diperlukan masih tiada dalam gengaman tangan lagi. Oleh sebab itu, yang perlu dibuat...yang boleh dibuat...cumalah tunggu dalam kesabaran hati yang mantap and keadaan emosi yang tidak tersinggung.
Walaubagaimanapun, "senang cakap, susah dibuat". Beginilah situasi sekarang, susah nak buat sebarang ramalan. Yang boleh dibuat pada masa sebegini cumalah pegangan kepada harapan positif agar segala-galanya dapat penjelasan yang munasabah.
Namum demikian, yang memang tidak dapat dielakan sekarang adalah kepahitan yang begitu terasa. Bah kata perpatah, "Bagai dihiris dengan sembilu". "Pedih hati, biarlah manis akhirnya dihujung".
[hmm, not bad, I guess. But I hope I did not ter-use any wrong words that could bring further damaging meanings. keke...]

Friday, April 4, 2008

Its A Slow Slow Week

For some reasons, this week seem to move so slowly!!! And somehow, I am also doing everything very slowly, rather unproductive actually. Have not been eating much too, mostly biscuits with Milo and...erm...Maggi Mee! But I did spend a lot of time reading up Robert Kiyosaki stuffs.

And doing lots of thinking. Thinking about myself, my personality and character. Thinking of my future, my personal life and goals...where am I heading and what do I want in life. Thinking of what I now have and don't have, what I like and what I don't like. Thinking about my career as photographer and events stuffs...will this business last and how long will I be in demand? Thinking of money to make my money work and income continuity!

Thinking of my health...when will I die? I mean, if I know I am dying in a month's time, then I know exactly what I have to do now. I will know how to spend my last 30 days...with the people I love most. A friend of mine say that I am going through a state of depression. Am I? I personally don't think so as I still have a lot of "good things" to look forward to. I still have many things I want to do and settle before I go. There are still some promises I want to accomplish.

Since last weekend, every evening around 7pm or so, like as though there is a biological timer set inside me, I start to get restless and anxious. But I'll be ok after a while. haha... OK, nevermind, forget it.

I finally bought the USB fan for my laptop. I was unsure if I should get the laptop exhaust fan from "Coolman" (RM100) or just a normal USB fan (RM25). Finally decided to go for the USB fan since it is cheaper and can also be used to "cool" anything including me!

See, my new USB comes with blue LED light too!

OK, I have not been eating Maggi Mee anymore. Just surviving on biscuits and Milo.

That's my home office where I do all my stuffs, including blogging!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Money Power

“Money Power” is a big word that not everyone has the privilege of talking about. In fact, money is a form of power. It becomes very productive when you know how to manage it but destructive if you don’t understand how money works. And the principals of how money work were never taught in schools. Yet, money, in many ways play a major role in our everyday lifestyles.

Recently, I have been moody and many of you guys have shown concern and all that I deeply appreciate. Besides some very personal issues, I was thinking deep and low on how to “make money work for me” instead of “working for money”.

I have this best-seller book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, a book which I bought back in 1998 when the recession hit at its peak. I was wondering to how to “make money” and be rich. After reading that book for the first time, I captured about 30% of what Mr Kiyosaki was trying to say but never sprang me into any action. A few years back, I took the book out again and gave it a second read-through, I understood more but still, never knew how to start something. Just a few days ago, I took out this same book again and tah-dah...everything was magic to my eyes. Suddenly everything seem to make so much sense. I guess, I finally understood what Mr Kiyosaki is saying all these while.

I guess, one needs to have some “financial maturity” to understand what he is saying. Not that we are all dumb or know nothing about money...its just that we didn’t know the “needed to know” facts about money and its mechanics! Its interesting to know how “money can work for you” rather than joining the norm and actually “working for money”. When you work for money, you become the slave to money. But when money works for you, then you are in control.

The average person would likely say, “go study hard, get good grades, grab a degree and find a good paying job and settle down”. And that, would put you into a “rat race”. I mean, the rich did not become rich because they had a distinction in college but because they understood how to make money work for them.

I am determined to make my money work for me.
Recommended readings :
"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" - Robert Kiyosaki
"The Cashflow Quadrant" - Robert Kiyosaki
"Guide To Becoming Rich" - Robert Kiyosaki
"As A Man Thinketh" - James Allen
"Over The Top" - Zig Ziglar
"The Warren Buffet Way" - Robert Hagstorm
"Unlimited Power" - Anthony Robbins

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

FHM 100 Most Sexiest Women 2007

Jessica Alba was named the World's Sexiest Woman in FHM magazine's 2007 poll, beating Eva Longoria (#3), Scarlett Johansson (#5), Angelina Jolie (#8), Eva Mendes (#11), Christina Aguilera (#14), Beyonce Knowles (#18), Cameron Diaz (#20), Jessica Simpson (#21), Halle Berry (#33) and many more!

If I have to agree with that, then I guess its because she has this nice natural tann, slightly under-tall and a lovely ass.

If I had my way, I wouldn't vote her but give that title to "someone else".

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


My Sony Ericsson S500i handphone is now in the workshop! Argh!!! The keypad crack liao, "spacebar" and "back" button not sensitive. Sent in this afternoon but realised all my phone numbers are stored inside the phone memory. Tried to do back up into SIM card but realised my SIM card can only take 500 contacts and I have 700+ in my phone! Argh (again)!!! So, just hantam and backed up the 500 contacts with 200+ missing. Transfered SIM card to my old Nokia 6101 phone and found out that the phonebook format is different. What I stored in my Sony Ericsson as "Michael Sin" is now "Sin;Michael/1" on my Nokia!!! And many important contacts were not transfered!!! Argh (yes, again)!!!

I will be stuck with my Nokia for some 1-2 weeks! Did my best to sweet talk that reception girl to help me get my phone out asap but still...1-2 weeks!!! LOL.

Since I parked my car at Times Square, I met up with this lady who wanted to show me an investment program that pays 12% per annum on Fixed Deposit interest rate. So, we yamcha at my favourite place...DOME. She is very experienced and knows quite a lot on all sorts of investment platforms, including insurance, mutual funds, bonds, properties and also land banking. Learnt quite a fair bit from her. And when we were done, its was like 6:30pm...bad time to hit the roads!

Decided to spend some time reading at Borders till the traffic jam subsides. Head straight to the corner that says "Psychology". Read up a few pages of a few books and learnt a few things. Here are some that's still in my head now...

  1. Men have bigger brains than women but that does not make men any smarter. [not sure, never measured]

  2. Men think of sex every 52 seconds while women...once or twice a day. [hmm, 52secs?]

  3. Women have better memory than men. [yes, I agree]

  4. A few more points but I don't know how to word them!
Anyway, I was also patiently waiting for a call from overseas but somehow, my Nokia phone can't seem to display the numbers I was expecting to see. Rather, I got funny stuffs like "No Number", "0301", "0388805488", etc. And finally, the call got through but reception signal was poor and line got cut within a short 2 mins! I can't call back cause the number was not "displayed". Argh (yes, again)!!!

Got home at 9pm, ate Maggi Mee! And dashed off to deliver some wedding pics and video to a client at 10pm. They paid me cash. But I wrongly calculated and charged RM60 less! Basically, 3 photo albums at RM30 each album. So, should be RM90 for the 3 albums but I only asked for RM30! Blur liao. Argh!!!