The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, April 20, 2008


As I walked with you along the beach, we shared happy moments. Times were great, we had each other in our hands. We talked about the happy days we experienced together. When you look back at the path we walked over, you saw two sets of foot prints...yours and mine. We were there for each other throughout the days.

But as we walked on, you began to flash back experiences that brought tears to your eyes, days where your heart was punished with unhappy memories, times where we had to avoid each other. At that moment, you turned and looked back at the path behind us. This time, you saw only one set of footprints.

In the midst of your pains and sorrows, you asked me “where have I been?”. Why did I leave you to go through the pain alone? Why didn’t I stay by your side and hold you tight when you needed me the most?

To that I answered, “Baby, I have not left you and I never will. The set of footprints you see there on the beach belongs to me. I have been walking all along carrying you in my arms while allowing you to rest and recover from all the trials and sufferings. I have been protecting you and taking good care of you.

When you are weak,
I let you rest in my arms,
When your heart is in a tweak,
I cheer you up with all my charms,

On the days where we have misunderstandings,
Are the days I feel most lost without you,
As I look in to draw you my feelings,
That is how I say, I LOVE YOU.

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