The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, July 31, 2008


If I have, or should I be more positive, when I have RM700,000, I’d like to get myself a brand new car, perhaps a mid-size SUV. It is my dream of having an SUV. I am not a fan of sports cars. Stuffs like the Nissan GT-R does not impress me at all. Somehow the design and the interior especially, does not seem to be comfortable. And driving a sports car in KL…huh…I’d probably be torturing the car.

I have been reading some reviews of several top 10 makes of SUVs and some of the more popular ones are like the Lexus RX400, Mercedes Benz R, BMW X5, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Volvo XC90 and the Volkswagen Tuoareg 2. All of which retails around the same RM700,000 mark.

But here are three of my personal favourites (in no particular order) :




Saturday, July 26, 2008

Body Glove Summer Boy & Girl Search 2008 - Grand Finals

Tomorrow marks the final of the Body Glove Summer Boy / Girl Search 2008, an event where Babyboss Pictures was engaged as the official photographer. We have already had a studio photo session as well as another outdoor shoot at A'Famosa Malacca (for more pics, please visit

Coincidentally, I have also been invited to be one of the judges for tomorrow's grand final (July 27) at Sg Wang Plaza. The event starts at 3pm. It would be exciting to judge the guys and gals after much great fun we had during the shooting sessions!

The event poster.

The finalist (pics taken at studio).

Friday, July 25, 2008


So blardy irritated today.

After sharing at a school's Christian Fellowship today, I drove over to Kelana Jaya for a 3pm appointment. I arrived at 2:45pm. Had my lunch and waited. At 3:15pm I called up my prospect to see where he was. He was still in his office. To cut the long story short, he only arrived at around 5pm. OK, fine. Checked through the documents he was suppose to submit, only to realise that he brought the wrong set of accounts for submission. So, he had to rush back to Cheras, get the correct set of accounts and rush back to Kelana Jaya for the submission.

I left Kelana Jaya at 5:15pm, joining the evening jam back to CMG office. By the way, CMG is the company that I shoot for in those huge mega concerts. I was told I have a check for collection. I was happy for a while because they do owe me a lot of money (year-to-date around RM60,000 altogether). But when I actually got the check, it was only for a miserable amount of RM5,000. And then the account exec kinda argued with me on the total outstading (she says the company only owe me RM40,000 and not RM60,000). That almost blew my top! She suggested that I check my statements again and give her a new submission of my year-to-date accounts for her verification. And for your info, I have already given her 3 copies of my statements!!! Everytime accounts don't tally, she will ask me for statement as though I am so free to do accounting statements!!! WTF!!!!

OK, I feel slightly better now after writing this blog post.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Make-Over Photograhy At Sense Studio

I am now at Sense Studio, sitting alone in a huge empty white room waiting for the three models to be ready for the shoot. They are now having their hair cut and colored. I arrived at this Sense Studio, a high class hair salon (not a photo studio) at 11am as agreed and my lady boss from Schwarzkopf Professional (professional hair products company) was already briefing the models. Managed to setup both the softboxes in 15mins! Hurray!!!
Took pictures of the girls in their "before make-over" images. After that, they went for their hair wash and stuffs while lady boss took us (me, the make-up artiste and another lady from the PR agency) out for Japanese lunch. Not bad! Schwarzkopf got style! Had a slow chatty lunch and came back to the hair studio an hour plus later...the models are still doing their hair coloring! It would probably be another hour plus before any shooting can take place.
I am bored, thus this blog post.

Studio Photography

You know, studio photography is easy when everything is fixed up for you when you arrive at the studio. But when you have to fix up everything yourself, the complications sink in. I just borrowed a pair of studio lights from my associate for a make-over shoot tomorrow at Sense Studio (its a hair salon, not a photo studio type of studio). But when I opened the huge bag of lighting equipment, I realised I don't know how to fix up the damn system!

I will be using a pair of softbox (a huge fabric lighting box on a light source). And both the softboxes have been dismantled. And I don't know how to fix them up! Tried here, tried there. Finally after an hour or so, I managed to understand the setup method. So, I tore down the whole setup and practised fixing them up again over and over again. My setting up time got shorter and shorter. And after 2 hours or so, I was an expert in setting up the softboxes. Now, the next challenege...getting the right output from both the lights. I will have to try that out tomorrow at the salon. Hopefully I "know" how to get the right output combination.

Shooting the model is the easy part. Getting the correct output setting might be a challenge. But fixing up the studio lightings would probably be the toughest part. But at least now, I learnt a lot more about studio photography.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Haves And Have Nots

I guess life is like this. When you have it, you always take it for granted and won't treasure it as much as you should. But when you no longer have it, you keep thinking about it and wonder why it is no longer yours and with you. That's the general human nature of not appreciating the things around oneself and always wondering why the best was never given.
The same goes for dreams and desires. When we desire to have something new, the enthusiasm is always high, always thinking about it and always having fantasies of the potentially new activities we can have. But once we have it or by the time we get it, the flame seem to be smaller and for some funny reasons the desire don't seem to be of that high a priority afterall. Somehow, that victory of finally getting that something, seem to be just another something. No big deal.
I remembered how desperately I needed a new carry-all camera bag for my shoots. I remembered the reasons I gave myself for spending hundreds of dollars for the new bag and how I justified the need and finally approving the purchase. That was about a year ago. And now, I am "needing" another smaller bag for my smaller shoots, events that does not require me to carry all my gears. I also remebered the days where I dreamt of owning the pro model Nikon D2X body. Now that I have it, it is just another workhorse in my list of gears!
But does it works the same when it comes to a relationship? I am no expert in this area but I always wonder if one would treasure a given relationship. Perhaps its something you'e always wanted and now that you "got it", will you treasure it? Or will you take this relationship for granted and not protect it they way you should? I guess, for some, it will only be known to them when they finally loose it and no longer have it.
Life is fair, the world is round. But still, God is in control. The best is still, follow what He says!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Zildjian Day? No, no...its Tama Day!

Its here again next Wednesday at 8:30pm. Same old venue, 3rd Floor, MCA Hall along Jalan Ampang. Admission is RM35. All drummers should not miss this once a year drummers' affair. This year's clinic will be conducted by world renowed drummer Simon Philips. Anyone interested can either call Bentley Music at 03-21443333 or contact me! See you there.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend At Penang

Was spending my weekend at Butterworth, Penang covering two events, 988 GCMC Concert at Autocity and TVB8 Junior Idol Semi-Final at Sunway Carnival Mall. These are two very vast different environments with 988's concert under extreme hot sun in the afternoon and rain by nightfall as compared to TVB8's event in the comfort of an air-conditioned shopping mall. At Autocity I sweat under the scorching hot afternoon sun and got even more wet when it rained! But at Sunway Carnival Mall...I barely had a drop of sweat.

But a huge special thanks for Angie (aka Mrs Andy Lau) for providing me the accommodation for the last three days and nites. Originally, I was told that I am to share a room at G-Hotel with a Stephen on Sat nite and another room at Sunway Hotel for Sun nite. But later found out that my G-Hotel room already have THREE tenants liao and no room reservation was made for me at Sunway!!! Luckily "Angie Hotel" has an extra room available!

Also got to thank Angie for driving me around the last few days, picking me up from airport and instantly sending me over to Lorong Selamat for some irresistible Penang Char Kuew Teow. Famous Dim Sum breakfast at Anson Road was awesome too! Thanks for transporting me to and back the event venues. Also thanks for the Penang Ferry ride across to and back was an awesome experience! Thanks for the internet connection for me to get the pics out for media release after the 988 concert.

Three big words...THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! [But one very important thing we forgot to do...we didn't have any pics together!!!]


Me with Danny Wan. Picture taken by Angie.

With old friend Ivy Ng from G Hotel.

[Oh, this is Angie, my host for 3 days, in action!]