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The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My "Pirates Of The Carribean" Slippers

I wanted a new pair of slippers and have "placed my order" with the one who is now having much fun in New Zealand. Thinking maybe NZ may have cooler designs but I was told that they are all about the same and very expensive. So, when I was in Penang a few days ago, I saw this pretty cool "Pirates Of The Carribean" pair of slippers from "Disney Products". And it was at half price from RM29.90 to now RM15.00. So, I bought lor.

And hey, Angie (Mrs Andy Lau), thanks for meeting up and driving me around. And sorry to have made you wait so long...almost an hour, I think. All miscommunication! Sorry!

On another note, I have also realised something this morning. I realised I have lost a big piece of myself. I guess the vacuum inside me won't be filled afterall. Or will it?

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angie.mrsandylau said...

waa ... so babyboss has got a cool souvenir from Penang besides 'tau sar pia'.
well, its a great honour to meet you here. thx 4 remembering me when u came. we had a great chat. never knew we had d same interest besides photography.
a down to earth guy i met. too bad we din had a longer chat. wait for me 2 come 2 KL pula lah!we sambung balik our chit-chat session.