The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CIMB Future Leadership Program

Recently, we have been engaged by CIMB Group (referred to as "the Bank") to help them manage and run their "Future Leadership Program 2008 / 2009" competition. The grand finale, a game show style quiz, which will be held this Saturday at the Securities Commission, will feature typical game show setups like quiz counters with digital numeric display panels, lighted buzzers, a game host, etc. We will have to design and fabricate the counters and do all the electronics and mechanism for the running of the quiz. The setup will be on this Friday, followed by a dry run of the entire system. Should be interesting.

The competition is opened to under-graduate students from all colleges and universities in Malaysia. They are to form a team of four. Obviously, the participants ought to come from financial services studies, i.e., finance, investment, marketing and business management. A total of nine colleges / universities applied. They are UTAR, Inti, Sunway, Nilai, UPM, Segi, UIA (Universiti Islam Antarabangsa), USM and Taylors. And the challenge has just begun.

All participants were made to wear the "corporate t-shirt".
What we had this morning was the first round, the Business Proposal Presentation at the CIMB headquarters in Jalan Semantan (Damansara area).
The funny thing about this place is that there is super limited parking space for cars. Maybe something like 10 cars fighting for 1 parking lot. So, I had to park far far away into Damansara Heights next to someone's huge bungalow.
But the problem was this...its "no parking" yellow line all the way along the entire road! But due to time, I had no choice but to choose a nice bungalow and park next to it. Later, I was informed by my colleague that police issue summons all the time along that road! Sigh...park liao lar...forget it lar. Kena kena lar!
Anyway, back to the competition. Every team was given a total of 20 minutes to present their business proposal. The case study subject was given to them weeks ago and they are to do research, form their own think tank and come up with great and powerful strategies that CIMB, as a bank, can use to elevate their market share in the banking sector. The subject title was "Opportunities Of Financial Services Amidst Economic Crisis".

Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) was used and mentioned many times. In fact, the judges were very keen to hear more about the teams' BOS ideas. In a nutshell, BOS is a business strategy written by Professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne of INSEAD, a leading global business school. The aim of BOS is not to out-perform the competition in an existing industry but to create a new market space or a "blue ocean", thereby making the competition irrelevant.

One very interesting observation was the mention of Facebook as a tool for the Bank to link themself with customers. Codenamed "Facebook Banking", it is also a platform that the Bank can use to reach its customers as well as prospective customers. Needless to say, updates and promotional news will be channeled through the Facebook network.

UIA spoke about "Diminishing Partnership Concept", a new housing loan concept where the home owner and the Bank jointly purchase the house. USM rallied on "Hybrid Bank Bonds" where returns are higher and safer. Segi says that the Bank ought to be like parents, giving money to companies that need money when they need money!

While the teams do their presentations, those next in line awaits at the "Care Centre" of this CIMB building. And yes, I know, the waiting game is really no fun!

But there was this team that performed exceptionally well, at least I personally thought so. Their presentation was exciting, interesting, interactive, have good ideas, clear points and very practical strategies. They are from UPM. They research shows that 60% of card users are using debit cards. And in the US, the student market spends about US$200 billion a year.

The UPM team presented the "CIMB-V" debit card, a very special student card with loads of goodies like discount privileges at places where students like to go, namely bookstores like Borders, eating outlets, entertainment joints and many more.

While the presentations were made, the other presented teams stayed back at the auditorium to watch and maybe learn something new.

After all the presentations, the Bank's deputy CEO gave a closing address and encouraged the participants to gear up and get ready for this Saturday's grand finale, the quiz challenge at Securities Commission.

The event adjourned after a final briefing from the organiser. I packed my stuffs and started my long walk back to my car. Remember my car? It was parked far far away infront of somebody's bungalow? And as I walk, I began to see white sheets of papers stuck onto cars' windscreens under the wiper blades. It can't be anything else besides SUMMONS!!!

Taking a closer look at one confirms that it is indeed a summon ticket from MPPJ. Every car I walked pass has one sticking on the windscreens. I was like "O SHIT!!!". My car was the last one on the road deep in the bungalows area. [Anyway, this car's road tax expired liao. It says May 23, 2009. Its May 26 today!]

But as I walked on, I noticed that the tickets have stopped appearing on the cars. Maybe because its already into the housing area, cars parked next to bungalows are no longer summoned.

I was happy to arrive at my car and found no white sheet sticking out! But I think I parked my car too deep in and got some fine scratches from the tree's branches on my left side front door. But I think they can be easily removed when polished. Sigh.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do Re Mi

On a typical busy day at Belgium's Antwerp Central Train Station, in the midst of announcements, suddenly Sound Of Music's "Do Re Mi" was played out from the public address sound system. But that was not all of it, a group of dancers jumped out from nowhere and started dancing in synchronization to the tune. And then more came along and filled the entire hallway.
Watch it HERE.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weird Items For Sale

Helping a friend sell off some of his stuffs. He has some weird but interesting collection of "things". You may contact him directly if you are keen on any of the items. Please visit

Monday, May 18, 2009

Save The Dogs!

The residents of Pulau Ketam sent some 300 stray dogs to exile on a remote island where the harsh conditions almost certainly guarantee a horrible death. Of the 300 dogs sent there, more than three-quarters are presumed to be already dead. Dogs are seen starving and dying along the mangrove shore.

A rescus mission has been mounted to capture and transport the remaining survivors back to Sabrina's Furry Friends Farm animal shelter. But time is running out and there might be only skeletons and carcasses left to collect on their next trip. Almost nobody will lift a finger to help without a fee. This is understandable.

To contribute or help, e-mail TV Smith at or Sabrina Yeap at For info or enquiries, please contact The Rescue Mission Secretariat at +6012 378 3730 (Janet) or +6012 320 8090 (Zalina). You may also read more about it at Or visit Pamela's blog and read hands-on and in-action news and updates of her mission.

Thank you for saving me. But please do save my other friends too...

Pictures courtesy from Pamela's blog Pummkin's Pitch.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 Things I Want To Do

It is Sunday today and as what I'd normally do on a Sunday, I do nothing but relax without the guilty feeling of not working. I woke up quite late this morning, like 15 minutes before noon and I had a sudden urge for some super tasty seafood noodles. Where else would I go but straight to Segambut for Yu Ai's seafood noodles. Needless to say, it was but awesome!
Got home, lazed around a bit, watched a DVD, listened to some music (Utada Hikaru) and then...started dreaming. I was thinking to myself of what I would do if I have lots of money. I know this is probably everyone's dream every now and then. We all have the right to dream. But in my case, I kinda listed down some of the things I wanna do.
Here is the list in no particular order of priority :
#1 Clear all my loans and debts.
#2 Get a sports car, the BMW 335i Coupe or maybe even the M3 Coupe. Then an SUV, likely the Volvo XC90.
#3 Move into a big apartment in Bangsar.
#4 Inject funds into chuch planting / expansion projects and identify suitable charity homes to sponsor.
#5 Oh yes, get my Apple toys, the MacBook Pro 15", iMac 24", iPod and iPhone.
#6 Upgrade to Nikon D3 plus all the new FX lenses.
#7 Spend 5 days at Pulau Perhentian doing nothing (maybe go for a snorkel or a dive).
#8 Fly to New Zealand to visit Angie, Pei Fen and Felicia. Then, fly to London, UK to visit Mei Mei.
#9 Buy my parents a new car.
#10 Go for a full medical check-up and get a gym personal trainer to stay fit and healthy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Viral Infected Malaysia

By now, you would have heard and read much about the fast and spreading Influenza A desease which is caused by the H1N1 virus. The last nearest country that was infected was Thailand. Today, it is confirmed that the H1N1 virus has officially reached our Malaysian shores.
Malaysia confirmed its first case of the A(H1N1) flu in a 21-year-old student who returned from the United States on Wednesday morning. All the 192 passengers on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH091 from Newark on Wednesday are urged to contact the Health Ministry by calling 03-88810200 or 03-88810300. Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the case made Malaysia the 36th country to be affected by the virus. He said, "Malaysia is now on high alert".
Meanwhile, a statement by the Health Ministry's director-general, Dr. Ismail Merican, said the young man was hospitalised yesterday for fever, sore throat and body aches. Tests confirmed that he was infected with the A(H1N1) virus. He is receiving anti-viral treatment and was in stable condition.
And as we all know, we also have cases of meningitis at the Road Transport Department Academy in Malacca. But that is old news.
If that is not enough, news today confirmed that 29 trainees from the Police Training Centre (Pulapah) in Air Hitam, Seremban (the Penang one is called Air Itam) have been put under observation at the Jempol Hospital after one of their colleague died yesterday of acute pericarditis, a viral infection of the sac surrounding the heart.
Dr Ismail Merican said today that two others have been admitted to an isolation ward at the same hospital and are in stable condition. Dr Ismail said the health authorities were still investigating how the victim got infected.
And if that is still insufficient, we have one more! A 21-year-old Myanmar illegal immigrant from the Juru Detention Camp died of leptospirosis in Bukit Mertajam Hospital on Tuesday. 24 people were admitted at the Bukit Mertajam Hospital and another 2 at the Seberang Jaya Hospital.
Leptospirosis is a rare, severe, and contagious bacterial infection caused by exposure to the bacteria which can be found in fresh water contaminated by animal urine. It occurs in warm climates. A statement from the Health Ministry said that the Myanmar immigrant was hospitalised on May 7 suffering from fever, lethargy and other symptoms consistent with Leptospirosis.
So now, we have 4 "no joke" viral cases here in Malaysia. Perak's political tug-of-war situation is in a mess! Our country's economy is not getting better. The weather is so hot! Truly, this is Malaysia Boleh!
New Zealand, here I come!!! Woohoo...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Everything Naik

The temperature nowadays is so damn hot. It is expected to be like this till September. Girls, its time to get your bikinis out.
RON97 petrol price will be raised 20 sen to RM2.00 per litre. Effective September 1. Guys, its time to get your bicycles out.
My ROP project funds still not out yet. Latest news today indicates that the funds will be released anytime this week. The stress and anxiety level almost hitting maximum.
Suhu naik. Petrol naik. Anxiety naik. Blood pressure also naik! Mati lar!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chang Mei Mei

It must have been more than a decade since I last saw you. In fact, to be precise, it was some 17 years ago! And 17 years is a very long time with many many days, weeks and months. But everything seem so fresh in my mind as though you were still around.
Thanks to Facebook, I accidentally "found" you! It was really nice to know that you are doing very well and that you have kinda "migrated" to London, UK. I am sure London must have been treating you comfortably that you don't want to come back home. But I was thrilled when I got your Facebook message saying that you will be coming back to Malaysia for a two-week holiday.
It was awesome being able to catch up with you again during lunch and yamcha sessions. 17 years...that's a lot of catching up to do! Looking back at some of our old photos, they certainly bring back many old memories, the times we had together. The good ole Yamaha days and the family gatherings.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chang Mei Mei. Someone who is very special and dear to my heart.
This picture was taken in 1991, I think. It was taken in one of the music studios in Yamaha Music School, Subang Parade where I was teaching last time (1988 - 1994). As you can see, I look pretty good last time...slim and adorable. Don't you guys think so? Haha... I know, I know...I look much better last time. But that's a "boyish" image. After 17 years, one has to mature, rite?

Mei Mei, you have not changed much besides, like me, gained some weight, a little here and there! Nevertheless, you still look great! Matured, no doubt. The pair of dimples on your smile are still there, nice!

Here is a picture of both of us taken last week.
But tonite you will be catching your flight back to London. Two weeks passed so quickly, even you wished you had another week here. Nevertheless, life goes on. And for you, its back to some London air, away from this current Malaysian heat. I pray that you will have a safe and pleasant flight.

Good bye, my friend...a very special friend indeed. Till next time, take care!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is Malaysia Still A Safe Place?

In the wake of many recent happenings around our country, I truly begin to wonder if it is still a safe nation. We hear of the very recent two snatch thieves incidents that took the lives of two pregnant mothers. We read about the Port Klang Free Zone corruption issues. We also see the menace that the Mat Rempits are causing to the country. All these are happening in our current todays and these news are news of today's newspapers!
But what really shocked me was the recent Perak State Assembly incident. The current political atmosphere seem to get from bad to worst, though the Government try their utmost best to cover up various incidents. The latest being the Perak State Assembly which was "one wild political circus", reports The Star.

Pakatan Rakyat assemblyman trying to prevent former Speaker Sivakumar from being removed from his seat.

I am sure by now, many of you would have read or heard about the Perak Speaker V. Sivakumar, who was forcefully and physically removed. He was literally dragged off his chair! There are video clips of the incident distributed on the internet and upon watching the clippings, you have no other words but to classify some of our Perak state assemblymen as hooligans! There was no order nor control at the State Secretariat.

Pakatan Rakyat assemblyman Loke Chee Yan stands on the table to make his point, when a commotion broke inside the Perak state assembly.

I mean, what gave the BN guys the balls to unceremoniously drag Speaker Sivakumar, who was from Pakatan, off his chair as the State Speaker? Is this how it should be done? I don't see wisdom nor brains at work here! All I see is a bunch of political ruffians howling insulting words at each other across the hall like small kids having a fight.

Assemblyman from both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat involved in an argument during the Perak state assembly sitting on Thursday.

The scene outside the Perak State Secretariat building.

Just do a search on the internet and you will find various links, pictures and video inserts of the incident. It is interesting to know that the country I live in have such political leaders governing the nation. I truly begin to wonder if Malaysia is in any way still a safe country to reside in. What do you think will happen next? Does Malaysia have any possibilities of a brighter future?

Maybe its time to look into a migration? New Zealand? Canada? Malta? Or would Monaco be better? Can watch F1. I dowan a place that have volcanic eruptions. I dowan tsunamis. Neither do I wan earthquakes! I wan a beautiful beach with lots of babes! Haha...

Friday, May 8, 2009


I was driving along the Federal Highway this afternoon when I suddenly realise that the outside temperature was reading at 43C! My car has a thermometer that shows the temperature outside. It was 32C when I was driving out to dinner. Is the earth melting? Sei lor!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Next Week Again? Arghhhh!!!

Next week again??? Somebody ought to let me whack him up!!!
It didn't happen yesterday! And neither did it happen today! Its past 4:45pm now and we checked with our bank...nothing!!! Another delay!!! Sigh... Go on like that can get heart attack very fast lar!
Anyway, I tak boleh tahan, so I called up the company's Director to find out what's happening. Apparently, the banks are ready to release the funds but still waiting for some sort of a "payment voucher" from "higher authorities". Once they get that, within the next few days apparently, then the money can be released.
On another hand, we are also pressed for time as on our side here we have a few payments we have to honor for this particular project. If this funding come in too late, then we will have to fork out money first...I don't have RM5million! The pressure and anxiety is compounding steeply. Don't know can tahan for how long more.
So, a few days it shall be. I wonder if its the final ditch or would there be more delays to come. But I know I have to stay positive. We shall see, we shall see. Sigh.
On another note, how nice would it be if it was me trashing up this RM728,800 420-horsepower V8 BMW M3 Coupe, just like what Jamaican Olympic champion Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, did with his. Usain was the triple Olympic champion and World 100m and 200m record holder.
His apparel sponsor, Puma, gave Usain a spanking new BMW M3 Coupe as a gift.
But now, that M3 baby is gone!

The car apparently skidded off the road in an incident thought to have been caused by a wet road surface. He was on a road called Highway 2000 on the Vineyard Toll section in St Catherine, Jamaica. A member from the wrecker crew said both front tyres were punctured and the front left wheel was almost torn off. The windscreen was destroyed and the rear window completely dislodged. And there goes the carbon-fibre roof!!! He also said there were tyre marks on the road stretching about 50m up to where the M3 went off the road. Police say there is no indication that Bolt was speeding.

Considering the car actually flipped around several times before coming to a stop, it is still able to maintain a decent internal cabin size, which means that the driver and passengers were never crushed in any way. A great testament to the crash safety of a BMW car!

Maybe I should go get an M3 instead of the 335. The M3 is 50% more than the 335. Haha... But in all that is said, bottom line is still...the funds gotto come in first. Next week!!! Sigh...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Utterly Frustrated

Its Tuesday today, means its May 5, 2009. And nothing happened. The funds for an approved project is supposed to be deposited into my company's bank account on May 5. Because Sdn Bhd bank accounts cannot have ATM cards or online banking facilities, my guy had to literally hang around at Bangsar where our bank is, to constantly monitor the account.

Its already 4:30pm now. Which means the banks are now closed. Nothing happening yet. So, I guess...maybe tomorrow? Or another tomorrow? Sigh. It had been delayed so many times and its now getting a little annoying. I mean, its not a small project, which also means that the figures are huge. And there is so much anticipation and anxiety to this whole thingy.

Yesterday I was at the principal's office and the word given was "besok on". And everyone was all geared up for yesterday's tomorrow. And it turned out "negative". But there is absolutely nothing I can do about it but just...WAIT. And wait. Patience is the rule of the game now. And mine is greatly tested at the moment. Sigh...really TLMCH!!!

Well, we'll see about tomorrow. Stay tuned for my good news! Wishing ourselves "all the best".

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hwa Tai Appreciation Dinner 2009

Hwa Tai Industries Berhad, a very successful Malaysian biscuits manufacturer had its annual appreciation dinner for all their key suppliers on Thursday at The Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Hwa Tai Industries Berhad (HTIB) is one of the premier and long established biscuit manufacturers in Malaysia. Established in 1962 and listed on the Stock Exchange Malaysia in 1992. Since then, this fast expanding company has grown to be one of the largest players in the biscuits industry in the country and produce a fine, wide range of superior quality biscuits. It has been successfully marketed domestically and internationally through HTIB’s own vast and comprehensive distribution network. Their biscuits are marketed under the brand name or trademark of “HWA TAI” and “LUXURY”.

They engaged three great people that evening, Dennis Lau (the violinist), Siti Nurhaliza (the pop diva) and me (the photographer). Dennis was mesmerising with his special touch on his digital violin together with his co-performer, Jimmy Sax. And Siti Nurhaliza was a bomb, no doubt. Great voice, great looks! And Babyboss Pictures gave you all these pictures! Haha...

Back to the biscuits, I personally like the D'Lite range of crackers especially the "Pizza" flavoured one!

They had hundreds of packets of D'Lite range of biscuits displayed at the display shelves just shouting "try me, try me". So, I tried the "Pizza" flavoured one and instantly fell in love with it. I whacked up the whole packet!

No event is complete without these female usherettes. This shot taken at the specially designed photo wall where the "Hwa Tai" logos glow!

Group Chief Executive Director, Mr Airique Soo, giving his opening welcome speech.

Dennis Lau doing his magical stuffs on his digital violin.

Digital violin (or maybe its called an "electronic violin") means it can sample literally any sound from its tone generator. When I was still teaching in Yamaha those days, I used synthesizers and sequencers to make music. But now, one digital keyboard or commonly known as a workstation coupled to a computer, can do the job of a 50-piece orchestra!

Very expressive. But Dennis, you are always closing your eyes...maybe just a little too often. As a performer, eye contact is very important. Just my observation and opinion.

Dennis's co-performer, Jimmy Sax. Probably the best saxophonist in the country?

Dinner was simply awesome. They served western cuisine, fine dining style with red wine! And the best part was, they also incorporated Hwa Tai biscuits into the serving.

Smoked salmon with mashed potato...and Hwa Tai biscuit. Yummy!

Since I was the event's photographer, I had to keep shooting. My job was to shoot and not to eat! So, I think I missed two other dishes before this red-looking thingy. This was desert.

Not only the food was delicious, the dancers were "delicious" too. On one of the dance set, the dancers came out in "African Zulu" outfits. Naturally they wore very little. My fast lens caught this sight. He was on a g-string. Nice!

Siti Nurhaliza stole the evening's attention by rendering some of her top numbers, including a Mandarin oldie from Teresa Teng. It was obvious that the crowd responded very well with her performance. Great voice, great tone and superb control. No doubt she truly earns herself all the awards at the recent Anugerah Industry Music (AIM).

Still the same cute smiling and adorable face. Never seem to grow old.

I have seen her perform live in several past concerts, the last one being TV3' Sure Heboh concert some 2-3 years back. Watching and listening to Siti again was almost a dream come true. Deeply fascinated by her vocal abilities.

The Chairman, Mr Soo Thien Ming, having a light chat with some of his suppliers towards the end of the event.