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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Return To Bowling

It has been like 4 years since I last walked into a bowling alley and whacked up some pins! Today, I made a comeback to bowling (keke). Checked the internet to see which are the bowling alleys that are still in operation. My usual Nagaria (opposite Times Square), Cheras Leisure Bowl are both closed down liao! My three choices left are Bangsar Bowl (Bangsar Shopping Centre), Ampang Super Bowl (Berjaya Times Square) and Pyramid Mega Lanes (Sunway Pyramid).

Decided to go back to Bangsar Bowl (my regualr place too), got my bowling equipment all out and drove off. Half way, a phone call came in and I accidentally unconciously drove towards Times Square. Well, I landed at Ampang Bowl, Times Sq. Dashed straight to the proshop to get both my balls (bowling balls lar) polished and lacquered with a layer of eurathyne for better lane grip. And found out from the proshop operator that Bangsar Bowl "sudah close down"! LOL

Anyway, bowled 4 games and my right hand shaking non-stop like Parkinson's Disease liao! Over worked my right hand. My finger are numb and can't even hold a pen to write! Sweat like mad, tired like hell. No stamina liao!!! Average score after 4 games was 145 pinfalls. During my peak days last time, my average was around 185-190 pinfalls. Sigh. here are some pics...

My "Brunswick Tude2" reactive ball being polished. Check out that huge machine for drilling custom-drilled balls.

This is where you place the ball in and lock up before drilling process starts. Obviously, you wouldn't want to put your head there!

The weighing scale. Both my balls are 15 pounders.

My Brunswick "Tude2" strike ball...15lbs.

My Tude2 strike ball and my Ebonite "Maxim" spare ball.

Ampang Super Bowl Mega Lanes...54 lanes!!!

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