The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Canon Selphy ES2

This Saturday, Nov 29, I will single-handedly manage a corporate event. This company's annual dinner will be held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I will be supplying and managing the stage design and construction, hall and foyer decor, sound and lights systems, confetti, emcee, dance entertainment and of course, photography. I also oversee the overall coordination of the event's program rundown. There will also be a specially made backdrop for photo sessions at the foyer, when the guests arrive. Two official photograhers plus one, focusing only on the photo backdrop.

So, it will be super exciting. Why? Cause on the same night itself, Babyboss Pictures is also covering another major corporate dinner event at the Ballroom, upstairs of Mandarin Oriental. Babyboss is supplying 1 official photograher and 6 unofficial papparazi photograhers for the evening!

OK, back to my event management. The client wanted the photos taken at the foyer (the photo backdrop) to be instantly printed out and inserted into photo frames and be distributed to all their guests as door gifts. So, I went to Canon shop in KLCC and bought TWO units of Canon Selphy ES2 instant printers!

At first, I wanted to buy the Selphy CP760 but this ES2 has a higher printing resolution of 300 x 600 dpi (dots per inch) instead of CP760's 300 x 300 dpi. The ES2 is RM100 more expensive but its worth the value. The images are sharper at the ES2. The printing speed is around 1.5 minutes per picture (4R size).

Why I bought two, you asking? Cause I am expected to print around 100 pictures. At 1.5 minutes per pic, there isn't much time if I were to work with just one printer cause it will take almost 3 hours to complete the job. With two printers, I can get everything printed out in just 90 minutes (1.5 hours).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

HMV Japan

Hurray...I have just made an online order for 3 Japanese Jazz Band live concerts DVDs from The three DVDs cost me Japanese Yen 14,900, inclusive of international courier charges. That's about RM530+/-. Expected arrival next Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008.
The Japanese currency exchange rate fluctuates like crazy. Last week I checked, the order only costs me RM425. But as of today, its RM556...a whooping RM130+ extra!!! Lets hope by the time HMV makes the charge, the rate improves. Sigh.


Friday, November 21, 2008

My Nikon SB900

It has been yet another "blogless" week! Frankly, I seem to have nothing to write about. A lot of things happened but those are just ordinary everyday thingies. I think it will bore you if I put them up! But since it is now a day over a week, I thought I'd just drop a line or two just to say hi.


Ok, some updates here. Yes, I bought my Nikon SB900 Speedlight. Yes, I know I just bought the SB800 a few weeks ago but I have now sold it for RM1,000 (bought it for RM1,100). Sold it to Angie (Mrs Andy Lau) from Penang. She bought her own gears now (Nikon D80) and is in need of a flash unit. I added another RM500 to get the SB900 at RM1,500. I still have an aged SB800 which will be kept as a spare unit.

The SB900 is HUGE! The head is HUGE. Even the white disfussion dome is HUGE. Basically, everything is HUGE! Its heavier than the SB800 (with 5 batteries). I tested it on my D2x, the color and exposure is very accurate and clean. In general, the SB900 is a more intelligent flash unit than the SB800.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Job o job!

As of today, this blog is officially one week without updates whatsoever. I suddenly realise I don't have anything to say besides some small thingies here and there. And also, the laziness to think and to write has crept in! Sigh. But just want to use this opportunity to share a frustration.

Last Thursday, I was invited by a small local MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company or commonly known as "direct selling", to tender in a quote for sound system. The hall venue was in some hidden corner of Serdang approximately 1km away from the Serdang Hospital. I went over to check out the place together with their organising committee. Easy job...sound only mar! Happily went back, emailed them a quotation for RM6,500.

On Monday, their manager called me up asking me to "re-quote". He emailed me another quote he got from another sound rental company, known for their "cheap prices" and "China-made equipment". I was ask to quote the exact! How can! My equipment from US, UK and Italy lar. And I am now to quote for sound system and lighting system. I quoted RM16,500. The next day, Tuesday, the same manager asked me to now add in 4 LCD projectors with 4 units of 10' x 14' projection screens. Of which I did and my new price went up to RM22,500.

Now here is the frustrating part. He said the other company only quoted RM17,500 while I was at RM22,500. Said I was too expensive. He said he will give me the job if I quote RM17,000. Take it or leave it. And before I could answer him...within the next few hours, he called reduce the projectors to only 2 sets from 4 sets. My revised price should be RM20,000 but I was prepared to go down to RM15,000 lowest.

To cut the long story short, ding-dong here and there, add this, minus figure was RM13,000!!! Again, take it or leave it deal. I was prepared to drop the offer as 13k is far too low. But then, I suddenly thought of the Japanese concert DVDs that I wanted. I needed someone to pay for them.

I accepted the job. Its this Saturday! Will order 3 DVDs next week. :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barack Obama Is New US President

Democrat Barack Obama swept to an historic victory as America's first black president beating his Republican rival, John McCain just hours ago.

This has been America's most anticipated, history's longest and costliest White House campaign. Obama, 47, will be inaugurated as the 44th US president on January 20, 2009. Besides the presidency, he also inherit an economy mired in financial crisis, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a nuclear showdown with Iran. Poor chap!

In Kenya, where Obama's father was born, President Mwai Kibaki declared a national holiday to welcome the first black US president! Our own Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Rai Yatim says, "As America's first black president his victory has shown that Americans can accept a leader regardless of colour, religion or beliefs." Hmmm...wonder if one day a Chinese or an Indian can be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Anyway, big congrats to Barack Obama on his new victory. Brother, I support you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

DVDs From Japan

Live concert DVDs from Japan are so expensive! And these DVDs are so rare over here in Malaysia and if one gets to find even a single release, one can count oneself super lucky. I have been hunting for Japanese band live concert DVDs for some years but found none.

Some years back, my sister was in Japan for some training and she managed to get me Japanese jazz band Casiopea's live concert DVD entitled "5-Stars Live Sync DNA" featuring Casiopea with two drummers! It was really cool to see two professional drummers playing jazz in full synchronization.

A few days ago, a friend of mine who is now in Japan, recommended me to buy online directly from And guess what? I found all the titles I wanted!!! The only thing that was holding me back from immediately clicking and placing orders was the blardy price! Each DVD is around RM100+ with a few at below RM100. I want them all. How???

In case, anyone is thinking of getting me belated birthday presents...and speaking of birthday presents...I only got ONE present this year!!! Suddenly a few days before and after July 28, everyone seem to have disappeared from the surface of this earth! They reappear a week later. So yeah, if anyone is still thinking of birthday presents or has already started Christmas presents shopping, YOU MAY CONSIDER SOME OF THESE DVDS (prices shown here are after 23% discount if I purchase 3 or more titles).

Casiopea - Vintage 2002 (1 DVD). Costing approx. RM92.

Casiopea - The Way Of Casiopea (2 DVDs). Costing approx. RM122.

Casiopea - The Mint Session (1 DVD). Costing approx. RM81.

Casiopea Vs The Square Live (2 DVDs). Costing approx. RM127.

T-Square Super Band 2008 (2 DVDs). Costing approx. RM176.

I have this one. Casiopea 5-Star Live Sync DNA. Superb album!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Together with Paul, Caxton and William, were commissioned to cover three kindergarten graduation concerts over the weekend and Monday (tomorrow). It was fun to mingle around with the kids and witness child-like sincerity and honesty. By the way, kids don't lie...and so do I.
It was entertaining to watch their "everybody out of time" dance movements, see some of them in oversized costumes, listen to their shaky monotone speeches and others.
Unlike corporate events, the job doesn't pay much. But it was nice to have spent some time "hanging out" with hundreds of kids! Too many pictures to show, every kid is beautiful in his / her own way but here are just two images with the "big kid".