The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Miss So Many Things...

I have been sitting in front of my laptop the whole day since this morning doing nothing but looking through the same few pages of websites and emails over and over again. I think I need someone to jab me in the heart and squeeze some morphine in. Need it badly!
No mood to eat since this morning. But by 6pm just now...stomach gastric kicking in fiercely. So, I went for the usual...Milo + biscuits. My diet also not in proper balance, now starting to worry about my cholesterol levels again. My heart pains are back this last two weeks! Sigh...

I suddenly miss many things. I miss my Nikon F5 (film camera). I miss my old BMW (swapped it for a Swift). I miss playing the drums (now retired). I miss mega shoots (no big events lately). I miss the zeros in my bank account (kekeke). I miss my Sony Ericsson S500i (still in hospital). I miss shooting in Genting Highlands (no jobs from them recently). I miss Damai Laut (arguably my last holiday).
I miss my....[sigh, nvm]

My Sony Ericsson S500i


Jiok said...

wat happened to ur f5?

Babyboss Pictures said...

jiok : Nikon F5 was sold and used the money for the D100.