The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Saturday, December 19, 2009


The day has finally come for me to go collect my MacBooks and all those who ordered under me. And all I got was just 3 units of MacBook White 13" MacBook Pro 13", no Pro 15" and no Pro 17"!!! Aaaaaaaargh!!!!

Nevertheless, it was a joy to hold and carry 3 Macs at one time and releasing them one by one to my "buyers" and seeing their joyful faces as they open up the sealed box for the first time and majestically pressing the "Power On" button and booting up the OS.

I feel good too. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait for next week to get my other MacBooks! Here is the MacBook White 13" straight from the box!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My New Adidas

I am now doing an event here in J W Marriot Hotel. As I write, the event's MC is cracking jokes and the crowd shouting. I was here since 10am to get things ready. I am doing the video shooting and also supplied the LCD projector. But I have my crew running everything and that leaves me rather free.

My aged Adidas shoes are showing much signs of "breaking down" with holes everywhere. And since I had so much free time, I decided to just walk across to Pavilion and shop for a new pair. I checked out shoes from Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma and New Balance.

And I decided on a pair of Adidas "Response CHS 18" running shoes at RM297 after discount. Woohoo...