The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Pics, Old Story is an old story. Just received the pics from loyal blog reader Ervinna aka "erv". We finally met sometime in August while I was shooting the TVB8 Junior Idol event at Sunway Pyramid. She came with her Thai friend, Grace. The pics are a lil blur. Both pics taken with Sony T10. Apparently, Grace bought herself a brand new Nikon D90 today! Congrats, Grace!

Ervinna aka "erv"


On-Camera Deletion

Last week I was commissioned to shoot a golf tournament at Saujana Golf & Country Club. No sweat as I have done quite a few golf events before. Was there at 7am, got briefed. Relaxed.

But the trickiest part about shooting outdoor events is checking your pics "on-camera". Under bright daylight, everything looks under-exposed. So, mistake #1 was exposure. Despite my "golf shooting experience", I literally over-exposed most of the shots! I got their faces well lit but their white attires...all bleached!!! Sigh.

Mistake #2...deleting pictures on-camera WHILE SHOOTING. In golf, you always shoot a group picture of every flight and then every tee-off picture of every individual of each flight. I got every shot. But guess what? I accidentally deleted one of the most important picture of the event...the CEO's flight's group picture!!!

So, in the end, 12 flights but only 11 group pictures!!! Kanasai!!! I kena potong RM100 from my fees!!! WTF!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Famous...really famous!

After the Vogue issue published, I became even more famous! I was at the centre of medias' attention! Everyone starts to write, publish and talk about me! I know, reading from the shoutout box, that some of you are envious of my new found fame, but what to do...famous liao! Might as well enjoy it lor!

Even Paris Hilton launches a CD on me.

Not being left behind, Victoria Beckham has a book on me too!

Blondie here has my poster!

And babes all over the world just can't resist me!

The newspaper has a story on me!

I am even on billboards!

Huge posters on buildings in Japan.

I am even on TV!!! Haha...

I believe, by now, most of you if no all, would have come to realise that this is all a joke! Welcome to the world of computers and the power of digital imaging. Sigh, apa lar some of you guys...not sporting also! So early go and bocor my secret!
But the best was still Ervinna aka "erv" (one of our regular reader, I hope she will continue to read after this incident) who actually went to the bookstores in search for the latest issue of Vogue magazine! After a few attempts, she couldn't find "the issue" and so, the texted me and actually asked me which issue! Nevertheless, Ervinna...THANK YOU. I am touched by your sincerity and faithfulness.
By the way, Vogue magazine, like other magazines such as Cosmopolitan and etc, does not feature a male face on their front covers! Mags like Malaysian Tatler does! Anyway, thanks to PhotoFunia for the software feature!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Its out, its out...VOGUED!!!

Its finally out...the latest issue of Vogue magazine featuring me on their front cover!!! Woohoo!!! I was kinda surprised when the editor of Vogue contacted me one day asking for an interview. They wanted to write a cover story on me and Babyboss Pictures. Obviously, I agreed without hesitation. I mean, how often does one gets to be interviewed by a mega magazine like Vogue!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pulau Perhentian - Random Pics

Well, well...finally back to reality! Back home last Saturday morning. Checked out Perhentian Island Resort at 12pm, took the 45 minutes boat ride to Kuala Besut jetty at around 1pm. Reached jetty around 1pm. We were told that the van transfer to Kota Bharu is at 2pm but we only departed around 2:30pm and only reached Kota Bharu at around 4:15pm and checked into Suria Hotel once again. Then we were taken to this market place for our much delayed lunch at almost 5pm! After that, rested in hotel till its time to board our KL-bound e-Budaya bus at 9:30pm. Reached Putra Bus Terminal at 3:45am and finally home by 4:15am.

Managed to grab about an hour-odd of sleep. Woke up around 6:30am...have to be in Rawang by 8am for a wedding shoot!!! The shoot ended at 2pm. Rushed home, dropped my cams, grabbed my drum sticks and Bible, dashed to church for 3pm worship practise and 4:30pm celebration service! Woot a day!

But yes, the Perhentian Island is a wonderful place to be for a relaxing few days! Highly recommended. A 3D2N snorkelling package is around RM550+ per pax inclusive of meals and boat transfers. For details, please visit

Here are random pics of the trip :

Preparing to snorkel!!!

Ready to dive in!

With Yee Chin (licin) from Life Publishers.

Babyboss after a good sea swim and snorkel.

Met BabyKJ at the Kuala Besut jetty. She participated at the Perhentian Island Challenge 2008. They gathered and registered here at Kuala Besut while I was waiting for my van transfer to Kota Bharu for my ride back to KL.

My favourite kopi ais is only RM1.20 here in Kota Bharu, Kelantan!!!

Giant prawns!!! I wanted to have this for my "5pm lunch" but was not sure who was paying. So, I went to chicken instead. Apparently, the prawn is RM15 each!

Is parking in Kelantan cheaper than KL? Dashing into a mamak shop to buy one roti canai may well cost 10 sen!

Mc Donald's here in Kelantan has "tulisan Jawi" wan!!! LOL

I didn't know "hello" is spelt with a single "L".
A cool "all black" Levi's boutique in Kota Bharu.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pulau Perhentian - Day 03

I just realised, after reading up the resorts corporate profile, that Pulau Perhentian is in Terengganu while our bus from KL stopped at Kota Bharu which is in Kelantan. Which means we travelled from KL to Kelantan and finally to Terengganu at one go! How interesting! And the resort has very comfortable and fully air-conditioned rooms, choices from beach front semi-suites to deluxe rooms (these are the ones I am staying in) and hill view and pool view superior rooms.

OK, let the pictures do the talking. Here they are :

This is where I have my breakfast every morning, enjoying the morning breeze as they sweep through my body. The sound of the soft waves politely rushing onto the shores…very nice and relaxing feeling.

Top & Bottom : My room (chalet style), number 221. Very spaciously comfortable with two single beds. My roommate did not turn up, he ditched us at very last minute. If I knew earlier, I could have brought another person with me and have a free holiday!

Its Thursday and its 9am, means its snorkelling time!!! As you can see, I am thrilled, with my mask and snorkel, all set and ready to dive in!

The briefing before we adjourned.

Part of the group already in water! We saw baby and mommy shark!!! And lots of Nemos too!

Well, that’s it for me. Back onto my boat. My back and arms all BBQ-ed! Having a bad sun-burn now!

Back at the resort’s “Sea Sport Centre”, everyone taking a breather after an exciting snorkelling trip!

Top & Bottom : The Sea Sport Centre

After lunch, we went for a boat-joyride in Pulau Perhentian’s biggest and probably most expensive sea cruiser…”The Voyager”, costing a whopping RM1.6million. The boat seats 45 persons. See the super crystal clear sea water. The boat looks like as though its floating on air!

The ship's cockpit.

The passengers' area.

Some adventurous blokes on the ship’s deck.

Barbeque dinner!!! Yipeee… Ate so much, I think I put on some extra pounds this last few days!

And the entertainment for the evening…Dikir Barat, a traditional and cultural “choir” presentation. Not bad, pretty interesting.

Tomorrow is going home day! Checking out at around 12pm+. Then take 45-mins speedboat ride to Kuala Besut jetty. Then take van transfer to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Should arrive around 3:30pm. Then we are to check into the "Suria Hotel" again awaiting for bus ride back homt to KL at 9:30pm!!! What a long wait! We should arrive in KL around 4:30pm. Then guess what? I have a shoot in Rawang at 9am, means leaving home at 7am!!! Whoaaaaa!!!!

Anyway, see you guys back in KL. Good bye from Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pulau Perhentian - Day 02

The agenda for Day 02 starts with, of course, breakfast at 7:30am, then followed by jungle tracking at 9am. I decided not to participate in the jungle tracking (never liked the idea of leeches creeping up my legs) and thus, only woke up for breakfast at 9am! Saw the group getting ready for their jungle tracking adventure. After breakfast, found a nice seat by the beach, took out my book (Destined To Reign by Joseph Prince) and had a good read for an hour plus.

But soon, I saw some of our people from the group started snorkelling and canoeing and to an extend, some even started a scuba dive preparation!!! Sigh, five of them went for a "discovery dive" at a nearby shallower dive spot. They can't go too far deep cause none of them carried a PADI license but at least they had a dive experience!!! And I missed it!!! Sigh...but at least I had a good and relaxing read by the beach! Yes, I am consoling myself.

Lunch came at 1pm. And 3:30pm, we went island hoping...again. This time to Pulau Perhentian's Pulau Kecil where the island's residents stay...perhaps also known as the "township" of Pulau Perhentian. The island's school is here, the police station is here, the medical centre is here, the post office is here too! Spent the whole afternoon-evening hoping from place to place. And finally get to witness beautiful sunset in Pulau Perhentian!

Here are some pictures...

The team gathering at the lobby, ready to "island hop"!

While waiting, some smart fella decided to grab some of the resort's guests and interviewed them! If you can't beat them, join them! Everyone else joinned in! LOL

Local news agency Bernama in action!

A group from Australia.

Couple from Italy.
OK, done with all the interviews. Off to island visiting! On our twin-engine speedboat. Very exciting ride!
Top & Bottom : Probably the largest "pondok polis" in Malaysia!
Pulau Perhentian's only school.
Can you see the Post Office on the first floor?
Village Cafe's "any style" dishes. Even have "Chines" style! LOL
The front segment of Pulau Kecil.
Babyboss with Aaron Wong, the guy from the PR agency in-charge of this trip.
Group Photo at Pulau Kecil.
A typical fisherman's boat.
The one and only ambulance here in Pulau Perhentian.
Apparently, piloting a private boat here does not require a license! Even small kids are allowed to drive one of these!
While waiting for the sunset, someone decided to climb up the light house and took this pic from above.
Last pic of the day, the sunset.