The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Elken - Rehearsal Day

I was at the Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil since the morning hours and only left the place at 11:15pm. Spent some 12 hours there shooting the rehearsal of Elken's Winners' Nite 2008 event to be held tomorrow (or rather later tonite since its already 1:30am Sat). Nothing much interesting but here are just some of "me"!

Tea break time...wanted to use the buggy!

On a 3CCD JVC Broadcast video camera.

Sheila Majid with her daughter during her rehearsal slot.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Japan Super GT 2007 - Cars

Japan Super GT 2008 is coming again here to our very own Sepang International Circuit on June 20-21, 2008. Its gonna be another exciting month for all GT fans, not forgetting the "babes"! Anyway, as I was doing up last year's GT pics, I decided to display all the collection of cars that I have shot from last year's GT race here in SIC. Here they are...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Friends Or Foes?

There are moments in life where you just feel like you've lost almost everything. These are the days when all bad news come in together at one go, trashing you left and right, making you loose almost every inch of balance you have left. These are also the days where you feel most betrayed and "cheated". You feel that all the loyalty and commitment you showed to this someone, a company or an association, has just vanished into thin air. Suddenly you feel you are now standing on the other side of the river, all alone.

This feeling sucks. This feeling is very defeating. This feeling demotivates and discourages.

I am now in the midst of such an experience.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Micky's Brithday Event - Part II

Grabbed this pic from Yun Yi's blog ( and I think the way she did the pic...its cool. Babyboss Pictures got new logo...haha!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

TVXQ Micky Yoo Chun's Birthday Event

It is amazing seeing the commitment and passion of these fanclubs of Korean pop stars, the activities they organised and the amount they spend on official merchandise and concert tickets. The most recent event was yesterday afternoon, the birthday party of TVXQ member, Micky Yoo Chun. And being invited to one as a VIP guest is another awesome experience.

I know some of the fanclub-forum members through recent concerts of these Korean pop stars. The concerts were organised by CMG and I was the official photographer for all these Koreans concerts.

Yesterday's event...attended by some 50+ fanclub-forum members, with mainly girls and only 6 guys including me, there were screams and shouts at every corner of the 3rd floor of Izzi Lifestyle Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur. Video of TVXQ's recent concert in Korea was played over a huge projector screen and later followed by a picture slide show of TVXQ's recent concert here in Kuala Lumpur (they managed to download all the concert pics from my Babyboss website...awesome!!!) There were also games and food and lots of original TVXQ merchandise on sale.

Overall, a great afternoon spent. Here are some pics courtesy of Orchid (, Wednesday Qui Rong and Yun Yi (

The event poster.

Nice photo montage from Orchid.

Yummy food.

Erm, this fella was the "VIP".

Babyboss receiving his souvenir.

Slide show of last year's concert.

The audience...

Some were busy making duplicates of my pictures! LOL

Sharing an insight about the concert.

The photographer from Babyboss Pictures.

A candid shot from Orchid.

With Vivian from Penang.

The event's official photographer, Wednesday Qiu Rong.

With the other official photographer, Yun Yi.

For some unknown reasons, Orchid never takes a picture with her face in it...including this pic! I guess we'll just have to appreciate her back.

With Audrey who is a fashion designer!

Babyboss, still busy with pictures...

And finally, the group picture!