The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shooting Photo vs Video

I am a photographer, I started as a photographer and my Babyboss Pictures business card says that I am one. But I also shot video and venture into small video production some years back with a Panasonic 3CCD DVC15 camera and Pinnacle Studio editing suite. Videography never meant to be "for business". But when a video shooting assignment if offered, would you take it up? The money is there! And so...I did.

Shooting pics are far easier than shooting video. The simple fact being a photo "single shot capture" but video is "continuously rolling tape". So, with video, the is almost no chance to "steal a break"!

I just finished a video shoot today running around all over the Times Square shopping mall capturing the activities of the participants of a reality game called "You Are Hired" (probably, the Malaysian version of the US hit show "The Apprentice"). I envied the photographer who was shooting on a Canon 1DmkII. I know have about 2hrs of raw footages to edit while the photographer probably has around 200+ pics to look through.

Which would you prefer to do? Photo or video?

Anyway, bumped into Paris Hilton and grabbed some shots.

Babyboss with Paris Hilton

BabyKJ..."playing hide and seek" with Paris Hilton

Thursday, September 27, 2007

CMG Royale Birthday Party @ Club De Vegas

Seldom we get to celebrate our own "in-house" celebration parties cause our celebrations are always after one particular concert, with sponsors and other VIPs to "please". But last nite, well not exactly last nite but September 25, we had our own celebration party. The royale birthday of the two CMG bosses (means my bosses lar), Albert Yuen and Chee Meng.

Party was held at the very prestigous Club De Vegas (next to Berjaya Times Square). Awesome place, super porsh...probably catered for the rich and famous. The moment we arrive at the main lobby, we were instantly greeted by some very professional formally dressed guest relation executives. We were instantly ushered to the lift (yes, they have an in-house lift) and was taken to this huge room where we finally (yes, "finally"...cause it was quite some walking distance from the lift) greeted with familiar faces of our own teamates and friends of CMG. Time was 10pm. We left Vegas at almost 2am but the rest stayed on and partied till 5am!

Here are some pics.

The two birthday boys at their birthday cakes.

Here comes the buffet "siew yook"...unlimited servings...yummy!!!

Babyboss with his seafood yee mee! Yummy too!

Flooding the place were close friends and associates from Magnum Corp., Chivas Regal, Astro, Absolute Black Production, Station-1 and many more from the showbiz industry. Picture here is the MyFM group (from left-right) : Veron (Jack's wife), Phoebe (MyFM radio DJ), YuXin (CMG), Jack (MyFM radio DJ), William San (actor), Vivian (MyFM radio DJ) and Fanny (CMG lady bos).

Babes of CMG Absolute Entertainment

Babyboss trying to pool...adui! It looked very easy on Yahoo! Pool, though!!!

Maybe good for Diesel Jeans ad promo!

Great work of art. LOL

The effects of loosing game after game! Stephen from CMG. haha...

The pro in action, Michelle from Absolute Entertainment. I lost TWO games to her!

Babyboss with Club De Vegas PR Manager

And finally, a picture with birthday boy / my boss...Wong Chee Meng.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Someone Jinxed My Car AirCond [Non-Photography Related]

My faithful car has been with me for so many years now and this has never happened before. Here is the story...

I picked up this someone (not suppose to reveal her name) for lunch today. Yes, lunch was awesome, got this done and got that done. Time to send this someone back, got to my car and got it started. It started and the engine died after 2 secs. That is not normal! But nevermind, at least it restarted and we drove off. Had to stop by at two more other places to pick u stuffs.

Here is the "mystery"...the air-conditioning system! It worked and then died and then worked again and then died again and then re-worked again and then died and worked again...and so forth. It was like this throughout the whole journey, from PJ State to Bangsar, back to PJ State and finally drop off at UM. I told this someone that something must be wrong cause this aircond experience has never happened before!

So we agreed, if after dropping her off, my aircond performs normally, then there must be something about her that my car aircond didn't like. And guess what? After "Miss Someone" got off the car, my aircond only died once (at the UM gate) and then it work perfectly well all the way till I got home 20mins later!

I am speechless! One possible conclusion is, if I ever want to pick her up again, I would have to change my car! Miss Someone suggested a Myvi. Well, Myvi, Savvy, Kenari or Ferrari...thay all run on 4 wheels.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Am In Love!!!

Ever since my recent trip to Penang, covering the 988 Concert at Queensbay Mall, things have taken a new drift. Though I have known this person for some time now but I have never felt this way before and never thought I ever will. But after being together in Penang, things changed and I now have new regards towards my new found love.

I don't know how to say this because it is not as easy to just "speak out" and frankly, I don't know "how" to start pouring my heart. But I guess saying "I Love You" is the best thing to do. I don't know how you feel about me but I really enjoy having you around all the time. Hearing your voice makes my heart melt and brings me a smile.

To me, you are just so "yourself"...cute and rather "short" actually. Nevertheless, you are a magnet to many watching eyes and I know many out there want to have you to themselves. I know because I have observed this. People call upon you wherever you go.

For me, its your voice! Maybe that's why I like you so much.

Your songs are simply awesome!
I just bought your latest CD...its awesome!
I LOVE YOU...Gary!
[By the way, I am not gay!]

Gary at last weekend's 988 GCMC Concert @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

A file picture (2006) here with Gary, also taken in Penang.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Slim down, tone up...uZap

You know, being a photographer one really need to stay fit and healthy. Especially guys like us, shooting live concerts and chasing celebs, bypassing the bodyguards, fighting cheering crowds...and carrying heavy gears (D2x + 17-55 + SB800 = standard setup).
Guess what? This gorgeous Osim babe says I can slim down and tone up with their new Osim uZap King! Now at a promotional price...I bought it!!! So now, every day every night...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Really wan...see, Fiona Xie's all well slimmed down and toned up liao!

I also wan something like this! Not bad.

All Black

At a recent shoot, the dress code given by the event manager was "all black".

Babyboss photographers...all black except that D70 bloke with the small patch of janggut (1st from left)

All "black" I know why my event manager not happy with me!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

KLIA Times September 2007

Finally the september 2007 issue of the KLIA Times is out. Here is Page 8 of the issue with two images courtesy of BABYBOSS PICTURES.

Layout of Page 8
Fireworks @ Putrajaya by Chris Chen
Prime Minister @ Merdeka Countdown by K K Ng

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nikon D3

before i made the decision to get my hands on the d2x, i asked myself the golden question, "what happens when a new d3 gets launched?". my golden answer, "if a d100 can help me earn a living for the last 5yrs, then surely a d2x can double that". so, i bought a d2x about a year ago. and guess what...the Nikon D3 is finally launched now.

so, would you be thrilled? its a "nice to have machine" but definitely not a "must have". you can read all about its great features but here are just a few that i'd like to focus on.

FX full-frame format : i guess image quality is better but then how much better is better? if image quality is more than 35% more superior than the current d2x, then the "better" is quite substancial. otherwise, no big deal. furthermore, i tend to enjoy my 1.5x factor on my d2x (and a 2x on high speed crop mode).

9fps : i got all the shots i needed at 8fps during my recent Japan Super GT Championship 2007 shoot at Sepang Circuit.

3" LCD screen : obviously the larger the better. its nice to have 3" but 2.5" is already a huge boost from d100's.

and all the other gizmos. estimated retail price is around USD4,999 and that's a whopping RM17,000 just for the body! i'd like to have this new baby if i have 100k in my bank account screaming "spend me, spend me"!!! otherwise, its just gonna be ma d2x for someme time.

here are some beautiful images of this new D3 (from dpreview)