The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Hidden Blog

How I wish I can have a blog where I can pour out anything and everything without having to worry about "wrong readers" visiting this space. There are so many things I want to share and voice out but after some considerations, I realise that it may not be wise to write them down here at this blogspot. I have too many readers from all corners of my life reading this blog and the last thing I want is everyone knowing everything about me. That's dangerous!
I've got youths reading this blog. I've got working adults, my working associates, friends, "fans", my church members, even pastors...they are all reading this blog. Even SM Entertainment (the Korean concert artiste management fellas) is monitoring my blog, especially on the pictures I put up!
Sigh. How nice would it be if I can really have a blog where I can simply splash out everything from my heart, both sweet and bitter stuffs. Without having to worry of who will know what of me! Maybe I should start a new blog, unanimous, with no mention of names, no keyword connections, etc. No one know...only I, me and myself. At least one day, when I die, I have left the deepest most of my heart, mind and soul here at this hidden blog. Then, everyone will understand everything I went through when I was alive...if anyone succeeds in "finding it".
But that would also mean that I will have a lot to write!!! Sigh... And also, what should I call this blog? "The Hidden Blog"? "The Forbidden Blog"? "Raiders Of The Lost Blog"? "Blog Raider"? Aha, I know...I will call it "Legacy Of Babyboss - The Untold Story". Chuhayo?

Tunnel Of My Life

The last few months have been very exciting and many new doors were opened in front of me. Almost everything was tempting and exciting and I am now going through a “trying period” of my life. Though not as in a “matter of life and death” kind of period but rather a period of seriously trying out “new things”. Trying out a new lifestyle. Trying out new business opportunities. Trying out a new different status. Living through it as though it is now happening.

I don’t know how long I will take as I walk through this journey and this is my first time taking “such a walk”. I don’t know what it is at the other end of the tunnel though I do have a rough idea. I can only predict but can never be sure, no one can.

As I walk, I know I will have to pass through rough roads, “T” junctions where I have to stop and think a while, cross junctions where I need to know where I want to go and through empty fields where I must know what I want in life. I also expect to shed tears of joy as well as tears of sorrows. I will laugh because I got what I desperately want but I will also mourn because I may have lost something precious.

What will it be? How will it be? When will it be?

No one knows. Its a journey destined for me and I have to walk through it...alone. Bitter sweet memories that comes along the way, I just have to cherish them day by day. And I hope before too long, I can see light at the other end of the “tunnel of my life”.

Walk with me,
And we will see.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cool Bassist @ Quiksilver Rev 2.0

Check this out. I don't know how well she played that evening (cause I was not there) but from the pics, she looks "good". Anyway, here is a pic of her.

Pic by Babyboss photographer, Brian Lee.

Saya Anti Rasuah

This is what I received but I am not sure if its true. Regarding giving "kopi money" to the police expecially when you are caught during a speed trap. Apparently, the police officer gets a RM100 reward for every proofed bride you offer him. He will take down all your license particulars while you beg for mercy and ask for "kasi chance"! Once he is done, he will ask you "how to settle". You offer him RM50, he takes it and reports you in. He surrenders the RM50 into his report and he gets officially rewarded RM100 for reporting your bribe!!! Not a bad deal, I must say. A good move from the Government. The public won't dare to bribe anymore cause a "more attractive bribe" is being offered by the Government? LOL

Monday, January 28, 2008

Its A Choice

Sigh...I wrote 3 postings but deleted all of them after reading them through over and over again. Don't seem the right time to write such articles. I mean, such sensitive articles can easily be misunderstood and led far way from its original intention. And I know, I am not good in words.

Anyway, just want to say that in life, everything is a choice. One of the greatest things God has given to us is the power to "choose". We can choose to be happy or unhappy. If we choose to be happy, then we can also choose to be happy this way or be happy that way.

Welcome to life.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I had so much I wanted say when I was not at my computer but when I am seated infront of my laptop, I don't know what to say liao! Actually, its more of not knowing "how" to put them in proper words. Not wanting my words to be wrongly interpreted and misled into something else. It is never fun to be misunderstood.

Anyway, here is one short story on "being misunderstood".

There were two brothers who were very very close and spent a lot of time doign everything together. The elder brother, Marcus, started to work and his business grew bigger while his 7 years old younger brother, Michael, was left alone most of the time now. After some many months, they never actually talked anymore and Michael missed his Marcus very much.

One day, Michael waited for Marcus to get home from work and towards midnight, his Marcus came home looking tired. Michael instantly jumped up and dashed towards Marcus and insistently pulled him aside the room. Michael asked Marcus how much he makes an hour in his business. And Marcus answered, "About $450". Michael paused for a moment and replied, " Great, then can I borrow $200 from you?" Marcus asked why Michael needed so much money and Michael said he needed the money for something important. Reluctantly, Marcus took out his wallet and pulled out 200 bucks and gave it to his younger brother.

Michael happily took the money. Brought out his old saving box, Michael opened the rusted lid. Took out the money he saved and added them together with the money he just received. Upon seeing so much money in the box, Marcus was furious. He gave a slap on Michael's head and shouted, "Why still ask me for $200 when you have more than that yourself?".

Michael cried but persistently gathered all the money and counted them twice. Marcus was furious. But before Marcus could say another word, Michael handed over the money to his elder brother saying, "Here is $450. Can I buy one hour of your time?" Marcus was stunned and went speechless. At that moment, he could only tear. And he gave his younger brother a big hug and spent the rest of th evening with him.

There will be times when our actions are being misunderstood for something else. Its either your choice of words being misleading or the receiving side being too sensitive or maybe, not in an exact good mood to patiently understand you clearly. To be misunderstood is generally quite "swallowable" but to be misunderstood by your loved one is really painful.

So guys, learn to deliver your messages clearly and dont be too quick and sensitive to judge.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Slimmer Babyboss

I think I have slimmed down, I believe I have. In fact, I am quite sure I am slimmer. When I wash my face, I can feel "less meat" and I can feel bones! My tummy is smaller too! I have to add two more holes on my belt and I am wearing XL size shirt instead of XXL.

BabyKJ bought me a long sleeve shirt from her recent Korea trip..."XL-size"...fits in but with no "extra space". But at least, my tummy is no longer in the way (well, maybe just a bit lar)!!! Here is a pic of me in that shirt during a birthday party event at Bangsar.

My recent pics taken yesterday at an event in Sunway.

With my boss from Signature Kitchen.

With Signature Kitchen staffs.

With...erm, my car?

Well? Not bad hor, quite slim hor? keke...

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Waiting Game

I believe at some point in life, all of us have to go through a "waiting game" where you just wait for that something to happen. I know that nobody in this world like to wait. All of us want things delivered fast, if not immediately. But there are certain things in life where waiting is just a part of the whole entire process of getting there.

I plan to buy a new Suzuki Swift...and the waiting period is about 2 weeks, and that's pretty fast, mind you. But I said to this other dealer that I want the car fast and he replied..."1 week". Now that's super fast for new cars delivery but still, I gotto wait 7 agonising days.

As all of you know, my cholesterol level is high and I am now on this Lipitol to subdue the levels. Obviously, I want it controlled immediately but my medication is 30days. So, I have to be on medication for 30days before I can go back to have my cholesterol level checked again.

Life is a journey. And in a journey, there will be times where we just have to wait for the right moments to do the right things. Unfortunately, no one in this world have enough wisdom to advice anyone of any situation on when is the "right time" to do the "right things".

There are so many things I want to do and get done yesterday but I can't because the "time" is not right for anything yet. I get so frustrated because things are not done. Sometimes, I want certain things so badly that I hide and cry alone but there is nothing I can do at that moment in time.

Here is a popular song by Whitney Houston. I thought the lyrics are awesome and kinda talks a bit about how I feel now. Here is "One Moment In Time"...

Each day I live, I want to be
A day to give, The best of me
I'm only one, But not alone
My finest day, Is yet unknown
I broke my heart, Fought every gain
To taste the sweet, I face the pain
I rise and fall, Yet through it all
This much remains, I want...
One moment in time
When I'm more than I thought I could be
When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
And the answers are all up to me
Give me one moment in time
When I'm racing with destiny
Then in that one moment of time
I will feel, I will feel
The rest of the verses and choruses are mainly repeating the above again. Its so true, the song says my finest day, is yet unknown. It goes on to say that I broke my heart and fought every gain; to taste the sweet, I have to face the pain. And I rise and I fall.
Sigh...that's life. Will you wait for me...for that..."moment in time"...will you?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Medical Report

I finally went in to do my full medical check-up on Tuesday and got the test results this afternoon. I was extremely nervous since my heart has not been feeling too well lately, and was kinda worried that I'd be told that I have some serious health issues.
Anyway, met my doctor and he greeted me with a smile and that gave me a few seconds of "peace". I sat down next to him and he said, "Everything ok but...". I said "but what?". He told me my cholesterol level is high! My LDL (bad cholesterol) level is way above the 2.58 mark! So, I am now on medication, taking Lipitor (and NO, it is NOT "libitor" to enhance my sexual performance) at 10mg dosage to lower my LDL levels. Then, I'll be fine.
My liver is fine, kidneys are fine, blood is AB+ and is doing fine. Glucose level is good. Hepatitis antibody all at very good levels. No active cancer cells. Urine is clean with no traces of blood and sugar (hmm, I didn't know urine tastes sweet?) Ah yes, most HIV, no STD (sexually transmitted desease). champagne!!! :-)
I asked about my heart cramps and sharp headaches, he explained that those are symptoms of stress and not enough rest. Then I guess, my heart is ok since I can still play badminton aggressively! haha...
So now, I am suppose to watch my diet and control my stress. Need to cut down on CHICKEN!!!! I love chicken!!! Especially chicken skin!!! To cut down on my another favourite...BAK KUT TEH!!!!! And another one...CHAR KUEY TEOW!!!!! OMG!!! Also need to reduce intake of red meat, fried and oily stuffs. Which means less lamb chops, steak and KFC!!! And exercise more!
So basically, I have just been pronounced a "healthy man" but just gotto watch my diet and cholesterol levels. Sigh...this is gonna be tough!!! Someone help tie up my hands!!!
[Thanks for being there for me] *hugs*

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If There Is A Way...

If there is a way to turn back the clock, I'd love to. If there is a way to freeze time, I'd love that too. If there is a way to change things, I'll do it. If there is a way to make things better, I'll do that too. If there is a way to always say yes to the things I like, that would be nice. If there is a way to say no to the things I don't like, that would be nice too.

There are so many things I want to do in my life but never gotten the chance to. There are so many things I want to change in my life but I don't know how to. If only...if only I have all the answers to all my questions and frustrations...that would be nice as well.

But it is always not as easy as it may seem to be. There is always a price to pay for everthing and anything. So, what is my price if I wanted something so badly? I really don't know...I really don't. Or maybe its not about "how much" that price is but rather "how to" make that price "paid".


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Genting Highlands 2008

I have been shooting for Genting's Resorts World Berhad for the last 2.5yrs (since mid-2005) and things have been great working with them as their "in-house" photographer / supplier. Everytime I do a shoot for them, they give me hotel accomodation (most of the time at First World Hotel but sometimes, Resorts Hotel) and also "meal card" (works like a debit card, where I'd normally get like RM100 to "eat" during my 2D1N stay). And I can eat anything I want within that stipulated credit limit!

Last year, I made exactly 10 trips to Genting. And this year, I will start my first trip to Genting this Friday for a 3D2N shoot for a corporate annual dinner event. Will I hit 10 trips again or will I hit more this year? We'll see, we'll see.

Anyway, for our foreign visitors to this blog, here is an arial view of the wonderful highland resort.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday To Pei Wern

4 January, 2008...our dear Pei Wern (Mabel) turns older. LOL. A simple dinner party was hosted at 26Baan Thai Restaurant, Changkat Bukit Bintang. Generally, our home cell group members came with some of her other friends. Thank you Uncle Kuan for a sumptuous Thai dinner.

Our photographer didn't take group photo, so here there are in bits and pieces...

With birthday girl, Pei Wern (Mabel).

With our home cell group leader, Brandon Chin.

With faithful helper, Murphy Chan.
With Jezamine Chan who just got back from Australia.
From left : Siew Ling, Mabel, Joanne, me, Pei Yi and Sonia.
Erm...I dunno their names! LOL (sorry ah)
From left : Christine, Keith, me and Shaun
The host...Uncle Kuan & Auntie Esther
The boys' corner...oops, almost. LOL

Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Babyboss" Car Windscreen Sticker

Who wants one for his / her car? Its cool. Just gimme your postal address, I'll send you one. Or you can pick up from me personally. Be a Babyboss supporter...stick one on your car rear windscreen!!!

It measures 3.5" x 20".

Medical Check-Up

Well, time flies. My health has not been too good, especially this last few months. As some of you may know, my heart is not behaving well. Sometimes, I may have over-stressed myself in work. I have been told to do a full medical check up asap. Haha... "full med"... what, they want to check to see if my "hairs" are growing fine? LOL.

And now, its January and its time for the promised medical check-up! I never like medical check-ups. Guess I'll just have to "do it".


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Countdown 2008 @ Sg Wang

OK, here is the re-post from last nite.

Countdown Street Celebration has become an annual affair here at Sg Wang, Jln Bukit Bintang. And this year is no exception. With an estimated crowd size of tens of thousands, the entire area was flooded with people from all walks of life. It was a super hot day and it also rained at around 10pm. Had a bad headache from the heat and stressed shoulders (due to my heavy camera bag, a Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus AW, packed with my gears and spare equipment and also a 15.4" laptop). Right arm muscle pain (result of a combination of a D2X, 17-55 and SB800) and both legs overworked walking up and down Jln Bukit Bintang!

But overall, it was great fun and a great reasosn to celebrate. 988 did a great job hosting the event and it was telecast live over 8TV. Apparently, many called up to say they saw me on TV!!! Haha...I must have been obstructing the TV cameras! LOL.

1pm Rehearsals and sound checks. 6pm Dinner time (sumptously prepared buffet sponsored by Sg Wang at U-Cafe). 6:45pm Extreme skating stunt demos (roller blades) by Malaysia's one and only Soul Skaters, followed by brass band performance by VI school. 8pm Stage performances and games hosted by Digi. 9pm Arrival of VIPs and media. 9:30pm Showtime. 12midnight Countdown to 2008, followed by fireworks displays and concert continues. 12:45am Concert ends, DJ takes over the main stage. 1am Celebration Party at Park Royal Hotel (just opposite Sg Wang). 2:30am Go home...beh tahan liao!!!

Here are some pictures to tell more stories...

The stage sitting on Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.

Catching up with Gary and Soler during rehearsals.

Dinner was served at U-Cafe, fully sponsored by Sg Wang Plaza. I must say that the buffet line was extremely impressive and food was great.

Various servings of favourite. But I was told not to eat so much meat due to my health condition. So, I did not take any chicken at all. OMG!!!

But I couldn't resist those yummy oysters and curry lalas!!!

I was told to take more vege. And so, I was a good boy...I took a lot of vege!

Unlimited varieties of pastries and stuffs.

Free flow of freshly made watermelon favourite!!!

What to do after dinner? Sit and wait! [pic by Eyin]

The crowd swelled up by around 8:45pm.

The concert kicked off at 9:30pm. Here is Soler doing their stuffs.

But by around 10:30pm, the rain got heavier and Magnum umbrellas were distributed to the VIPs.

And also to other VIPs.

And also to Babyboss hand on camera, one hand on umbrella. Where is my assistant who was supposed to hold the umbrella for me? In Korea!!! LOL [pic by Brian]

Gary rendering the ever popular tune..."My Way".

The countdown to 2008 with all artistes and VIPs on stage. At the stroke of 12midnight, everything fired... [pic by Mabel]

A 10mins fireworks display, lighting up the sky over Sg Wang Plaza.

Artistes and VIPs admiring the fireworks display.

Here is Gary shouting a "Happy New Year" greeting to everyone.

Some of the artistes posing for cameras.
From left : Justin, Gary, Yu Heng, Phoebe and Daniel.

After the countdown, Justin continued to entertain the crowd with his sleek moves.

He even came down stage to get closer to the crowds.

Rendering to the VIPs. Can you spot Babyboss photographer? [pic by Brian]

By 12:45am, the DJ took over the stage and continued to party. While all invited VIPs adjourned over to Park Royal Hotel for the celebration party.

The aftermath of a typical countdown. All the best to Alam Flora!

Foam sprays were everywhere. Very bad for the lungs and cameras!

Even our tourists had fun!

The group photo! [pic by Brian]

Here is Julio (Soler) on the phone line with BabyKJ in Korea.

And of course, my pic with them! [pic by brian]
And when everything is done, its time to transfer everything into my laptop. [pic by Brian]
So, thats about it on the Countdown 2008 at Jalan Bukit Bintang on 31 Dec, 2007. Here is wishing everyone a Happy New Year, may 2008 be a great and productive year for everyone!

New Year Countdown At Sg Wang...A Blast!!!

I wrote a whole lot of stuffs and pics here over thew last 2hrs. But ONE wrong click cause the entire post to VANISH. All I have left now is the stupid title!!! Its 5am now...I am too tired to rewrite everything again. I try tomorrow.

Good nite for now. Arghhhhh........

This pic is important. During rehearsal, I managed to do some catching up with Soler. And we spoke about our recent show in Penang. They still remember my "pint-sized assistant" and obviously referring to BabyKJ. They asked why isn't she with me working here at this countdown event and I said she is now having her holidays in Korea. Here is Julio (Park Royal Hotel, KL) on the line with BabyKJ (Seoul, Korea). LOL.