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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome Back

Finally, my Sony Ericsson S500i is back from the "hospital" today!!! Three long weeks I had to endure my old Nokia phone. Nothing wrong with the Nokia, please don't misunderstand me. Its just that I am no longer familiar with the features of the Nokia since I migrated to Sony Ericsson more than a year ago.

Anyway, finally got it back this evening. Everything works fine now. But the condition of the phone is no longer "perfect". Everytime I slide up the phone, it does not slide up as smoothly as before. Now that it has been opened up, the casing no longer locks back firmly into place. Even the softwares inside are no longer the same, a few original ringtones are missing. Generally, it is no longer the perfect phone I use to have.

But does that matter? Does this mean that I should ditch the phone now? Nah!!! Somehow for some reasons, despite those "imperfections", I was extremely happy to get back my phone. I held it in my hands so tightly as though it was something precious. And yes, perhaps it was. Immediately, I went on to customise it back to my previous settings, just like a little boy with a new toy! Afterall, its MY phone! I sayang my phone very much!

Though not having it by my side the last 3 weeks, I think of it everyday. And now that I have it back with me, I feel extremely happy. I will never know what has happened at the "hospital" and I will also never know the pains my phone had to go through this last few weeks. Someone might have been using my phone without permission for a day or two while it was there at the hospital. I will never know. All I know is that, NOW, it is safely back with me and in working condition. And that I can now continue to "share my life" with my faithful Sony Ericsson S500i.

Welcome back, dear!


Anonymous said...

I think you are a sad person. Why would you be so attached to a phone? It's just a gadget.

If you love your phone so much, why would you be interested in the iphone. It will replace your sony phone...

By the way, are you still using uzap belt? It is a piece of junk, isn't it.

Waste of money to buy.
Waste of effort to take it home.
Waste of space to store it at home.
Waste of time trying to use it.
Waste of electricity while using it.

There is no way a vibrating belt on your tummy can help to burn fat on your tummy. OSIM doesn't dare to advertise as a slimming belt outside singapore-just a massage belt.

OSIM is giving people false hope! OSIM stands for
O h
S _ _t
I made a
M istake

Babyboss Pictures said...

To "Anonymous",

Yes, lately I have been going through some ups and downs in life. And yes, generally I am rather sad lately.

I didn't say I "love" my phone though the post may have in some ways expressed my attachment to the unit, just like my 2mths old Suzuki Swift. My S500i is a great phone but I guess the iPhone is better. And yes, you said it right, its just a gadget. So, I change phones as and when I can "needly" afford one.

Anyway, I guess you never really deeply understood my heart when I wrote the post. Don't just read with your "eyes" but with your "heart". Its more than meets they eye!

Oh the uZap thingy? I only used it twice and never used it since then.