The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Am In Love...Again!!!

Recent months have been very exciting and many new things and opportunities surfaced. And I have learnt a lot. But nothing beats my new found love. To my new found love : You have been around me lately and I have been seeing you regularly. I keep dreaming of you, looking into your website and saving every picture you have displayed there.

But now, I have totally fallen in love with you. Whether you wear red, silver or black. I just enjoy touching you from top to bottom, front to back. That special day when I first "opened your doors", I was able to smell you from inside. Feeling the softness of what hides beneath those "clothings" that covers and protects you from outside environmental harm and hazards. My favourite was your backend, so firm and tight, yet not oversized like others. Just love the way its shaped.

As I sink myself into you, slowly exploring your interior, as I began to hold on to you tightly...I feel the two of us becoming one! Its like I have totally melted into your presence and beauty. Applying pressure bit by bit, causes you to grip even tighter and I can hear your heavy breathing accelerating as I pushed harder and harder. I can almost hear you scream from inside but you performed well as I stirred you left and right.

And by the time I let you go, I know I have a very special bond with you already. Something beyond description. Something I want to have everyday.

My Suzuki Swift 1.5 VVT DOHC

Yes, planning to get myself a Suzuki Swift for my everyday running. Selling off my huge and heavy (but very steady) BMW520i. My Alphard and Estima? Maybe next year or so.

Superb road handling, the tyres grip firmly even at tight cornerings racing at 80km/hr. Even at 4,500rpm, the engine screams quietly and performs responsively as I push the accelerator. Hits 120km/hr easily and steadily. Soft dark grey interior with leather steering wheel and soft fabric bucket seats that hold you in place during drive. Awesome car.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good Food Is Contagious

I was at Bandar Menjalara (somewhere near Sri Damansara, which is near Damansara Perdana, which is near Ikea) to shoot some western food dishes and to make menu displays for a new cafe. Arrived there at around 11am, met the boss and got the display table set up and evertyhing ready. The first few dishes came out...all looking superbly yummy. Then as I was shooting, I realise I had an audience of a few restaurant customers and eventually a few food stall operators from the shop.

Before long, the pork meat noodles lady boss came up to me and asked if I could also shoot her dishes and I kindly said, "Sure, since I am already here". She asked me how much I charge and I said an gift token will do. While still shooting the western chicken chop and stuffs, here bowls of pork noodles came onto my table set for the shoot. And guess what...within minutes, the seafood noodles boss walked up to me and asked the same question, "Can you shoot for me also ah?" As kind hearted as I am, I replied, "Sure, since I am already here". And before long, his huge bowls of seafood noodles arrived. And then...the wantan noodle boss came up to me. Yes, he asked the same thing and I gave the same reply.

My mission was only to shoot ONE western food stall's dishes. But ended up shooting for 3 more stalls. I wonder how much a gift token I'd get when I deliver the enlargement pics to them. hmmm...

Anyway, here are some pics from the shoot.

Chicken Chop Spaghetti
Lamb Chop Spaghetti

Chicken Maryland Spaghetti

Fish Fillet Spaghetti

Breakfast Beacon Set

Erm...uninvited guests helping themselves!

All food used for the shoot were never re-served to customers.

The lady boss at the kitchen working on her spaghetti

A clearer view of the kitchen

The hot-plate stove for pan fry stuffs

Aha...the Seafood Noodles

The Wanton Mee with "Chicken Legs"

Erm...hehe...I whacked up a huge plate of Chicken Chop Spaghetti

The usual crowd at the coffee shop on a typical lunch hour

Restaurant Jalan Tanjung Dua (KL)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Counting Lizards Alone

I was at Genting over the weekend covering an event and came back yesterday evening and met up with a new Korean friend before he leaves back home. Awesome trip this time. The shoot was easy (small ballroom, not too many tables and activities, and very easy clients), the weather was super cold (I love "cold"), my new Genting boss was easy and many "other great stuffs".

But when I got home, things changed drastically and suddenly...its like...I didn't know what was happening anymore. Like there was a time gate between Genting and KL! Until now as I write, I still don't know what is happening. So many things collapsing together...again! I was very tired, confused and really didn't know what to do next. Fell asleep on the couch after "counting lizards on my ceiling" (someone taught me this method when I had nose bleed).

I know I brushed my teeth this morning when I woke up but my mouth still didn't "smell good". Maybe because I have not opened it much today. If I spoke a thousand words on an average day, then its like 10 words today! All I did was sit waiting infront of my laptop for my MSN to pop and my phone to ring. Nothing happened. But I got lots of MSN messages from my "TVXQ fans" who asked if I was ok and they showed concern. I guess my MSN name shouted my mood loud enough. But then again...maybe not that loud enough to reach the "necessary people".

Can't seem to continue anymore here. I have no feel now, body is numb, ears are blocked, shoulders are stiff, brain is dead and mood is all the way down. My lady boss called this afternoon and ask me to go pick up my long awaited payment check of RM5,000...I only replied, "OK, thanks" and expressed no excitement at all.

The only thing I can do now is...WAIT.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

PinkPau Su Ann's Birthday

It has been a long time since I last met Su Ann. Obviously she is now a "full grown" young lady. On October 6, she turned 19 (only?) and she threw a simple birthday party bash at Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar. Attended by mosty her Sri Garden mates, her curent college mates, bloggers, photographers and some other friends.

Dress code : Pink. I did not bring my camera for any pics, so I had to get the pics from others now. The pics below are shot with Nikon D40x (courtesy of PinkPau) and also Canon IXUS70 (courtesy of Kim Ong).

The birthday girl, PinkPau Lim Su Ann

The "younger" generation.

Kim Ong, Babyboss and Ms Seow

Photographer Kelvin Tan with Babyboss and Ms Seow

Fellow photographer Shaolin Tiger (the hairy chest guy)

Another fellow photographer, Asyraf Lee.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Right Right

Doing the right thing to the right person at the right time with the right reason using the right method and causing the right no easy task. But what is right can never be right until it is never proven wrong.

Sometimes the best right thing to do, is to just follow your heart. Sometimes the ultimate right thing to do is buried deep within the right things we do today. But the right things we do today can never be right until they are never proven wrong.

Therefore, truly...only TIME can tell.

As such, I choose to enjoy my today while I still have my today. Tomorrow is a whole new story altogether. For that matter, I may not even have my tomorrow. So, I will not worry about my tomorrow as tomorrow has enough worries of itself.

Keep smiling always.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Abused Photographer

Being a photographer is no small joke. One got to be ready for all sorts of physical abuses. I was at KLIA yesterday covering the arrival TVXQ to KL for a press conference. I got the job done as you can see the pics in the blog post below.

My poor hand after some "physical abuse".

Can you see all the red marks?

TVXQ Press Conference @ October 17, 2007

TVXQ came to Malaysia last year for their maiden concert here and they made a huge explosion and suddenly, everyone seem to know them overnite. Me included. And this year, they are coming back again for yet another mega concert at the Merdeka Stadium on Nov 24, 2007. Fans are expecting another big blast. Stage design is already out and indeed...its super HUGE!!! Estimating a need for at least 4 photographers to cover all angles!

Anyway, TVXQ touched down at KLIA this afternoon to host a press conference promoting their coming November concert. As expected, our local airport was stormed by hardcore fans, some of which came as early as yesterday...YES, you heard me right...the day before today! The crowd cheered their lungs out when the 5 boys gracefully walked out of the arrival hall waving to their few hundred strong fans. Bodyguards and security personnels sprung into action forming two human barricades to make way for the entourage to get into their waiting Toyota Alphard...and yes, that's my dream car! Arrived at the hotel with the help of two police out-riders making way from KLIA to Sunway Resort Hotel. Fans also flooded Level 10 of the hotel with posters, banners, flash cards, CDs, etc.

But two very nice things happened today. I din know I had quite a "fan base" too. I realised this when I reached KLIA and was instantly greeted with shouts sounding like, "Hey look, Michael Sin is here...aaaaaa...aaaaa..aaaaa..." No kidding. And when one group starts to shout, EVERYONE else joins in! I got one big cheering welcome from the fans. Haha...not bad for a photograher! Secondly, the official dinner tour to a nearby Korean restaurant was cancelled due to limited time. And that gave me the opportunity to swing over to Sunway Pyramid and paid my visit to "Dell Roadshow". "Dinner at 10" was awesome!

Here are some pics (for more pics, please visit official website at :

Fans with flash cards at KLIA

This group was at KLIA a day before!

TVXQ being ushered to their Alphards

As you can see, it wasn't an easy ushering job!

MC Serena C and her Korean translator (forgot her name)

TVXQ at the Press Conference at Sunway Resort Hotel





U-Know for the album

Babyboss...grabbing a quick rather "tasteless" bite. Lousy food from Sunway Resort Hotel.

Babybosss with Serena C

Babyboss with TVXQ! LOL

Babyboss photographer, Brian Lee at the Press Conference

TVXQ at TV interview

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TVXQ In KL @ 2006

I know TVXQ is popular but didn't know my phone number was also as popular! Tonite itself, I received over 10 sms messages asking about tomorrow's TVXQ appearance at a press conference for their coming NOv 24 concert. Most of the inquiries, all die-hard female fans, are from people I know from last year's TVXQ concert. But at least one third are from numbers I never knew.

The I got home after my church event, got onto my MSN...and guess what? MSN messages came flooding in...same inquiries again! What time is their flight arrival? What time is the press conference? Which hotel? Where s the dinner restaurant? Can fans go in to the press conference? Etc, etc.

I will update u guys with tomorrow's pics and happenings here in this blog. You guys stay tuned here.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Brian Lee @ Babyboss Pictures

Taking this opportunity to welcome our newest addition to Babyboss Pictures...Photographer Brian Lee. Brian is an undergraduate engineer at MMU and has covered several local showbiz events.

For more info, please visit our official Babyboss Pictures website at

Erm...quite handsome hor?

Anyway, all photographers in Babyboss Pictures are gorgeous looking!

Punctured & Disabled

Close your eyes and "feel" with me...a huge explosion without sound. Bright lights that does not dim your eyelids. Can you feel yourself "floating" and not touching base anywhere? A sense of... emptiness.
A knife sliding across my throat with no sense of pain,
A sword piercing through my heart with no strength to retain.

The last 36 hours of my life...

1 x project cancellation (pinched)
3 x accusations
2 x misunderstanding & miscommunication
1 x broken promise

And suddenly, everything comes to an instant halt and silence creeps in uninvitedly.

Silence In F Minor - by Michael Sin

I have never felt so defeated before and today was one of those few days in my life where I felt I lost a battle. I didn't loose money or property or anything like that. I lost "keeping a promise"... a very important promise.

So many changes of plans and schedules today. Everything was just havoc and a mess. Things I wanted to do, I can't. Projects I wanted to accomplish, I didn't. People I didn't prefer to see, I saw. Bills I didn't intend to take, I took. Tantrums I don't enjoy facing, I faced. Stories I promised to tell, I didn't.

Came home with a sense of "betrayal" though the day "played" me out and tossed me left to right and then back again. And I did not do the most important thing for the day..."tell my stories". Will there be another opportunity?

There was a lot of "emptiness" today. No pictures (though a lot were taken) are suitable for display. And if I convert these to music, I'd write a piano concerto and title it "Silence In F Minor". If you are a musician, you would understand why.

The last thing I want to do, is to disappoint you. I am sorry :-(

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mega Concerts In Nov-Dec 2007

CMG Absolute Entertainment is organising two mega concerts in the months of Nov and December. Tickets sales were officially launched last weekend at Sg Wang Plaza and good seats were instantly grabbed by long awaiting die-hard fans of TVXQ and S.H.E.

TVXQ 2nd Asia Tour Concert Live in Malaysia
November 24, 2007 @ Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

S.H.E Live in Kuala Lumpur
December 1, 2007 @ Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

The real action at Sg Wang when the tickets were launch into sale. Pics by Babyboss photographer, Brian Lee.

The ticket sales counter

The super long queue

With the most expensive ticket being RM500, many thousands of bucks transfered hands that day

The online ticket booking system

Happy TVXQ fans with their expensive tickets