The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My iPhone

Erm...July 28 is coming really soon.

Can I have this really cool Apple iPhone for my birthday, please?

Anyone kind enough?

Pleeeeease lar...


Anonymous said...

I like your Foot print post. I hope you understood it too. Do you know who is the person carrying it? If you do, there is a way for you be happier

Babyboss Pictures said...

Dear "anonymous",

Thanks for your comment.

If you are referring to the Bible, then yes, I do know know was, is and will carry me.

But in this "Footprints" blog post of mine, I also know who is carrying who. My only hope now is that the person being carried knows that she is being carried and that she was never abandoned nor ditched.

lainegal said...

hey, if you're interested to buy the iPhone, i have a brand new one (still in the box with the plastic wrap) to sell at RM 2000 (price negotiable).

u have my num rite? sms me if you're interested k?