The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Saturday, February 28, 2009

TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour "Mirotic"

I just received an UNCONFIRM bad news today. I was having lunch with my boss this afternoon (the CMG boss lar) and I asked if CMG is bringing in TVXQ's 3rd Asia tour to Malaysia or not. He indicated a "no". He said that the operating cost to host their concert is extremely high given their elaborate stage setup, huge sounds and very high-tech visual stuffs. In this current economic situation, the greatest fear of such huge operation is tickets sales.
As such, I am not sure if anyone else is planning to bring in TVXQ this year. A concert of such huge magnitude is not everybody's everyday game and definitely not easy to manage. So, those small-time concert organisers would be out of the league and its now left to just that one or two big boys' decision to take up the deal. I am not sure if Galaxy is considering. All TVXQ fan clubs and forums committee members, if you succeed in getting whoever to organise this concert, make sure you insist on Babyboss Pictures for the event's official photographer!
Their Seoul concert was just last weekend from February 20th to February 22nd at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. I heard that tickets were quickly snapped up within 5 minutes of sale! Alongside with this highly anticipated concert, Xiah Junsu is expected to put on a special solo performance of a dance song he composed himself called XIAHTIC (and making every girl faint)!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Garbage Truck

One day, I hopped into a taxi and took off for the airport . We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed the brakes, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. I mean, he was really friendly. So I asked, "Why did you do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!" This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, 'The Garbage Truck'.
He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they'll dump it on you. NEVER take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well and move on with the routine life. Don't take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home or on the streets.
The bottom line is that successful people do not let "garbage trucks" take over their day. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you well and right. Pray for the ones who don't.
A very rightly said quote, "Life is 10% of what you make and 90% of how you take". I hope none of us here carries a "garbage truck" syndrome in our lives. If you have to carry, try a BMW or a Porsche or maybe even a Ferrari...its a much smoother ride!

Monday, February 23, 2009

TVXQ 2007 - Behind The Scenes

OK, here is the last compilation of pictures for the TVXQ 2007 tour in Malaysia. These pictures were taken days before the concert showtime, i.e., the stage setup time, the crew at work and the last few pics of the concert.

Though I was there with them at "Dao Rae" (the korean restaurant but not sure of the spelling) after the concert for the celebration party, no photography was allowed there. So, I just ate and ate, with my camera nicely tucked in my bag!
The stage at 40% complete.

The stage at 80% complete.

The "car" still not fully assembled yet.

Full view of the mega stage structure.

The main control area for sound, lights, video playback and recording.

The Korean sound engineer at the Midas Heritage 3000 mixing console.

Other sound peripherals like EQs, compressors, signal processors, etc.

Oh, a nice sweet looking babe at the concert.

The main control area in action just before showtime. All hands on standby!

The main sound control.

Lighting console and engineers.

Overview of the full stage during showtime. Massive crowd!

The "car"!!!

Two Toyota Alphards ready to send the boys to "Dao Rae" restaurant. Do you see who's in white?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attacked In Broad Daylight

Today marks the first time I am physically attacked in broad daylight by snatch thieves. I was having lunch at Old Town Kopitiam, the Cheras outlet opposite Taman Midah. I frequent that place almost like once a week and never expected an incident to happen there. Here is the story...
After lunch, I walked back towards my car, parked about 200m away from the Old Town Kopitiam. Everything seemed normal, the heat, the people, the traffic and the cars, etc. But as I was approaching my car (about 20 feet away), I saw a motobike approaching from the other direction opposite me but didn't suspect anything. When I reached my car, I also saw the bike making a u-turn just behind me but still, I suspected nothing. As I turn back to open my car door and getting ready to enter my car, a hand came from my behind and gave me a 3-fingered scratch on my neck. I was slightly pushed forward and saw the same bike (with a pillion rider) speeding away from me.
Nothing was taken away from me and at that point in time, I still did not realise that a snatch attempt was attempted. I went back into my car, closed the door, started the engine and saw the same bike driving off with both the riders showing me their third fingers!
After a minute or so, I manage to restore my senses after the fast shock, and finally now, come to realise that I have just been attacked by a snatch thief. They were trying to snatch my necklace (I wear a gold necklace with a cross). They failed to get a grip on the necklace and instead scratched my neck.
What surprises me was how they managed to see my very thin necklace from afar which was partially covered by my t-shirt, especially when they were riding on a bike! I must give them fullmarks for accurately spotting my necklace but a "fail" for failing to succeed in their attempt.
Without doubt, I know God protected me. He always does, whether you know it or not.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

TVXQ 2007 Concert "O" - Rehearsal

Alright, the pics we have all been waiting for...for over a year liao! Yes, I know they are all way overdue. But due to unavoidable circumtances, I had to delay the release of these pics. I hope the situation is now "safer" for me to show them. Nevertheless, I am still at huge risk here! Putting my head on the chopping board. Haha... Hope you guys love them.

Spread the word, let your other TVXQ fans and friends know, cause I don't know how long the pics can stay here. Cause I don't think I am allowed to show these pics. Anyway, do drop tones of comments at the comment box and make the photographer a happier fella! Your positive remarks, feedbacks and support here will also help me promote more pics when or if I am questioned by the Korean artiste management company (no need to mention names here, I am sure you guys know who I am taking about). Thanks!

[NO UNAUTHORISE USE OF THE IMAGES ARE ALLOWED] This blog alone is bad enough. Haha... :)

Here we go...fasten your seatbelts!

TVXQ 2007 Concert "O" - KLIA Arrival

OK, here they come. TVXQ arriving at KLIA for the 2007 TVXQ Concert "O" show. Hundreds of fans (maybe even exceeding a thoussand) mainly females (if not all) stormed the VIP Arrival Hall of KLIA patiently awaiting for the boys to come out. But all hell broke loose the moment they (the boys) stepped out, starting their 2-mins walk journey towards their waiting Toyota Alphards. They were then promptly transfered to the concert venue, Stadium Merdeka for their rehearsals. Police outriders were deployed for the KLIA-Stadium Merdeka journey.

Here are some pics.