The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Monday, November 26, 2007

TVXQ 2007 Concert "O" - Babyboss Team

Ah...finally, a good day's rest after a hectic few days of covering the TVXQ 2007 Asia Tour Concert "O" here at the Stadium Merdeka. Post production work start "after today"!!! Stay tuned here on this blog for latest info and updates on concert pics and stuffs.

Special thanks to Babyboss Junior Photographer, Brian "Carpet Hair" Lee. Also thanks to fellow photographers, Yap and Mang, from PhotoLink Enterprise. Meanwhile, just got some pics of our own Babyboss Pictures photo crew during the rehearsals and concert showtime.

Babyboss Junior Photographer, Brian "Carpet Hair" Lee

One of the BEST shots in my photography career. Powerful. Here is Xiah on a "rain effect".

The overall stage lighting effects.
More concerts pics to come...stay tuned!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

TVXQ Stage Setup - Final Touches

Ok, here are some pics from today's shootings. Most of the props and stuffs are all up. Just to take note, there will be this SUPERB undersea affect with the TVXQ boys "swimming" on air! They are being "hung down" from 50 feet high to simulate an undersea swimming effect with a super Barco projector shooting on a huge white piece of cloth. Great effect!

Also to watch out for those hydraullic mechanism...the boys appearing in and out from under the stage. Coll stuffs. I guess I'll see you guys on Sat. Here are some latest pics...

The mega stage props
The stage showing more props

The Zone B and Zone C seating areas

Sound engineer busy at work
The rotating bridge...something to watch out for!
The undersea swimming effect...the boys to be flown from 50 feet down

The white screen for the image projection of the undersea
The stage lightings...preliminary programming now

Thursday, November 22, 2007

TVXQ Stage Construction

Here we go! The TVXQ concert stage construction started last Friday. Cut all the long stories, here are some pics of the stage still under construction. Maybe after reading this post, you can understand the painstaking efforts the technical team took to give you fans a good show. The stage is super huge and there are just so much to coordinate. These are jobs only for the pros!

The stage with the roof still lowered

Construction works in progress on the stage

Korean lighting engineer programming the moving heads on the lighting console

The understage passages

Hydraullic lifts from under each for the boys!

Lighting technical engineers at work on stage (referring to design drawing)

Truss and props...still under construction

The centre rotatable super hydraullic lift...a special effect to look forward to!

Some of the props...still not installed yet

Trussing engineers at work...negotiating on a modification

Fuse and power supply for stage lightings

Power amplifiers for sound speakers

Engineers checking the overall stage

An overall view of the entire site at Stadium Merdeka

Late evening view of the main stage area

All the access crew tags...anybody wants one?

Monday, November 19, 2007

TVXQ This Weekend

OK guys, here it is...the much awaited return of Korean pop group sensation...TVXQ or better know as Dong Bang Shin Qi. The mega stage structure began work last Friday and as of today (based on my latest report), some 70% of the stage is ready! Korean technical guys are flying in sometime tomorrow to inspect and will be working closely with our own local technical guys.

I will be at the stadium tomorrow (Tuesday) to bring back some pictures of the mega stage structure and will definitely post them here to "hype up" the excitement. Many of your fans out there have been asking me on their flight arrivial. Honestly, I don't know that yet. But you can quite safely be on "standy by" for...hmmm...Friday evening? Don't say you got that info from me!!!

OK, so everything all set? Got your tickets? Check out this blog for more daily updates! Remember, stage construction pics on this blog tomorrow late nite.

The official poster

The stage and seatings layout

Some of you guys during the ticket sales launch at Sg Wang Plaza

The boys at the recent press conference.
See you guys this Saturday at Stadium Merdeka!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Swallow It...You'll Be Fine!

To use the word "betrayed" would be a huge leap but somehow, this feeling tend to surface surprisingly every now and then. But maybe a feeling of "not appreciated" is more appropriate. At least I know what I did was not appreciated and sometimes even gone to waste and my effort...fruitless and in vain. Maybe its the season of the year...October to December...being year end, with loads of events and concerts and stuffs...I get so occupied and pressured by work and datelines. Maybe my tolerance level and the ability to "swallow"...diminished. Thus, my feelings of insecurity.
And after a while, you realised that you have been walking alone all these while. The people that were supposed to be with you, are not with you. The people who pledged their commitment to you, have backslide. Those you expect to appear, did not appear. And those you expect to pamper you with some love, failed to deliver.
I was at an event tonite, a bi-annual musical concert by my ex-company, Yamaha Music, at the Civic Hall, PJ. It has been years since I attended one of these musicals by the company and I thought it may be a good idea to revisit the gathering again. But I was wrong. It was dead boring! Maybe I have grown out of the typical Yamaha Music systems and have a new taste to music now...I don't know.
Later in the evening, i got another surprise text message that threw me off my seat. Sigh, its not something I'd like to share over this blog. I will just swallow it and I am not suppose to over react on such matters.
Michael...just swallow it!!! :-(

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trust & Respect

If you are the boss of your own company and you have this long serving dedicated staff who one day comes up to you and say that he has no more trust in you and that he no longer have any respect for you.

Would you still keep him in your team? Or would you quietly give him a second chance? Or would you demand for an apology otherwise sack him?

What would you do?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Painful Heart

Have not been posting anything up lately, somehow don't seem to get the oomph to write anything. I recently shot Malaysian sensation Mawi's concert and also some very beautiful interiors of Setia EcoPark's new houses...I have a lot of pics to show. Just no mood. Maybe I didn't have the time.

The feeling of "being lost" is here again. Not knowing what to do is a very bad thing to do. Not knowing what to say is also a bad thing to say. There are things in life I prefer not to know maybe simply because knowing it only brings pain.

Having HOPE in FAITH is totally not the same as having FAITH in HOPE. The latter is very strong and powerful. So, does your faith depends on your faith? Somethings I do, I feel the peace and its a joyride of enjoyable moments. But sometimes, when that gets stirred and shaken, everything gets cloudy and polluted. Can't seem to see things clearly.

I don't have all the answers. Only time will tell. What happens tomorrow, I will never know. But I know I can choose to make my today a good one. I will try to.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Lonely Journey

Sometimes life can be so fulfilling, so blessed and so occupied with exciting things to do everyday. But there are also times in my life where suddenly, everything seem to have just vanished into a deep silence, a momentary pause in time...and you just walk alone in this quiet world of everything but nothing.

During such moments are times where I'd just sit back and stare at walls and letting imagination drift from one chapter to another. Such are times when one gets misunderstood and blamed for something one tried to give. Such are also times where I feel so lonely in this world as though I am the only one interested in getting something done. These are also the times where no one seem to bother or to give another look at what you are going through.

There are moments in my life where life itself seem so empty and meaningless...Ecclesiastes.

What do you see?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Babyboss, the Chef?

As though photography isn't keeping me busy enough, I had to try my hands on culinary...western cuisine, to be precise! Manna Cafe was soft launched on October 16, 2007 with an attendance of about 50 guests. Our signature dish, obviously also my favourite dish...The Chicken Chop Spaghetti. Also available are other signature dishes like Lamb Chop Spaghetti, Chicken Maryland Spaghetti, our irrisistable beacons-for-breakfast set and many more!

Drop by one day, give me a call. Manna Cafe @ Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Babyboss...the chef?

OMG...chong mal??? LOL