The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Food Galore

I realised I have been feeding quite frequently on instant noodles this last 10 days or so. Yes, I know some of you will "make noise" but luckily NZ girl has no internet connection this few days (she is up North at Bay Of Islands, some island resort in NZ). So, better get this post done with before she gets back online! keke...

Anyway, I was free enough to take some pics of my various instant noodles and biscuits that have been keeping me alive. Not forgetting Milo too! Of course, occassionally when I am in the mood for it, I do go for some proper meals and sumptious dinner.

"Product shot" of all the stuffs I have been eating this last 10 over days! I got Indomie "Mi Goreng", Ibumie "Har Mee", Zow-Zow "Duck Noodles", Maggi Mee range from Chicken to Curry to Mee Goreng. I also got Honey Stars, Coco Crunch (Milo), Tiger biscuits, "hiong beng" and "tausar piah" from Penang.

They are all mine. Someone asked me why I "torture" myself like this? I explained that I was in no mood to drive out and look for "proper food". Also, I wanted to cut a few more kgs by the middle of this month (trying to fit into more XL size shirts, no more XXL). And also, to cut cost of eating outside.

Sssshhh...don't tell anyone I am having Maggi Mee AGAIN!!! keke...

By the way, this black XL size! I bought the shirt, wore it once, washed it and it shrunk. I could not wear it anymore, too tight. But now...its perfect!!!

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