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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Money Power

“Money Power” is a big word that not everyone has the privilege of talking about. In fact, money is a form of power. It becomes very productive when you know how to manage it but destructive if you don’t understand how money works. And the principals of how money work were never taught in schools. Yet, money, in many ways play a major role in our everyday lifestyles.

Recently, I have been moody and many of you guys have shown concern and all that I deeply appreciate. Besides some very personal issues, I was thinking deep and low on how to “make money work for me” instead of “working for money”.

I have this best-seller book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, a book which I bought back in 1998 when the recession hit at its peak. I was wondering to how to “make money” and be rich. After reading that book for the first time, I captured about 30% of what Mr Kiyosaki was trying to say but never sprang me into any action. A few years back, I took the book out again and gave it a second read-through, I understood more but still, never knew how to start something. Just a few days ago, I took out this same book again and tah-dah...everything was magic to my eyes. Suddenly everything seem to make so much sense. I guess, I finally understood what Mr Kiyosaki is saying all these while.

I guess, one needs to have some “financial maturity” to understand what he is saying. Not that we are all dumb or know nothing about money...its just that we didn’t know the “needed to know” facts about money and its mechanics! Its interesting to know how “money can work for you” rather than joining the norm and actually “working for money”. When you work for money, you become the slave to money. But when money works for you, then you are in control.

The average person would likely say, “go study hard, get good grades, grab a degree and find a good paying job and settle down”. And that, would put you into a “rat race”. I mean, the rich did not become rich because they had a distinction in college but because they understood how to make money work for them.

I am determined to make my money work for me.
Recommended readings :
"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" - Robert Kiyosaki
"The Cashflow Quadrant" - Robert Kiyosaki
"Guide To Becoming Rich" - Robert Kiyosaki
"As A Man Thinketh" - James Allen
"Over The Top" - Zig Ziglar
"The Warren Buffet Way" - Robert Hagstorm
"Unlimited Power" - Anthony Robbins


Jiok said...

hmmmm uv'e highlighted something there. nice nice. mebbe i shud learn those money stuff too.

really...i did thought this thru...i grad then work...then what? degree grads are all over now and even if i get to join the rat race, how am i going to compete with the others.

How to stand up and "make it"! Well, your post really point me at one direction. haha.


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Jiok said...

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