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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pulau Perhentian - Random Pics

Well, well...finally back to reality! Back home last Saturday morning. Checked out Perhentian Island Resort at 12pm, took the 45 minutes boat ride to Kuala Besut jetty at around 1pm. Reached jetty around 1pm. We were told that the van transfer to Kota Bharu is at 2pm but we only departed around 2:30pm and only reached Kota Bharu at around 4:15pm and checked into Suria Hotel once again. Then we were taken to this market place for our much delayed lunch at almost 5pm! After that, rested in hotel till its time to board our KL-bound e-Budaya bus at 9:30pm. Reached Putra Bus Terminal at 3:45am and finally home by 4:15am.

Managed to grab about an hour-odd of sleep. Woke up around 6:30am...have to be in Rawang by 8am for a wedding shoot!!! The shoot ended at 2pm. Rushed home, dropped my cams, grabbed my drum sticks and Bible, dashed to church for 3pm worship practise and 4:30pm celebration service! Woot a day!

But yes, the Perhentian Island is a wonderful place to be for a relaxing few days! Highly recommended. A 3D2N snorkelling package is around RM550+ per pax inclusive of meals and boat transfers. For details, please visit

Here are random pics of the trip :

Preparing to snorkel!!!

Ready to dive in!

With Yee Chin (licin) from Life Publishers.

Babyboss after a good sea swim and snorkel.

Met BabyKJ at the Kuala Besut jetty. She participated at the Perhentian Island Challenge 2008. They gathered and registered here at Kuala Besut while I was waiting for my van transfer to Kota Bharu for my ride back to KL.

My favourite kopi ais is only RM1.20 here in Kota Bharu, Kelantan!!!

Giant prawns!!! I wanted to have this for my "5pm lunch" but was not sure who was paying. So, I went to chicken instead. Apparently, the prawn is RM15 each!

Is parking in Kelantan cheaper than KL? Dashing into a mamak shop to buy one roti canai may well cost 10 sen!

Mc Donald's here in Kelantan has "tulisan Jawi" wan!!! LOL

I didn't know "hello" is spelt with a single "L".
A cool "all black" Levi's boutique in Kota Bharu.

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