The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pulau Perhentian - Day 02

The agenda for Day 02 starts with, of course, breakfast at 7:30am, then followed by jungle tracking at 9am. I decided not to participate in the jungle tracking (never liked the idea of leeches creeping up my legs) and thus, only woke up for breakfast at 9am! Saw the group getting ready for their jungle tracking adventure. After breakfast, found a nice seat by the beach, took out my book (Destined To Reign by Joseph Prince) and had a good read for an hour plus.

But soon, I saw some of our people from the group started snorkelling and canoeing and to an extend, some even started a scuba dive preparation!!! Sigh, five of them went for a "discovery dive" at a nearby shallower dive spot. They can't go too far deep cause none of them carried a PADI license but at least they had a dive experience!!! And I missed it!!! Sigh...but at least I had a good and relaxing read by the beach! Yes, I am consoling myself.

Lunch came at 1pm. And 3:30pm, we went island hoping...again. This time to Pulau Perhentian's Pulau Kecil where the island's residents stay...perhaps also known as the "township" of Pulau Perhentian. The island's school is here, the police station is here, the medical centre is here, the post office is here too! Spent the whole afternoon-evening hoping from place to place. And finally get to witness beautiful sunset in Pulau Perhentian!

Here are some pictures...

The team gathering at the lobby, ready to "island hop"!

While waiting, some smart fella decided to grab some of the resort's guests and interviewed them! If you can't beat them, join them! Everyone else joinned in! LOL

Local news agency Bernama in action!

A group from Australia.

Couple from Italy.
OK, done with all the interviews. Off to island visiting! On our twin-engine speedboat. Very exciting ride!
Top & Bottom : Probably the largest "pondok polis" in Malaysia!
Pulau Perhentian's only school.
Can you see the Post Office on the first floor?
Village Cafe's "any style" dishes. Even have "Chines" style! LOL
The front segment of Pulau Kecil.
Babyboss with Aaron Wong, the guy from the PR agency in-charge of this trip.
Group Photo at Pulau Kecil.
A typical fisherman's boat.
The one and only ambulance here in Pulau Perhentian.
Apparently, piloting a private boat here does not require a license! Even small kids are allowed to drive one of these!
While waiting for the sunset, someone decided to climb up the light house and took this pic from above.
Last pic of the day, the sunset.

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