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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dao Lang - Live In Malaysia

Dao Lang...sounds more like "tau lan" and I really thought it was "tau lan" initially. Gosh, what kind of name is that!

But yeah, Dao Lang is a great singer from China. As "fat" as I am. Just did his concert shoot last nite at Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands. His genre of music is rather unique. He does not do pop nor rock nor funk nor anything you commonly hear in the radio. His music is very much "Mongolian tribal" know...those "alisan ni ku niang" type.

Upon hearing his first number, I was like "gosh", what kinda song is that! Then sat through his second number and by the third song, I was kinda getting into his tune and really starting to like his songs. He performed about 20 songs and I must say that he is his own way!

The musicians, on the other hand, were not exactly tight in their timing. As a trained musician myself, I can instantly spot a split second off timing and there were a few occasions where this happened. Otherwise, generally...a good show.

Here are some pics to share :

Top and bottom pics : The main entrance to The Arena Of Stars.

For those of you who have not been into the hall, this is Genting's Arena Of Stars.

The man himself...Dao Lang.

Top and bottom pic : Guests artistes, also from China.

Someone from the audience who bravely volunteered to come on stage and actually sang with Dao Lang. Obviously, she sang everything out of tune despite several attempts of Dao Lang trying to "save her pitch". She also danced uninvitedly. LOL

The celebration party after the concert.

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