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The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pulau Perhentian - Day 03

I just realised, after reading up the resorts corporate profile, that Pulau Perhentian is in Terengganu while our bus from KL stopped at Kota Bharu which is in Kelantan. Which means we travelled from KL to Kelantan and finally to Terengganu at one go! How interesting! And the resort has very comfortable and fully air-conditioned rooms, choices from beach front semi-suites to deluxe rooms (these are the ones I am staying in) and hill view and pool view superior rooms.

OK, let the pictures do the talking. Here they are :

This is where I have my breakfast every morning, enjoying the morning breeze as they sweep through my body. The sound of the soft waves politely rushing onto the shores…very nice and relaxing feeling.

Top & Bottom : My room (chalet style), number 221. Very spaciously comfortable with two single beds. My roommate did not turn up, he ditched us at very last minute. If I knew earlier, I could have brought another person with me and have a free holiday!

Its Thursday and its 9am, means its snorkelling time!!! As you can see, I am thrilled, with my mask and snorkel, all set and ready to dive in!

The briefing before we adjourned.

Part of the group already in water! We saw baby and mommy shark!!! And lots of Nemos too!

Well, that’s it for me. Back onto my boat. My back and arms all BBQ-ed! Having a bad sun-burn now!

Back at the resort’s “Sea Sport Centre”, everyone taking a breather after an exciting snorkelling trip!

Top & Bottom : The Sea Sport Centre

After lunch, we went for a boat-joyride in Pulau Perhentian’s biggest and probably most expensive sea cruiser…”The Voyager”, costing a whopping RM1.6million. The boat seats 45 persons. See the super crystal clear sea water. The boat looks like as though its floating on air!

The ship's cockpit.

The passengers' area.

Some adventurous blokes on the ship’s deck.

Barbeque dinner!!! Yipeee… Ate so much, I think I put on some extra pounds this last few days!

And the entertainment for the evening…Dikir Barat, a traditional and cultural “choir” presentation. Not bad, pretty interesting.

Tomorrow is going home day! Checking out at around 12pm+. Then take 45-mins speedboat ride to Kuala Besut jetty. Then take van transfer to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Should arrive around 3:30pm. Then we are to check into the "Suria Hotel" again awaiting for bus ride back homt to KL at 9:30pm!!! What a long wait! We should arrive in KL around 4:30pm. Then guess what? I have a shoot in Rawang at 9am, means leaving home at 7am!!! Whoaaaaa!!!!

Anyway, see you guys back in KL. Good bye from Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu!

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Orchid said...

What a long journey! But the crystal clear sea water looks worth it.