The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On-Camera Deletion

Last week I was commissioned to shoot a golf tournament at Saujana Golf & Country Club. No sweat as I have done quite a few golf events before. Was there at 7am, got briefed. Relaxed.

But the trickiest part about shooting outdoor events is checking your pics "on-camera". Under bright daylight, everything looks under-exposed. So, mistake #1 was exposure. Despite my "golf shooting experience", I literally over-exposed most of the shots! I got their faces well lit but their white attires...all bleached!!! Sigh.

Mistake #2...deleting pictures on-camera WHILE SHOOTING. In golf, you always shoot a group picture of every flight and then every tee-off picture of every individual of each flight. I got every shot. But guess what? I accidentally deleted one of the most important picture of the event...the CEO's flight's group picture!!!

So, in the end, 12 flights but only 11 group pictures!!! Kanasai!!! I kena potong RM100 from my fees!!! WTF!!!

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