The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Monday, October 27, 2008

Famous...really famous!

After the Vogue issue published, I became even more famous! I was at the centre of medias' attention! Everyone starts to write, publish and talk about me! I know, reading from the shoutout box, that some of you are envious of my new found fame, but what to do...famous liao! Might as well enjoy it lor!

Even Paris Hilton launches a CD on me.

Not being left behind, Victoria Beckham has a book on me too!

Blondie here has my poster!

And babes all over the world just can't resist me!

The newspaper has a story on me!

I am even on billboards!

Huge posters on buildings in Japan.

I am even on TV!!! Haha...

I believe, by now, most of you if no all, would have come to realise that this is all a joke! Welcome to the world of computers and the power of digital imaging. Sigh, apa lar some of you guys...not sporting also! So early go and bocor my secret!
But the best was still Ervinna aka "erv" (one of our regular reader, I hope she will continue to read after this incident) who actually went to the bookstores in search for the latest issue of Vogue magazine! After a few attempts, she couldn't find "the issue" and so, the texted me and actually asked me which issue! Nevertheless, Ervinna...THANK YOU. I am touched by your sincerity and faithfulness.
By the way, Vogue magazine, like other magazines such as Cosmopolitan and etc, does not feature a male face on their front covers! Mags like Malaysian Tatler does! Anyway, thanks to PhotoFunia for the software feature!!!

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