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The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia Lied To Me!!!

the dreadful day arrived where i have to dreadfully go to The Putra Place (The Mall, next to The Legend Hotel) to get my "Babyboss Pictures" company registered at this dreadful Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (Companies Commission Of Malaysia). the moment i arrived, i was, as expected, warmly greeted by these freelance company administators whos job is to help "lost victims" like me get their companies registered without any hassle. i stopped at this one fella and asked how much it would cost if he were to help me get my registration done. he answered, "RM250". I said ok but let me go renew the registration fee of my another "Paradigm Events" company first, then I'll come out and see him for the new registration.

while waiting at the queue for my registration renewal, my eyes wisely caught the attention of several notice boards displayed by the Suruhanjaya office saying that new company registration is super easy and can be done in a jiff and does not require any expert assistance and thus, can save money. i company annual registration fee is only rm60, which means i am paying something like rm190 to that "kind volunteer" for his help!

instantly, i decided to make that registration myself. and that's the beginning of trouble!

i inquired at the help desk and this "abang opiser" gave me a form and assured me that its really easy...senang aje...dalam 1 hour boleh siap! i affirmed with him that 1 hour is SATU JAM and he said "ya boleh". so, i happily and confidently walked into another much bigger hall, filled my 1st form and had it dropped into the tray...apparently, they have to do a "company search" to ensure my chosen company name is available and usable. that stupid search took exactly 1hr 5mins. and i am already late for my next appointment.

i asked the opiser what's next and he take this registration form, fill it up, take a number and when called, you may submit your registration...then wait a while (perhaps another hour) for the official registration certificate to be issued. i was mah gawd! the SATU JAM was only for the company search thingy. now with the borang, my registration begins!

the opiser told me that it would normally take like half a day to get everything done. like if you were to be at that dreadful place at 9am, you'd probably get your registration done around lunch time!!! what rubbish!!! thanks for that "ya boleh, satu jam" assurance!!!

i left after getting my search result and have to arrange for another dreadful day to pay another dreadful visit to this dreadful place to get this dreadful registration done! nevertheless, Babyboss Pictures will come into full operation within weeks and a new website for it too! watch out for new updates here.

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