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The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Japan GT Championship

time flies really more year passed...and its now time for another round of Japan GT Championship. the malaysian round to be held at our very own sepang international circuit (SIC) on june 22-24, 2007.

just like last december's taiwan's pop queen jolin tsai's live concert here at the kelana jaya stadium...60% of the photogs were there to check out her infamous "g-cup" tale (of course, they were also there on their media assignments lar). check out her concert pics at my website.

hong kong show @
malaysia show @

with this coming JPGT next month, would the focus of photographers be on the cars or the race or the japanese babes (aka umbrella girls, aka race queens). every year, photographers, both professionals and the hobby shooters, would flock the tracks hunting for either a great car to shoot, or a great babe to feast on. it is a lot of fun especially when the umbrella girls are more than willing to strike various cute poses for your hungry fingers.

in most cases, after every JPGT, the photo forums and many many websites will be flooded with pictures of japanese babes, each image being discussed from all angles. so, where are the cars pics? haha...dumped to the magazine editor!

no doubt, the JPGT is a very exciting sporting event in the malaysian diary. car enthusiasts can drool on all that skylines and supras and fairladies and gtos and many more. unlike the F1 races where the cars run around sounding like giant mosquitos, JPGT cars roar with a different tone. u get to hear loud explosions when a car backfires, the instant acceleration after a tight jamming of the brakes at one corner gives a thundering sound that can only be found in JPGTs.

i heard from the management of SIC, that they will only release 30 photo passes at a killing price of RM700 each! only 30 passes. of course, these 30 passes are for the non-official shooters who wants to have a hand in motor sports (and the babes, of course). the media people and other official team and sponsor shooters will have their own shooting passes.

and now i realise that the "high speed crop" feature on my D2X is super useful in event like this. selecting the HSC feature would give me a firing speed of 8 frames per second and also a magnification factor of 2x instead of the usual 1.5x! that's awesome. my 200mm is now 400mm!!! weeee......

exciting exciting. the only question now i shooting at this coming JPGT? will keep you guys updated. if i do get to shoot, then you'd better bookmark my website.


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