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Thursday, May 10, 2007

My First Blog

Someone once told me that should start a blog. And then another someone said the same again. And recently, a more prominent someone suggested that I should actually start a blog. So, here I very own blog...finally! But what am I gonna write about?

Someone said that I should write about photography. And another someone affirmed that idea. And recently, another more prominent someone suggested that I should write "photo journal". I said, "What photo journal?". I don't even know what a "photo journal" is. I don't know how a "photo journal" should be.

So, I invested some time looking through some of my youths' blogs and hopefully pick up some ideas from them. After spending an evening reading through a few blogs, I have decided to just "be myself". My beloved Su Ann once said in her blog "...if you don't like reading what I write, then don't read...". Of course, her actual words were a little..."spicier".

Anyway, here is my first article in my first blog. I will try to write more about photography and maybe about my life as a professional photographer. And maybe occassionally...a word or two on my church ministries...the children, the youth and music. But this blog will focus primarily on photography and my work as photographer ( least that's what I think I will do, at this time of writing).

So, here it website. Please visit and check out some of my work. Alamak...I am running out of stuffs to write liao! Go check out the website and I think you can throw me "comments" over here at this blog.

Oh yes...I know what to write now. This last 2 weeks, I have spent some RM18,000 on new camera gears!!! Whoaaa!!!! God blessed me with a big fat commission check that gave me permission to write to an 18 grand invoice! End of April, I bought this gorgeous Nikon AF-S 17-55 f2.8 lens...a true beauty to behold. Smooth operation and super fast auto focusing response. Simply gorgeous! And guys, if you have never tried this baby, you don't know what you are missing. The lens hood...ow mah gawd...a beauty. The lens with the hood fixed onto, mama-mia...just so sexy!

Ok, back to Nikon. The last week, I finally bought my much awaited, long prayed for, Nikon D2X professional camera body. Awesome piece of metal...dust proof, moisture proof and some even say...bullet proof (anyone care to hold the camera body while I point a .44 Magnum at it?) Anyway, the D2X...a powerful professional specs digital SLR performer. The AF speed is so much faster when I lock in my AF-D 80-200 f2.8 zoom lens. Having used this lens on my 5 year old Nikon D100 body, the 80-200 focused from end to end at lighting speed and almost "breaking the bones" of my aged lens (erm...that grandma is 10 years old liao...ok)! The D2X's CAM2000 motor is a real piece of machine (my old D100 body was using Nikon's CAM900).

So was great and exciting. The last weekend, having some time to my self at home, I repack my Lowepro Street & Field Reporter 400 camera bag to make space for my new lens and that huge D2X body. And guess what? Kenot muat lar!!! No matter how I twist and turn my stuffs, the bag just can't fit in all my gears now! Ow mah gawd! What to do leh?

So how? Have to buy new bag lor! Needed something that can hold all my gears and also my 15.4" laptop. Finally found the Lowepro Computrekker AW Plus that can hold up to a 17" laptop and definitely more than enough space for all my gears and even more. Its a backpack thingy. Can't use the typical "swing-over-your-right-shoulder" type of bags...cause the weight will definitely make me walk sideways! LOL Anyway, the Computrekker Plus...a great bag. Super heavy with all my stuffs thrown in! Like it or not...thata's another RM500 gone into the bag.

Ppl : Any regrets?
Mic : Nope.
Ppl : Excited and ready for my next shoot?
Mic : major shoots in the next few months.
Everybody : WOOOT?!!!
Mic : big shoots till September! May just start my major shoot on my new D2X covering Justin Timberlake's Malaysian concert.
Everybody : OW MAH GAWD!!!

And suddenly the worry of having to carry a backpack weighing some 10kgs over my shoulder just disappeared. Now I got a waiting of "bag volunteers" all volunteering to do my backpack. Man I tell you...I am touched and overwhelmed by all your kind willing to sacrifice for me. Guys, you are the best. Ma friends for life! Ow man, I tear as I write...thinking of what thoughtful friends I have. Hey...I've also got some boring seminars to shoot...wanna come carry ma 10kg backpack? Any takers? Well? Helloooo...? Nvm...

Wow wow, pat king pat kok I have written quite a lot. My fingers are still ok but my eyeballs are gonna drop off from their sockets if I don't take some rest now. I guess this is it for now. Please do what you'd normally do it blogs...comment or feedback or respond (I think). So, that I know someone is reading. LOL

Next article...erm...not sure when, not sure what. Stay tuned lor. But maybe will write something on local artistes and celebrities especially those that I know personally. Of course, when I do write about them (as in my fellowships with them during and off shows), I will have to ask them to also read my blog and hey, guess what...I can ask them to put in comments too! Not a bad idea.

Well, we'll see how. Till next time, take care and God bless.


Anonymous said...

interesting blog entry.. keke!!
keep up de gud work!! haa!!

wei loong -.-v

Anonymous said...

i dunno anything about photographer and things that are related to it la..but.but.ilike to read what u wrote.hehe.

so..continue writing la!

lotsa luv,

KJ said...

aha. i just realised this first blog entry is interesting :D