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The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Penang Trip 2006 - Shooting A Concert

people asked me why i always like to take pics with female celebs. i was like...huh? I also have a lot of pics with male celebs and my pic with Hong Kong superstar Eric Tsang is very much treasured. anyway, during one of last years concert shoot in penang, i decided that i will only have pics taken with male artistes.

with danny wan

with ah niu

with gary chow

celebration party with malaysian idol daniel lee and danny wan

the esplanade in penang...great seafront view...strong breeze

great for some fishing activities

after all the show and stuffs, my penang friends came over and picked me up from my hotel and we went eating and eating!

my escort for the evening...they came for the concert too

gurney drive...not exactly great food but the atmosphere was fun

especially when you have great companies

check out the penang char kuey teow

that's the char kuey teow stall behind us

fresh sugar cane drink

so, if you have not been to gurney drive and try the food there, its worth at least one go. frankly, the food is not exactly great but like i said...its the atmospehere and the nite sea breeze.

all guys' pics taken with Nikon D100 while all girls' pics taken with Nikon D70s.


Anonymous said...

Yo...u've got lots of great pics there...I enjoy looking at them...
They're coOl...GoOd stuffzzz...^@^

Babyboss Pictures said...

wei...leave comment mjust also leave me your name least i know who u r mar!