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The Official Car Sticker

Friday, May 18, 2007

I Can't Sleep!

its 4:35am now and i can't sleep! somehow my medication must have kept me awake? oh, i forgot to say...i was having high fever since Wednesday late afternoon. the agony of waiting and waiting at the SSM office must have triggered something in me. LOL

by thurday early morning (like 3am), my temperature measured at 38.8C and i was literally boiling inside. my face was like hot enough to make one mata kerbau! went to see my doctor at 10:30am yesterday and was measuring a whopping temperature of 39.5C or 105F! anything after 40C gotto get ready for hospital.

just took another dose of medicine just now at around 11:45pm and that kept me awake till like now. so, i guess i'll just have to make myself a hot bowl of maggie mee over a hot cup of milo and maybe catch a dvd movie or something.

well...good morning everyone!

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