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The Official Car Sticker

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend At Penang

Was spending my weekend at Butterworth, Penang covering two events, 988 GCMC Concert at Autocity and TVB8 Junior Idol Semi-Final at Sunway Carnival Mall. These are two very vast different environments with 988's concert under extreme hot sun in the afternoon and rain by nightfall as compared to TVB8's event in the comfort of an air-conditioned shopping mall. At Autocity I sweat under the scorching hot afternoon sun and got even more wet when it rained! But at Sunway Carnival Mall...I barely had a drop of sweat.

But a huge special thanks for Angie (aka Mrs Andy Lau) for providing me the accommodation for the last three days and nites. Originally, I was told that I am to share a room at G-Hotel with a Stephen on Sat nite and another room at Sunway Hotel for Sun nite. But later found out that my G-Hotel room already have THREE tenants liao and no room reservation was made for me at Sunway!!! Luckily "Angie Hotel" has an extra room available!

Also got to thank Angie for driving me around the last few days, picking me up from airport and instantly sending me over to Lorong Selamat for some irresistible Penang Char Kuew Teow. Famous Dim Sum breakfast at Anson Road was awesome too! Thanks for transporting me to and back the event venues. Also thanks for the Penang Ferry ride across to and back was an awesome experience! Thanks for the internet connection for me to get the pics out for media release after the 988 concert.

Three big words...THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! [But one very important thing we forgot to do...we didn't have any pics together!!!]


Me with Danny Wan. Picture taken by Angie.

With old friend Ivy Ng from G Hotel.

[Oh, this is Angie, my host for 3 days, in action!]


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비비안 said...

Brother... thanks for the lovely picture that you share...

The concert really a success!!!

Awesome!! Arggg I miss the both event... how i wish i was in Penang that time... :(

Hope to see you post up more picture on both event ^^

again... kamsa hamnida