The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Friday, July 25, 2008


So blardy irritated today.

After sharing at a school's Christian Fellowship today, I drove over to Kelana Jaya for a 3pm appointment. I arrived at 2:45pm. Had my lunch and waited. At 3:15pm I called up my prospect to see where he was. He was still in his office. To cut the long story short, he only arrived at around 5pm. OK, fine. Checked through the documents he was suppose to submit, only to realise that he brought the wrong set of accounts for submission. So, he had to rush back to Cheras, get the correct set of accounts and rush back to Kelana Jaya for the submission.

I left Kelana Jaya at 5:15pm, joining the evening jam back to CMG office. By the way, CMG is the company that I shoot for in those huge mega concerts. I was told I have a check for collection. I was happy for a while because they do owe me a lot of money (year-to-date around RM60,000 altogether). But when I actually got the check, it was only for a miserable amount of RM5,000. And then the account exec kinda argued with me on the total outstading (she says the company only owe me RM40,000 and not RM60,000). That almost blew my top! She suggested that I check my statements again and give her a new submission of my year-to-date accounts for her verification. And for your info, I have already given her 3 copies of my statements!!! Everytime accounts don't tally, she will ask me for statement as though I am so free to do accounting statements!!! WTF!!!!

OK, I feel slightly better now after writing this blog post.

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