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The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Studio Photography

You know, studio photography is easy when everything is fixed up for you when you arrive at the studio. But when you have to fix up everything yourself, the complications sink in. I just borrowed a pair of studio lights from my associate for a make-over shoot tomorrow at Sense Studio (its a hair salon, not a photo studio type of studio). But when I opened the huge bag of lighting equipment, I realised I don't know how to fix up the damn system!

I will be using a pair of softbox (a huge fabric lighting box on a light source). And both the softboxes have been dismantled. And I don't know how to fix them up! Tried here, tried there. Finally after an hour or so, I managed to understand the setup method. So, I tore down the whole setup and practised fixing them up again over and over again. My setting up time got shorter and shorter. And after 2 hours or so, I was an expert in setting up the softboxes. Now, the next challenege...getting the right output from both the lights. I will have to try that out tomorrow at the salon. Hopefully I "know" how to get the right output combination.

Shooting the model is the easy part. Getting the correct output setting might be a challenge. But fixing up the studio lightings would probably be the toughest part. But at least now, I learnt a lot more about studio photography.

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