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The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Birthday Is Coming

My birthday is just around the corner...3 more weeks to be precise. July 28 to be accurate. I suppose it will just be another year, another birthday...nothing to shout about. Gone are the days where parties and celebrations were hosted. Which also means that birthday presents may not come! Haha...
Maybe someone wants to take me out or something? Maybe someone wants to buy nasi kambing tambah telor at the mamak stall? Maybe someone will courier me a present? And speaking of presents, in case you really do plan to get me something, and in order not to waste your money, here is my wish list for your perusal.

A medium-sized camera bag from Crumpler [RM385].

Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens [RM385].

Watch from Timberland [RM850]. Seiko has a very nice model at [RM550].

The new Nikon Speedlight SB900 [RM1,650].

Apple iPhone [RM1,850].

Snare drum from Pearl "Omar Hakim Signature Series" [RM1,850].

Snare drum from Yamaha "Akira Jimbo Signature Series" [RM2,500].

Nikon AF70-210 VR f2.8 lens [RM5,800].

Rolex Submariner [RM8,850].

Also, I was too bored today, so I took a stroll (alone) at KLCC and bumped into Oakley's boutique. I found very nice Oakley casual wears. Very nice. Retailing at around RM200 a piece. "XL" is my size! For better fitting, bring me along when you shop!


Orchid said...

* lol * First time i saw an entry like this. Very ingenious.

Since i like to shop, i enjoyed reading your list. The items get more and more expensive as we go down the list...nothing you want cheaper than RM385 ah ;-)

Why do you need snare drums anyway? You don't have a drum set at home do you? I know drummers have their own snares and attach them to drum sets when they that why you want one?

Okay i hope you get many gifts this birthday...

Babyboss Pictures said...

Orchid : Yes, shirts from Oakley are below RM385. I saw some very nice casual wears at around RM180-RM220. I didn't buy any cause I could not decide which one to take...they are all nice!!!

Snare drums...yes, I will attach the snare to whichever drums set I play on. By the way, I don't have a drums set at home for three reasons. #1 I live in a small condo and I fear complaints from my neighbours. #2 I got no space for a drums set but even if I do have the space, I'd get an Ogawa massage chair! #3 A good drums set is expensive (around RM7,000).

With all that said, I will still appreciate ANYTHING you get for me, even if its below the RM180 Oakley mark.

Thanks in advance. Haha...