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The Official Car Sticker

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Countdown At Sg Wang...A Blast!!!

I wrote a whole lot of stuffs and pics here over thew last 2hrs. But ONE wrong click cause the entire post to VANISH. All I have left now is the stupid title!!! Its 5am now...I am too tired to rewrite everything again. I try tomorrow.

Good nite for now. Arghhhhh........

This pic is important. During rehearsal, I managed to do some catching up with Soler. And we spoke about our recent show in Penang. They still remember my "pint-sized assistant" and obviously referring to BabyKJ. They asked why isn't she with me working here at this countdown event and I said she is now having her holidays in Korea. Here is Julio (Park Royal Hotel, KL) on the line with BabyKJ (Seoul, Korea). LOL.


Anonymous said...

waaaaah, kj...soler taking to you on da phone! omg!!!!!! so envy ler!!!!!

KJ said...

hahaha..yes. 2am in malaysia = 3am in korea. Michael woke me up from my sweet dream to listen to soler's special new year wish + regards.
worth it.. worth it :D


Babyboss Pictures said...

hahaha...chuhayo, chuhayo! :-)