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The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I had so much I wanted say when I was not at my computer but when I am seated infront of my laptop, I don't know what to say liao! Actually, its more of not knowing "how" to put them in proper words. Not wanting my words to be wrongly interpreted and misled into something else. It is never fun to be misunderstood.

Anyway, here is one short story on "being misunderstood".

There were two brothers who were very very close and spent a lot of time doign everything together. The elder brother, Marcus, started to work and his business grew bigger while his 7 years old younger brother, Michael, was left alone most of the time now. After some many months, they never actually talked anymore and Michael missed his Marcus very much.

One day, Michael waited for Marcus to get home from work and towards midnight, his Marcus came home looking tired. Michael instantly jumped up and dashed towards Marcus and insistently pulled him aside the room. Michael asked Marcus how much he makes an hour in his business. And Marcus answered, "About $450". Michael paused for a moment and replied, " Great, then can I borrow $200 from you?" Marcus asked why Michael needed so much money and Michael said he needed the money for something important. Reluctantly, Marcus took out his wallet and pulled out 200 bucks and gave it to his younger brother.

Michael happily took the money. Brought out his old saving box, Michael opened the rusted lid. Took out the money he saved and added them together with the money he just received. Upon seeing so much money in the box, Marcus was furious. He gave a slap on Michael's head and shouted, "Why still ask me for $200 when you have more than that yourself?".

Michael cried but persistently gathered all the money and counted them twice. Marcus was furious. But before Marcus could say another word, Michael handed over the money to his elder brother saying, "Here is $450. Can I buy one hour of your time?" Marcus was stunned and went speechless. At that moment, he could only tear. And he gave his younger brother a big hug and spent the rest of th evening with him.

There will be times when our actions are being misunderstood for something else. Its either your choice of words being misleading or the receiving side being too sensitive or maybe, not in an exact good mood to patiently understand you clearly. To be misunderstood is generally quite "swallowable" but to be misunderstood by your loved one is really painful.

So guys, learn to deliver your messages clearly and dont be too quick and sensitive to judge.

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