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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Countdown 2008 @ Sg Wang

OK, here is the re-post from last nite.

Countdown Street Celebration has become an annual affair here at Sg Wang, Jln Bukit Bintang. And this year is no exception. With an estimated crowd size of tens of thousands, the entire area was flooded with people from all walks of life. It was a super hot day and it also rained at around 10pm. Had a bad headache from the heat and stressed shoulders (due to my heavy camera bag, a Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus AW, packed with my gears and spare equipment and also a 15.4" laptop). Right arm muscle pain (result of a combination of a D2X, 17-55 and SB800) and both legs overworked walking up and down Jln Bukit Bintang!

But overall, it was great fun and a great reasosn to celebrate. 988 did a great job hosting the event and it was telecast live over 8TV. Apparently, many called up to say they saw me on TV!!! Haha...I must have been obstructing the TV cameras! LOL.

1pm Rehearsals and sound checks. 6pm Dinner time (sumptously prepared buffet sponsored by Sg Wang at U-Cafe). 6:45pm Extreme skating stunt demos (roller blades) by Malaysia's one and only Soul Skaters, followed by brass band performance by VI school. 8pm Stage performances and games hosted by Digi. 9pm Arrival of VIPs and media. 9:30pm Showtime. 12midnight Countdown to 2008, followed by fireworks displays and concert continues. 12:45am Concert ends, DJ takes over the main stage. 1am Celebration Party at Park Royal Hotel (just opposite Sg Wang). 2:30am Go home...beh tahan liao!!!

Here are some pictures to tell more stories...

The stage sitting on Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.

Catching up with Gary and Soler during rehearsals.

Dinner was served at U-Cafe, fully sponsored by Sg Wang Plaza. I must say that the buffet line was extremely impressive and food was great.

Various servings of favourite. But I was told not to eat so much meat due to my health condition. So, I did not take any chicken at all. OMG!!!

But I couldn't resist those yummy oysters and curry lalas!!!

I was told to take more vege. And so, I was a good boy...I took a lot of vege!

Unlimited varieties of pastries and stuffs.

Free flow of freshly made watermelon favourite!!!

What to do after dinner? Sit and wait! [pic by Eyin]

The crowd swelled up by around 8:45pm.

The concert kicked off at 9:30pm. Here is Soler doing their stuffs.

But by around 10:30pm, the rain got heavier and Magnum umbrellas were distributed to the VIPs.

And also to other VIPs.

And also to Babyboss hand on camera, one hand on umbrella. Where is my assistant who was supposed to hold the umbrella for me? In Korea!!! LOL [pic by Brian]

Gary rendering the ever popular tune..."My Way".

The countdown to 2008 with all artistes and VIPs on stage. At the stroke of 12midnight, everything fired... [pic by Mabel]

A 10mins fireworks display, lighting up the sky over Sg Wang Plaza.

Artistes and VIPs admiring the fireworks display.

Here is Gary shouting a "Happy New Year" greeting to everyone.

Some of the artistes posing for cameras.
From left : Justin, Gary, Yu Heng, Phoebe and Daniel.

After the countdown, Justin continued to entertain the crowd with his sleek moves.

He even came down stage to get closer to the crowds.

Rendering to the VIPs. Can you spot Babyboss photographer? [pic by Brian]

By 12:45am, the DJ took over the stage and continued to party. While all invited VIPs adjourned over to Park Royal Hotel for the celebration party.

The aftermath of a typical countdown. All the best to Alam Flora!

Foam sprays were everywhere. Very bad for the lungs and cameras!

Even our tourists had fun!

The group photo! [pic by Brian]

Here is Julio (Soler) on the phone line with BabyKJ in Korea.

And of course, my pic with them! [pic by brian]
And when everything is done, its time to transfer everything into my laptop. [pic by Brian]
So, thats about it on the Countdown 2008 at Jalan Bukit Bintang on 31 Dec, 2007. Here is wishing everyone a Happy New Year, may 2008 be a great and productive year for everyone!

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