The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Quickie

I have rushed out most of the things that needed to be rushed out. I am bored and I am now home alone.

Got my pictures printed. Dropped them off to client's place. Had tea with my designer to get some stationaries printed, i.e., Chinese New Year greeting cards, Babyboss Pictures stickers and the best of all...Babyboss Pictures Car Rear Windscreen Sticker (you know...those "University Of Michigan" kinda banner sticker you stick at your back windscreen of your car?). And really...if you want to have one for your car, please just drop me an email or call me and I will send you one...and be a "Babyboss supporter"!!!

Got home, rainned cats and dogs. Stayed home. Had my favourite Maggi Mee instant noodles for dinner. Watched Ocean's Twelve over DVD (for the 3rd time). Kinda interesting since I have already forgotten about the movie. Started with Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) wanting back his $160million from Tess (Juli Roberts) and Danny (George Clooney). They pulled a heist and paid up Benedict. But that led my curiosity to now wanting to also watch Ocean's Eleven. And so I did. And I know fully understand why Benedict wants back his $160million.

Half way with Ocean's Twelve, managed to catch up with BabyKJ (on the phone) who is now having a great time at one of Korea's ski resort. Apparently, entrance fee cost about RM200+ per person and rental of the ski gears cost another RM150+!!! But you get to have fun from 8am till 11pm and ski till your knees drop! Temperature there is around -1.

My Perlis job (a huge mega event launch), apparently is coming to us again? I am not sure.

Oh ya ... got more TVXQ2007 concert pics at my photo gallery

Its 4:30am now. I shall shower and hit the sack!

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