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Sunday, December 30, 2007

#100 Is Bad News All Over!

OK, so...this is gonna be post #100...the 100th article I have here in this blog. So, it should be some good news and maybe some exciting announcement. But no...I have 2 very bad news and 1 "kinda bad news" to share here on posting #100.

I was shooting this press conference of Au-Yeung Jin's launch of his latest rap album entitled "ABC" at Q-Bar, Sunway Pyramid. To cut the long story short, my Nikon SB800 Speedlight flash unit failed!!! And it failed at the wrong time...during the exchange of momentos!!! Its the same symptoms I had with my already sold SB80DX...flash fires only small burst but the capacitor recharges fully as though it fired at 100% output. Basically, all pics came out under-exposed. Changed the batteries, same problem. Changed it to my D100...same problem. So, had no choice but to continue the rest of the shoot with my old trusty D100 with the pop-up flash lor!!! Have to sned the unit back into Nikon for repairs. Estimated repair cost is RM300-RM500! :-( Drove over to YL Camera here in Pudu Plaza...bought my new Nikon SB800...RM1,350.

His album cover. A pretty cool album, nice raps!

CMG team with Jin (first row, squatting, far right). Me is first row, squatting, far left

After that, went over to PGRM (in Cheras) for another event shoot...Elken's annual dinner. Direct Selling events are always very boring. Anyway, to cut the long story short Nikon D2X failed!!! With a new SB800 attached to the D2X body...I found out that the body's hotshoe is loose and kinda gonna break away and fall off. So, with that loose hotshoe, the flash unit is nor properly locked onto the D2X body...and as such, many shots we fired without the flash firing!!! So, reverted back to my old trusty D100 with my new SB800 attached. Which means, on Monday, have to also send in my D2x for repairs!!!

And Monday...I am shooting the new year's countdown event at Bukit Bintang!!! Will have to do it with the D100. Argh...

A lil update on BabyKJ's Korea adventure. She has covered almost every corner of Seoul and has also mastered the skill of skiing (she spent two days at the ski resort). And tomorrow, she says she wants to make a solo trip to a province called Pusan, known for great scenaries. But its winter! And tomorrow's whether forecast says "bad weather" in Pusan. Which means, nothing to see (all parks will likely be closed) and no where to go. Travelling there cost a hefty RM300 on just transport alone! And her accomodation in Pusan... sigh!!!

Oh yes, I got this huge pimple popped out on my lower right cheek area. Maybe too much work and long late nites? Or maybe too much worrying and sleepless nites? has been an extremely "long week"... really long.

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