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Monday, December 10, 2007


A few moments ago, someone very dear to me commented that I am an arrogant person. And that I am arrogant in many ways. And I am not always right.

Of course, this hurts a lot and people who never liked me would probably (if they are reading this blog) be agreeing and fully nodding their heads now. I have always consciously try to be a humble person, as humble as I can and never wanting this arrogance to surface at all. But to be told that I am arrogant in many ways, sets my mind into deep thinking and reflection of my own attitude and the way I say and do things.

I know I have improved a lot since some 10-odd years ago when I was really having a big head. But I didn't know that I am still so far away from being least arrogant. I guess I am not even close to being anything near "humility". I take all these comments very positively and constructively, and I will examine myself more strictly now.

A great sense of disappointment and failure lurks my mind now as I sit and reflect all those foolish things I have said and done. All that arrogance displayed when people have only nothing close to compliments to offer. I thought I worked hard enough to be better. I thought I was being very strict with my words. I thought I was consistently checking my own attitude for improvement. I thought I made a better person out of myself. But moments ago, I found out that I was wrong all these while. I am still an arrogant person in many ways.

Friends and readers, please accept my most sincere apologies if I have been in anyway offending and annoying you because of my inconsiderate arrogance. I seek your forgiveness. I want to be better.

If you can, please help me.


audrey said...

we cant deny sometimes in our lives we tend to get big headed...i do too..BUT no matter how arrogant we's good to know that we have ppl/frens
close to us that will keep us grounded..
sure it might hurt sometimes but it helps us to know who/how we realy r..
n i suppose these comments will help us grow into a better person

i dont personally know michael that well..but i find him to be a
friendly person..^^

BRAGGING once in a while is normal but to do it everytime is a BIG NO the best is to stay HUMBLE/ROOTED and JUST BEING TRUE TO URSELF!~!! (",)v CARPE DIEM!~!~!

Babyboss Pictures said...

audrey : my dear says I do it all the time wor! I always try to be myself but the problem is... "myself" is the arrogant self!!!


audrey said...

then r..try to lower down ur arrogance level lo..^^
it will take time..not easy changing rite rite..but at least u try mar..
gambatte yo!~!tambah minyak..(",)v

Jiok said...

nahh...arrogance sometimes is acceptable. Its a product of self confidence and goals that we set for ourselves.

sometimes ppl dont undastand this part and they call other ppl arrogant adi lo.

if u're arrogant, then it means u're good in what u do. hehe. my rm 0.02

Babyboss Pictures said...

jiok : hmm...i can agree with some of your remarks but not all. your last line..."if u r arrogant means u r good in wut u do"...this i dun agree. I know of many great people doing everyday great things but they are NOTHING close to arrogant.

This type of ppl...i wan to follow. BUt its damn difficult. It takes a lot of discipline and attitude!

Arrogance is also NOT a product of self confidence and fact, in my opinion...arrogance is a product of poorly managed self confidence and over bearing goals.

Hehe...just my USD0.02

Jiok said...

ahahah correct also