The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Found My Black Jeans!!!

Finally...really finally...after some 6 months of hunting high and low for a pair of black jeans that fits my beautiful ass...I finally found one today at 1 Utama!!! Its a beautiful pair of black "Camel Active" jeans. I don't have black jeans. And most importantly, it fits me...waist, hips, ass and thigh. And the price...very affordably within my budget. Awesome.

The last few months dring my search, either end up in issues like no size, price too high, color not black enough, design not nice, etc. But today, my first attempt...I got the jeans!!!

Now I need to search for one more pair of deep blue jeans. I had (and still have) an Emporio Armani deep blue jeans but the knee area...kinda starting to tear off. Some "itchy hands" just like to "play" with the loose threads there and make small tears every now and then!

I am so happy. :-)

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