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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trust & Respect

If you are the boss of your own company and you have this long serving dedicated staff who one day comes up to you and say that he has no more trust in you and that he no longer have any respect for you.

Would you still keep him in your team? Or would you quietly give him a second chance? Or would you demand for an apology otherwise sack him?

What would you do?


KJ said...

i personally think you should forgive IF that person has apologised. If he is not aware that he has done something wrong, and still taking advantages because ''he's still in the team'' though he has no respect / trust on you anymore... what's the point to keep his body but lost the soul?

if he wants to leave, but 'forced' to stay because you can provide opportunities, he's just availing your fame and connection in order to get promoted to a higher stage.

NO one is a saint. We forgive, but we dont just 'take thing' as it comes. If that's something offending us, leave it. forget it. and ignore it. Some people might not understand and treasure you, they take things for granted.

hope this helps to clear your obsession. Leaaaaave that fella :)

Joanc said...

My view:

Yes, I would still keep him in my team.

Yes, I would quietly give him a second chance.

No, I will definitely not going to demand an apology.

No, never sack him.

Whoever this person is, if he already said it out loud that he has no more trust and respect for you, I'm sure that there must have been some little misunderstanding or whatever issue it might be that caused him to think so. As you have said it, he is your long serving dedicated staff so why would he suddenly banged you with such hurting words?

No offense, I'm not judging or pointing's just that I view it from scale 7 - ph acid and base. Anyways, back to this. What I'm tryin' to say is that there must have been some misleading issues here and there so there's definitely no one's right or wrong. From the Boss's perspective, yes it is very disappointing and hurtful to have this kinda feedback form the staff that he cared so much. But hey, why would the staff suddenly behaved such a way? I'm sure that it aint easy for him neither to go straight face to face with you by telling you all this. He himself is taking chances that he might lose his job as well. Bottomline, I think he was frustrated.

Staff. Boss. Staff.

Trust & Respect.

Keep him. Be it quietly or not. If it's all because of a little misunderstanding from him, he will know the root of the problem and will definitely apologize eventually. You dont have to demand an apology. He will learn his mistake if it is really his mistake. Why waste your time and energy to sack him? Save it for other things.. I'm sure you have many other better and important things to do. Show him some love and generousity. That I think is how a boss should be. How leaders lead. :)

Babyboss Pictures said...

hmmm...two very different opinions here. but i tend to agree with kj's opinion. sometimes, ppl need to learn and grow up. its not the first time and not the second either. you can say things that hurt but when a staff says he has no trust and respect on the boss...there is really no point in keeping him in the team!

trust and respect forms unity. and that is very important in a teamwork spirit.ok, maybe not to demand for an apology but at least the staff gotto learn that he has repeated his mistake AGAIN!!!

but actually, no big deal lar. we all can grow together. and that trust and respect can be restored over time. but for now, this staff will have to be suspended for a while.