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Thursday, November 22, 2007

TVXQ Stage Construction

Here we go! The TVXQ concert stage construction started last Friday. Cut all the long stories, here are some pics of the stage still under construction. Maybe after reading this post, you can understand the painstaking efforts the technical team took to give you fans a good show. The stage is super huge and there are just so much to coordinate. These are jobs only for the pros!

The stage with the roof still lowered

Construction works in progress on the stage

Korean lighting engineer programming the moving heads on the lighting console

The understage passages

Hydraullic lifts from under each for the boys!

Lighting technical engineers at work on stage (referring to design drawing)

Truss and props...still under construction

The centre rotatable super hydraullic lift...a special effect to look forward to!

Some of the props...still not installed yet

Trussing engineers at work...negotiating on a modification

Fuse and power supply for stage lightings

Power amplifiers for sound speakers

Engineers checking the overall stage

An overall view of the entire site at Stadium Merdeka

Late evening view of the main stage area

All the access crew tags...anybody wants one?


Orchid said...

Thanks Michael! :-)

Anonymous said...

trust me for leaving town this weekend...
why i do this to myself???? why??

Anonymous said...

I sad and angry lah..
U gek me here..
I sure want the pass lah...
Still wanna gek me..
tml go after you to kira...
I go bang wall now..

Phooi san

Ping Qing said...

O . o
i'll loveeee to have one of those tagss that is if i'm of any use

..:: hamano asuka ::.. said...

wow...the job sound u hv extra pasS??i wan keep it..but the ppl there wun gv me -___-''' stingy...

anyway tq for posting those info...appreciate u guys good job...i really enjoy the whole concert..

YiJern said...

i sure love to have those tags..
u're sooo lucky..T.T
too bad i can't go to the concert..
i'm sooo depressed..

Babyboss Pictures said...

orchid : thanks for dropping by and being around.

anonymous (who is leaving town this weekend) : who r u? can u leave your name so that I know who u r?

Phooi San : dun be angry and bang wall. u hurt yourself, Hero will be very sad!

ping qing : haha, those tags are only for working crew. I have 7 tags for my photo team.

hamano : hey, thanks for the compliments. the organisers are not stingy, jut that they cannot simply release those tags to just about anyone and everyone.

YiJern : haha, those tags are only given out to working crews. Sorry to hear that you weren't at the concert. but dont worry, i will upload as many pics of the concert as possible. gimme a week. pls smile!

Yean Hui said...

darn.. I want one of those tags. it's all in a pile and sitting there idly.. can i have one? T.T