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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Painful Heart

Have not been posting anything up lately, somehow don't seem to get the oomph to write anything. I recently shot Malaysian sensation Mawi's concert and also some very beautiful interiors of Setia EcoPark's new houses...I have a lot of pics to show. Just no mood. Maybe I didn't have the time.

The feeling of "being lost" is here again. Not knowing what to do is a very bad thing to do. Not knowing what to say is also a bad thing to say. There are things in life I prefer not to know maybe simply because knowing it only brings pain.

Having HOPE in FAITH is totally not the same as having FAITH in HOPE. The latter is very strong and powerful. So, does your faith depends on your faith? Somethings I do, I feel the peace and its a joyride of enjoyable moments. But sometimes, when that gets stirred and shaken, everything gets cloudy and polluted. Can't seem to see things clearly.

I don't have all the answers. Only time will tell. What happens tomorrow, I will never know. But I know I can choose to make my today a good one. I will try to.


Cat a'Dale said...

hey michael, reading your recent blog posts, i can almost "feel" what you are going through. since we hv only met twice in malaysia (penang & kl) and once when you came to hong kong for your assignment...i believe u r a very "giving" type of person. u rather take the problem upon yourself rather than brigning it out to someone, especially if you dearly love that someone.

i still remember the advice you gave me when we met up in hk last year...that time i was down with my own probs. everything you told me was towards protecting the interest of my loved ones and never selfishly for myself. u explained to me why it is important that i should be sacrificing and giving, rather than claiming what is good for myself.

michael, that is a very selfless thing to do and i struggled with it myself. but at least in the end, i see the people around me, especially the one i loved most, happy. for your info, he never really knew how much i sacrificed for him but i m sure you will tell me that "its ok". i know you will say "its for myself to know that he is happy".

that nite dinner with you changed my life very much and i know see things differently. there is just so little we can control over things. u r someone who dont like problems and unsolved things...i know that.

and i believe i know u r now going through something i went through last year. think back what u hv adviced me and ue it for yourself now. just give what u want to give and watch the happiness fall upon your whoever. it may be a painful journey for you, but at least u know u hv given her (i pressume its a a special part of your life. though she may not know it, but at least u do.

michael, i wish u all the best and thanks for everything. call me when u come to hk again...i owe u bigtime!


Babyboss Pictures said...

Ah Cat,

Thanks for your message. I am touched you dig out old stories! haha. I am actually fine and doing ok. Just wanted to change the mood of my blog for a while before more TVXQ and SHE pics come flooding into this blog!

Nov-Dec...I am super pack but that is good news lar! I hope you are doing well over there.

Take care and God bless.